Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and anything else you may be thankful for. I am probably out Black Friday shopping as you read this, and I was THISCLOSE to not posting anything for today, but, what can I say? Blogging is therapeutic sometimes, and after three days of work travel, the thing that sounded the most wonderful to me was throwing on a fleece hoodie, leggings, and leg warmers, sitting in my favorite chair (basically this here), and enabling you all to shop my favorite things.


Jacket: JCrew Factory in Antique Sanded Blue

I have three denim jackets in my closet. Why three? Possibly because I never felt like what I had was perfect. But now that I have this one, I really wouldn't be sad if the other two went away. What's to love? The fit: there is just a hint of stretch to this which keeps it figure flattering and not boxy. The length: it's not cropped, but it's not long either. It hits right at the hip where I want it. The wash: It's relaxed but not too 80s acid washed. Plus, since it's lighter colored, I have no problem rocking denim on denim with my dark washed jeans.


Scarf: Lululemon

I've accumulated three of these over the last year, and I just love the versatility of them. It's my go to piece for traveling - I love that I can wear it as a scarf, but it also doubles as the softest blanket on the plane without being bulky. This video convinced me that I needed one. Or three.


Striped top: LOFT (options here, here, and here)

OK, so I am teasing you here just a little bit because my exact top (featured in both navy and black above) is not available anymore. However, LOFT has so many other great options right now - I love that store for basic tops like this. And a striped top is really like a blank canvas to any outfit - you can build as much or as little as you want around it, but the end result is always fabulously effortless.


Chambray: JCrew Factory

Guys, if I haven't convinced you to buy this chambray by now, for the love of all things shopping, please just buy it already! Especially now that it's on sale! It's so perfect that I own two of them because the thought of something happening to it pained me. Bonus points if you're 5'-2" or less like me because it's even long enough to cover your bits in leggings.


Leggings: Zella

And speaking of leggings. You guys know I love my scuba leggings, but when it comes to just every day, no frill leggings, I turn to my Zellas. I have three pairs of these basic black that I alternate since I wear them so much. I don't actually ever work out in them even though *technically* they are probably meant to work out in. The waistband is what makes them look like workout leggings to me, but since I always have my bits covered anyway, you will never see the waistband, and therefore, no one has ever asked me if I was on my way to the gym when I wear them. They wear well, they're ridiculously comfortable, and they're not even a TEENY bit see through. Worth every penny.


Bootie: Sam Edelman "Petty" in Putty Suede 
(more colors available here)

I feel like I've gotten a lot of questions about these booties lately and what I wear with them. As you can see, I wear a LOT with them. The nude color and slim profile makes them basically disappear, which adds to their versatility. They're my boots I use most for travel, even in the warmer months because they are comfortable and go with everything. If you've been searching for an easy nude bootie, here you go.

The best thing about my favorites today is that they look great as an entire outfit, and on their own in other outfits. I hope I have proved my points! Now go get your shop on! Keep a look out this weekend, because I plan to share all my Black Friday finds to better prepare you for Cyber Monday!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Shopping Inspiration

How Black Friday is just around the corner is beyond me! I took a trip down memory lane and checked to see what I got for Black Friday last year. Interesting seeing those pieces, and funny because I still love everything a year later.

Whether you're someone like me who actually enjoys waking up and shopping at 6am, or if you prefer to shop in the comfort of your own home online, I hope you score some good deals! And if Black Friday is simply too overwhelming for you and you have no idea where to start, or if you simply need some shopping inspiration - you're in luck! I thought I'd share some things I've bought (and loved) lately along with some of the items that are on my shopping list for Friday.

Asymmetric Infinity Scarf: You guys know how obsessed I am with scarves. I get a lot of comments about how people have difficulty tying them my favorite way. My video tutorial has definitely helped, but some readers are still left a bit befuddled. Gina was crafty enough here to just turn one of her favorite scarves into an infinity scarf so she didn't have to worry about tying at all. But for those that aren't as crafty - this scarf is the scarf for you. I wore this on my travel day to DC this weekend, and it was a pretty popular look on Instagram.

