Monday, September 1, 2014

Manic Monday: Preparing for Fall + Giveaway

I did some shopping this weekend, I know, not really a surprise. Except that I actually ventured into a brick and mortar store verses shopping online. I swear lately, I do 99% of my shopping online, although it certainly makes shopping in person more exciting - like it's more of a treat. And what place did I decide to venture to? Old Navy. The only other time I have been to Old Navy this year was to shop for workout stuff. It tends to be hit or miss for me. The basics are great. The workout wear is great. But the real life clothes tend to be spotty, and it's definitely the kind of store that I have to shop in person to feel the quality and the fabrics.

I came across this dress, and I fell in love. I know, I know. I already have 23828378 striped dresses, but I loved this one because it reminds me of my tee and tank that go with absolutely everything. I feel like this dress is great on its own, but will also be a great layering piece for the cooler months. A perfect transitional piece.

Sunnies: Gucci | Necklaces: Stella and Dot (1, 2) | Bag: Michael Kors (option) | Dress: Old Navy (purchased in store this weekend, but sold out online) (option, option, option) | Bracelets: Kate Spade (option, option, option) | Shoes: BCBG

As much as I love summer, I am truly excited for fall. I love layers! La-la-love layers! And it's so much fun to remix items when the weather is cool enough to simply add more layers. Last year I did a post about how to build your wardrobe for the fall - if you missed it, check it out here. I built 30 outfits out of 30 pieces. I truly think if you stock your closet with some basics and always keep remixing in mind - your closet will go a longer way, not only through this season, but for seasons to come. Even though that post is a year old, I think the individual pieces are still relevant for today's fashion. I think this dress that I'm wearing today is one of those versatile, timeless pieces. Don't believe me?

To get you even more pumped for fall - I've teamed up with a great group of bloggers for a Fall Fashion Giveaway - a $450 gift card to the clothing company of your choice (company must offer gift cards) and it *is* open to international winners! Enter to win by simply using the Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! It's been great so far, and I'm excited to still have today to do absolutely NOTHING! I truly cannot believe it's already September. I feel like we *just* started this Manic Monday thing, and here we are, nine whole months later. So cliche, but time really does fly.



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Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Weekend/ Fall Shopping

Unless you're stocking up on summer clearance stuff for a late vacation, to me, Labor Day weekend shopping is synonymous with preparing my closet for fall. I thought I'd give you some inspiration for some fall basics as you head out to fill your shopping bags this weekend. These are some of the sales I will be enjoying:

Stella and Dot: Additional 25% off sale items
Anthropologie: Additional 20% off sale items
JCrew Factory: 40-60% all (most) items
LOFT: 50% off select items

Hey, why isn't Express listed in there? Oh, maybe because I've already placed THREE orders that are on their way to me. OK, I'm lying. Only two are on their way to me, the first package already arrived today, so I can share those try-on photos with you. This is hot off the press, so you'll have to excuse the post-Pilates hair and workout leggings. And I have crazy eye in the second photo because I was staring at a certain beagle creeping in the background.

So, the plaid portofino was a lot more sheer than the rest of my portofinos. I have a dot portofino, a white portofino, and the ivory with contrast piping, and I don't wear a cami under any of them. I will have to for this one though. Not my favorite, but I still love it enough to look past that slight negative.

The diamond print portofino is THE BEST! I really like this one a lot. It's definitely something that will easily dress up or down. It's the normal weight of the traditional portofinos, and I love that the print is just a touch preppy. This will be on repeat, I know it.

I had been on the hunt for a buffalo plaid top for awhile. But I didn't want one that was flannel because I wanted to be able to wear it year round, and just the thought of flannel during weather like this makes me wanna run nekked in a walk-in cooler. That's why I think this one is perfect and if you've been looking for one, too, look no further. It's pretty lightweight, so that means perfect for layering and still manageable for warmer months. And check out the side view - perfect length on me for leggings. (I'm 5'-2")

And in case your body is shaped like a model, I figured I'd post the stock photos for you. As soon as my other packages arrive and I am able to try stuff on, I shall share those goodies with you, too!

Still not convinced you need Buffalo Plaid? Hop over to see Shay's Pinspiration and that may change your mind!

So, spill it. What are you shopping for this weekend?!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inspired by my necklace

This outfit was completely inspired by my necklace, probably my most favorite necklace I have in my collection. It was quite the splurge when I originally bought it from Stella and Dot, but I bet my price per wear is next to nothing right now. I wish it were still available so you guys can benefit from its awesomeness, and I can never find anything that even remotely looks like it as an option to buy.

This is the last of the four Barcelona camis I purchased a couple weeks ago. (I also have it in lacesnakeskin, and a shiny black.) I guarantee you will see it one other time in the near future because it's reversible! It's teal colored on the other side. As I was debating on which color/side I wanted to wear today, I realized this necklace would be perfect regardless. And the the olive skinnies (last seen here) and mint shoes fell into place pretty quickly. I honestly would not have thought to piece this outfit together had I not known the colors already worked because of this necklace.

Sunnies: Gucci | Earrings: Stella and DotNecklace: Stella and Dot | Bag: Tory Burch (option, dressier optionbudget option)  | Top: Express (in Royal Purple) | Bracelet: Stella and Dot 1, 2Bottoms: Express (option) | Shoes: Kate Spade (other colors here and here, budget option)

If I look terrified in these photos, I promise I am not. I am just trying to cover up how hot I am and how much my clothes are sticking to me. But I must say, I'm loving my hair! It had been curled, and I put it up in a high pony, spun it into a bun shape, but instead of using bobby pins to secure it, I used another hair tie over it to keep it in place. Then I started pulling and tugging to loosen it up and give it more height and randomness. I've seen videos of others do this, but I've never actually tried this myself until now. When I just needed my hair off my back and didn't want to spend too much time on it. Literally took one minute. I just love big hair, don't you?

Before I go - Elle and Jacqueline are featuring one of my looks today - so be sure to link up with them and check me out here!


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