Friday, July 28, 2017

Work week in San Diego

You know that song, "I left my heart in San Francisco?" Well, I left my heart in San Diego. And by heart, I mean my phone. And my "left" I mean that I am 99% sure it was stolen. Needless to say, it's been a cluster$$ck without it, but life goes on and lessons have been learned. But, I tell you this now because I planned to do a full recap of my San Diego trip since I was there for 4 days including what I wore and where we went, but it's difficult to do when all your content is on your long lost phone. Thankfully, I was able to recover some things from my Instagram stories, and while they're not the best since they're screenshots, at least they are my own photos and not some random online photo. So. Basically, don't judge me and just mourn with me!!! Life does go on, so I'll make do with what I have! Let's get started!

Our dinner view at Cannonball

Day 1: Travel day

What I wore: 
Same Bailey 44 dress but with my Kendra Scott "Carole" pendant (other colors here) and my Sam Edelman "Gigi" sandals

Because I lost my outfit selfies, I just have to pull the outfits from past posts. Luckily, everything I wore was something I've worn before. Our flight wasn't until 2pm, so I did have to go to the office for the first half of the day. I decided on this dress because it's super easy and I knew it wouldn't wrinkle on the long plane ride. It was going to be a bit cooler in San Diego than it was at home, but I had a cover up and a long sleeved chambray if I needed them at night.

Whenever we travel with my boss, she likes to find boutique-y type hotels, and I was in charge of finding one for us this trip. I did a google search and found The Lafayette Hotel, which got decent reviews. Separately, Gina had mentioned the same hotel though she hadn't stayed there herself. There were definitely some quirks to it - my coworker's room smelled like mold and mine smelled like bad fried food as if all their oven exhaust was dumping into my room. BUT! It did have character and I felt that it was clean and the customer service was great. I would stay there again.

Turns out my coworkers and I are BIG fans of sushi. We ended up having sushi three nights in a row at three different restaurants. The first night, we tried Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar. I wish I could recap everything we got, but my boss ordered everything for us, all of which was amazing. The house edamame was pretty life changing with garlic and ginger. I will never eat edamame the same again!!

Day 2: Conference calls + site visit

What I wore: 
Same dot cami on the left with same olive skinnies and nude Sam Edelman "Gigi" sandals on the right

My boss and her boss both had to be on a few calls in the morning, so I sat in the lobby area and worked myself until I joined them for a video-call at 9am. (I'm not sure we ever really switched timezones while we were there.) I stumbled across a coffee shop that was within walking distance from our hotel, and one of our co-workers was nice enough to get us all breakfast that first morning. They had the best avocado prosciutto toast!

Prosciutto Avocado Toast from Grinds and Vine

We ended up having this Wednesday morning, too, because it was that good. It was the perfect little breakfast appetizer because we were hungry for lunch by 10am!! After our video-call, we wanted to run out for an early lunch before they jumped on yet another call. We tried to find sushi again, not going to lie, but all the sushi places nearby didn't open until 11:30am. We ended up eating at The Mission instead.

Breakfast burritos from The Mission

I think my coworkers were a little disappointed because they had their hearts set on sushi, but I quite liked my breakfast! I smashed all of it! The tortillas were lightly grilled to perfection. I also tried their cold brew coffee which was the first time I've had cold brew EVER and it was delish. I will have to try cold brew from other places now.

After this brunch, I went back to my room to freshen up for a bit and check on some emails. I met another coworker back at the job site shortly after because our artwork and furniture vendors were there. We spent the afternoon in an abandoned Macy's unboxing some furniture so we could see it for the first time. It was all a brand new design so everyone was anxious to see how everything turned out. It was SO HOT inside without the AC. I swear I sweat so much. Anyway!! Guess what we did for dinner? Yep, sushi.

Dinner at Nobu

OMG we ate so much sushi it was ridiculous. We ate non-stop for a couple of hours and somehow still had room for dessert. I had never eaten at a Nobu before, but had always heard good things about it. It wasn't cheap, but it was definitely yummy. I would certainly not hesitate going back again! I'm not kidding when I say we ate one of everything.

