Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bridges and cars

Express Vest (old)
Monogram necklace
James Avery charm bracelet
Ring from Mexico
Express skinnies
Steven by Steve Madden espadrilles
Chanel medium flap bag
Oakley sunglasses

These espadrilles get a lot of action in the warmer months. I bought them on clearance a couple of  summers ago at Bloomies, so I'm a little surprised to see they're still available here. It warmed up a bit this weekend, so I made it a point to dress around them. I decided to do a little bit of pattern mixing with this argyle vest I haven't worn in forever and my recently purchased gingham top. Gray and pink work so naturally together.

I had been wanting to take photos at this bridge. The last time I tried it was for St. Patty's Day and the wind was blowing 2949938 miles an hour, so the photos were terrible. This is a bike trail not too far from the house where I'm starting my half marathon training (13 weeks away and counting, eeeek.)

While we were out, I decided to let our infamous Camaro make its debut appearance on my blog. Sadly, I'm pretty sure this car has gotten more views than my blog has, but no, I'm not bitter. It's a 2012 super charged Camaro ZL1. This is one of only 4 here in the metro area.

OK, OK. Here's a meaner pic of the car without me and my pink girlifying it. Yeah. Can you imagine me driving this? Because it happens. And I'm sure I look completely out of context stepping out of this.

People always say how nice the husband is for allowing me to have a closet room and feed my shopping habit. But then they see that his hobby is car related, and it all evens out. One super charged Camaro = a lot of shoes.

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  1. In love with those wedges and that bag!!!! Gorgeous!!! Love your pics!!
    Today is the first day of my fashion link up called "trending pretty", would love to have you if you like!

  2. Lovee your shirt, gorgeous look, those wedges are cute

  3. I really enjoy the image of you driving the Camaro and stepping out with like 4 inch stiletto's.... I think it totes works :-)

  4. I just started knitting myself an argyle vest this morning. Then pulled it all off the needles because I messed up. But I'll get there. They look so cute and you look fabulous in yours.

    Fur Earwig

    1. Aww! Boo! But yes, I agree - you'll get it done and it will be fabulous! Thanks so much for the comment!