Friday, March 13, 2015

Random roundup

OK, I lied just a little bit yesterday. I said that yesterday's outfit was the last you would see of the #RemixFix2015 capsule prior to my recap on Monday. But I forgot about my random roundup selfies I still had! So let me correct myself. *These* are the last of the capsule outfits and I hope you enjoy them! As always, I am only linking to the items that are still available!

Vest: JCrew | Necklaces: CS Gems (c/o), Stella and Dot | Top: JCrew Factory | Belt: Express | Bottoms: Delia's | Booties: Vince Camuto

I stole this outfit from Bethany on Instagram here. It's one of those outfit combinations that seem so obvious when I see it on another person, yet I haven't come up with it on my own to date. The fact that everything was in my capsule made this even more exciting for me!

Scarf: Express | Chambray: JCrew FactoryTank: Target | Leggings: Express | Boots: Naturalizer

My basic outfit. You really can't go wrong with a chambray and leggings, and when you add a leopard scarf in the mix, consider it a home run! I was actually feeling pretty uninspired this day. We had a 5 hour webinar at the office that I was co-presenting on. It was an early morning, and I just threw on what was easy and what I knew would work!

Vest: JCrew Factory | Earrings: Stella and Dot | Necklace: Express | Jacket: JCrew FactoryTop: ExpressBracelets: H&M (gifted) | Bottoms: Express | Boots: Frye

Layers, layers, and more layers! I probably could add one more layer on this if you asked me to! Ha! I probably go overboard with the layers sometimes, but it keeps me from hating winter. I would much rather layer lighter pieces than to continuously throw on heavy sweaters and coats! And visually, it makes me happy and interested seeing all the pieces together.

Jacket: Express | Scarf: Express | Sweater: Caslon | Leggings: ExpressShoes: Nike

Ah, these Nikes. I just love them and wish I had them on as we speak! I am pretty happy I took the plunge and got them! I can't wait to style them more ways!

Vest: JCrew Factory | Necklace: CS Gems (c/o) | Top: LOFT | Bracelet: Express | Bottoms: Express | Booties: Hinge

It's really funny because I thought I would wear these skinnies a ton during my remix challenge, but I didn't. I actually only wore them once, maybe twice, so last week, I decided to go ahead and style them again. I liked the idea of black on top, but since I've been wearing my black blazer like it's going out of style, I figured I would give my herringbone vest another run for its money.

Jacket: ExpressScarf: H&M | Necklace: Kate Spade | Sweater: Target | Jeans: Express | Boots: Vince Camuto | Ring: Topshop

And speaking of that blazer! I just really love this one. I can't believe how many times I have worn it over the last 3 months that I have had it! The length is perfect, the fit is flattering, and it just makes every outfit feel pulled together! Just like this scarf! Which, by the way, remember how I bought an extra one of the Topshop versions to giveaway to one of my readers? Well Dawn was the winner and she styled it here! How adorable does it look on her?!



  1. you are the queen of layers, so happy you love your nikes. I just knew you would because I love mine soooooo much. Get some sleep!


  2. Love the recap as always and I am surprised too that you didn't wear your wine skinnies more! Dawn's with the new scarf = love it!! YAY to being done with the remix and to guilt-free shopping again! (Except of course it coincides with you being super busy and not having time to shop/talk/post about shopping!!)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. I love that first look with the white skinnies!! That gingham and buffalo plaid looks awesome together!

  4. Aw, I love Dawn's look with the new scarf!! I feel super special that I have one now too :-p Love the recap here - especially like the gingham/buffalo/leopard outfit!! You use all you vests so well...love the layering over the denim jacket! If I start to get all those layers, I feel like a Moose - that happen to you? You certainly don't look bulky at all, but I wonder how you feel with all those layers :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  5. You seriously rock layering!! Love the white and maroon jeans outfits so much!! SO much inspiration in one place!!

  6. Girl, that last look is giving me so much life!! Every time you wear those OTK boots I swoon

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  7. These are all such great outfits Caryl! Love them all!
    Carrie and Stacy

  8. Omgg your vests are so fab. I wish they were still available :( And I love Nikes in general, but those look so cute on you. Although I'm trying to spend less, I think I want to buy it *sigh* My favorite outfit is of you in the blazer. I love blazer and the way you paired it looks great! - culturedmisprint.blogspot.com