Day 3: Shopping day + site visit

What I wore:
Top: CS Gems | Necklace: Kendra Scott "Carole" (other colors here) | Jeans: American Eagle | Sandals: Sam Edelman "Gigi" 

This, my friends, is the very last outfit selfie I ever took on my phone. Cue the violin!!! Thankfully, I happened to post it that morning to a Facebook group with some of my shopping forum friends so I was able to recover it, but yeah. It's sad. I chose these pieces because they are incredibly easy. I knew we would be running around shopping for things for the cafe and walking around the hot, dusty site, so I had to be comfy. Admittedly, the site was supposed to be basically done this week which is why I only brought opened toe sandals. Had I known it was still a crazy construction site, I would have worn different shoes. This CS Gems top is an oldie but a goodie, but it's perfect for travel because it's breathable and does not wrinkle.

Edamame from Cannonball

For our last night, we wanted to make it somewhere by the water. We hadn't seen the water the whole trip yet, so we asked concierge where we should go. We didn't necessarily want sushi again, but were looking for something light and sharable like tapas. They recommended Cannonball, and we weren't mad that it was sushi. Again. I had been thinking about the edamame from Saiko ALL WEEK, and I was super excited to see they had something similar at Cannonball. SO GOOD.

After dinner every night, we ended up at a bar down the street from the hotel called Live Wire. It's a super small, nothing special, hole in the wall bar, but it was easy to get to and they had drinks. So. My phone is there somewhere, or at least with someone who was there that same night I was.

Day 4: Brunch + Travel day

What I wore:
Same chambray and striped skirt but with a white tank and black Vince Camuto sandals seen in this post

I turn to this skirt often. It really is the best. You can see 4 other ways I've styled it in this post here. It's perfect for travel because it's lightweight, it doesn't wrinkle, it's super forgiving, yet the shape does still make me feel girly and put together. Plus it's striped, which makes it such an easy win! I saved it for the last day since I was meeting up with some awesome ladies!

With Audrey, Gina, and Noelle

I've been trying to coordinate a meet up with these San Diego locals the last couple of times I've been in the area. With me being there 4 days, I KNEW it had to happen this time. There was a meeting on Thursday morning that everyone was going to but me, so I thought that would be the perfect time to arrange a brunch date. Gina had thrown out Breakfast Republic, so we ended up at the Liberty Station location!

As you can see from my meal, my belly was pretty fed up with me by this point in the trip and it was time for me to detox. I ended up with a couple antioxidant shots along with some fruit, yogurt, and granola. The other girls went all out and were pretty happy with their food choices. I really wanted to try the Breakfast Hot Dogs!!!


And that's it! I promise I do more than eat and drink on my work trips! But I like to document places I've gone in case I need to reference this post or trip again in the future. It was a long week - I didn't get home until 11:30pm on Thursday and had to be in the office bright and early the next morning. Yes, I'm tired. Maybe I will get a good night's sleep next week?

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  1. I'm still jelly you guys had lunch without me lol. Sorry for your phone again :(


  2. I'm pretty impressed with how well you pulled this recap together without your phone!! It was so fun to see you again and it's extra fun to see the places you go (even without me! LOL) in my neck of the woods. My fam does not touch sushi so I am apparently missing out on a lot of great sushi places here!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. On day 2 the picture on the right when you wore the olive skinnies - can you provide info on your top? I love it but didn't see info about it, I may have missed it and I apologize if I did. I wish I could wear all the cute outfits you wear, you're so cute and have great taste!

    1. Thank you so much!!
      Unfortunately it's a couple years old and I snagged it from a local boutique. Sorry to tease you with it!

  4. I think you've been to more places in SD than I have! Okay maybe not, but I have yet to explore any of the restaurants you visited and now I'm craving sushi ;) I'm sorry about your phone! I've never lost mine before but I have shattered my screen a couple times and even that was a bit traumatic for me so I can only imagine. Crazy how much we rely on those damn things! Anyway, I loved seeing you and I hope we can do it again soon!