Thursday, July 30, 2015

Studs with Studs

How cute is this mug? Funny story. The husband has to travel a lot for work (like a lot a lot, way more than me.) During one of his work trips, he saw this mug, and he thought I would like it because of my Tutu mug obsession and because of my Rockstud obsession. But he didn't buy it for me! Instead he taunted me with the fact that it existed, and of course it was not available on Starbucks' website anymore! I've searched every Starbucks in real life since then to see if I could find it with no luck.

Fast forward to a couple of weekends ago, and the husband gets an email and says that I should be really nice to him. He ended up finding the mug through eBay, and not only ordered this for me, he ordered a dotted one as well! When they arrived, I could not resist a photo op. It was such a sweet gesture! Now if I can only learn what car parts I should buy that I can surprise him with.....

Sunnies: Ray Ban (other colors here) | Necklace: CS Gems (c/o) | Mug: Starbucks (via eBay) | Polish: Essie "Butler Please" | Top: Halogen | Bracelets: Express and a random handful of bangles  | Bottoms: Express (in darker grey here) | Shoes: Valentino

Naturally, I had to wear my Rockstud pumps with the mug, duh! I love the way the pumps polish off this outfit nicely. It would have been a much different look had I grabbed my Jack Purcell sneakers instead, eh? The power of a good high heel!

And as I promised yesterday, this is another of the U-neck slub tees that I am currently obsessing over! I can't speak more highly of them, and I've been talking myself out of more colors!!!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I'm obsessing: the U-neck tee

After I bought the Halogen scenic print tee from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I realized that I needed more. The fit is just really great, they're super soft, they're lightweight, and they're $15 and some change. I knew I'd regret not getting more at such a great price, so I ended up ordering the solid grey, light grey stripe, and orange stripe. (If you missed it, you can see me wearing the scenic print version here.) I'll be showing you the grey stripe tomorrow, and since I was wearing two of these in the same week, I figured I'd go ahead and admit to my hoarding and obsession up front. :)

Sorry for the booty shot, but I just love the way these jeans fit me, and I figured the best way I could prove my case was by showing you what they can do to your backside.

Sunnies: Ray Ban (other colors here) | Necklace: Express | Bag: Fortaleza | Top: Halogen | Bracelet: Banana Republic | Ring: Topshop | Bottoms: Current/Elliott | Shoes: Kate Spade (budget option)

I feel like I've been very casual and simple on the blog lately, and I'm not quite sure why! I just have this newfound respect for basics like this tee. I've also realized that fit and accessories make the world of difference when dressing with basics. Even simple details like knotting my tee and bright blue polish help make me feel just a little bit more put together. Honestly, I find it harder to dress in the summer, specifically for the blog, because I feel like things aren't as interesting if I don't give you guys a lot to look at like layers upon layers of clothes. But at the same time I need to get over that because I feel like in reality, people love their outfits like they love their food recipes - the less ingredients the better! 


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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Two-styles Tuesday: the striped cami

OK, so I totally just made up the theme "Two-styles Tuesday" right this second. I take a handful of blog outfit photos over the weekend, with no particular plan on which day I want each outfit to go live on the blog. More often than not, I end up staring at all of my outfit photos for a few minutes debating on a posting order. If I can tie it to some kind of theme, it makes the process a lot easier. Hence, Two-styles Tuesday was born! I could have just called it Remix Tuesday, but alliteration always wins in my book!

Sunnies: Ray Ban (other colors here) | Necklaces: CS Gems (c/o) (tassel option here - use code CARYLEE15 for 15% off!) | Bag: Longchamp | Cami: Express (other colors/patterns here) (alternate options herehere and here) | Bracelets: JCrew, Nadri | Shorts: American Eagle (similar here) | Sandals: Sam Edelman

You know I love remixing (so long as it's not related to a capsule of some sort…) and this cami is a great piece to do just that. If it's not raining here, it's a thousand degrees with one million percent humidity, so camis and shorts are basically a necessity. Year after year I turn to American Eagle to build my shorts collection. The fit is great for my body type, and they're just really soft and comfortable. I realized I never showcased these lunchtime purchased espadrilles on the blog yet, and luckily, they finished off this summertime look quite nicely.

RIGHT: Original post here

And here are the two looks featuring this cami side by side. I was worried that this cami wasn't going to be as versatile as some of my other striped tops I have in my wardrobe since the stripes are so close together, but from a distance, they kind of disappear anyway so it still pairs nicely with many things. I love that I'm able to create two pretty different looks from the same piece. I could take it one step dressier tucked into my cobalt blue pencil skirt with my white pumps. I will have to do that next!


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