Plaid Vest: This also came on my trip with me and is pictured above. You can see better pictures of it on Jenna here. She's the one who convinced me I needed it, and after discount codes and the already low price, I paid next to nothing for it. It's seriously like wearing the softest comforter! The pockets are lined with fleece, so you are sure to keep warm in this!

Clutch: This is the bag I accidentally bought after pulling some handbag shopping inspiration for you writing my bag lady post last Friday. I've been wanting a clutch like this with the arm strap - I just love the vibe it gives to the overall look. It was waiting for me when we got home this weekend, and it's pretty perfect! So roomy, and pretty well made considering the price!

OTK Boots: Vince Camuto kept taunting me with these boots on Instagram. I always feel a bit odd wearing knee high boots with my faux leather leggings - like it's too much. Leather boots over leather pants? Just seems so bulky to me in my head. That's why I'm usually wearing mine with booties or pumps. But when I saw this pic with the black suede OTK boots and the faux leather leggings - I fell in love. The mix of textures makes this combination work for me. I seriously can't wait to wear them. They fit great and the heel is the perfect height. They're freshly sprayed with suede protectant and anxiously awaiting their maiden voyage!

Yes, I'm crazy for wanting to venture out and shop so early in the morning. And to be honest, Black Friday shopping is usually for myself, not for others. I shop better for others under extreme pressure…. the week of Christmas. Black Friday is the one day it is socially acceptable to shop, so the shopaholic in me figures I can just blend in with all the other crazies.

1- Grey Crossbody: Yes, yes, I need another bag like I need a hole in my head. But if you saw my collection last week, you'll see that all my crossbody bags are colorful. If Santa showed up with this perfect grey bag, I certainly would not return it.

2- Initial necklace: I've actually been eyeing these initial necklaces since the Anniversary Sale. I decided not to get one over the summer because of all the other purchases I was making, but I've always kept this in the back of my mind as a wish list item. The simplicity of them is perfect.

3- Fringe Mini: I feel like the fringe mini is the new sequin mini of 2014. But seeing this look on Wendy basically convinced me that I need one in my life.

4- Bow Tech Gloves: These babies are only $12, and how adorable are they? Functional, pretty to look at, and cheap? The perfect stocking stuffer. And buy a pair for yourself while you're at it.

5- Poncho: I can't say I remember the last time the words, "I want a poncho" have left my mouth. However, ever since I saw this on Dee, I just can't stop thinking about it. It looks ridiculously comfy and warm and how awesome would it look with my faux leather leggings and my new suede OTK Boots?!

I hope that gives you guys enough to chew on! I would love to hear what you have your heart set on for the upcoming sales! And tell me - are you an early shopper or do you simply wait to do it all online?


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Floral sweatshirt

Sunnies: Tom Ford | Necklace: Banana Republic (option) | Sweater: JCrew (cheaper option, cheapest option)  | Top: JCrew Factory | Bottoms: Express (optionoption, option)  | Booties: Vince Camuto (option

The sweatshirt has really been revamped over the last couple of seasons. My love for the fancy sweatshirt started with the Target collaborations. I accumulated 3 that way, and have never looked back. Let's face it. They're comfortable, but the different graphics, textures, and materials available now give modern twists on an old school shape.

I wore a modified version of this outfit this past weekend in DC for brunch, mani/pedi, and sight seeing. Because my suitcase has limited real estate, I switched the booties for this grey pair, simply because I didn't want to have to bring another pair of shoes. It's good that I  made the switch because we were basically on our feet all day.

Jacket: Express | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (option) | Boots: Naturalizer (option)

The husband and I were romping around DC with my friend Val and one of her good friends, Nick. We all laughed when we met Saturday morning in the hotel lobby since we clearly all got the memo on the colored pants. I had to make sure we got photo documentation of this awesome coincidence! 


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