Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shoesday: Christian Louboutin YSA Boots

I want to make every Tuesday a Shoesday and highlight one pair of shoes in my collection. What a better way to kick off this tradition than by focusing on the mother of all my shoes - my Christian Louboutin YSA boots.

I had been on a hunt for a basic black, heeled, tall boot. The pair that I had was getting pretty rough. So, for my birthday, I went shoe shopping with my husband. I wasn't necessarily planning on buying the boots at that time, but it had been on my list for awhile. I saw the YSA boots, but tried to overt my eyes and not even go there. There were a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots that interested me, so I tried them on. They were ok, but nothing that took my breath away. When the SA noticed I was trying on black boots - he told me to hold a second because he had a pair he wanted me to try on. Of course he came back with the YSA boots. 

The worst thing you can do is try something on "just because." Because the second my foot started sliding into that boot - I'm pretty sure I heard the angels singing and saw the heavens part. They felt like butter. There is no hardware on them at all, but they were easy to slip on and the calves fit as if the boots were made especially for me. I looked in the mirror and was basically sold at that point.

These were purchased at the Neiman Marcus store at Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis. A bit of a splurge to say the least, but they're so worth it. I plan to have these in my wardrobe for a very, very long time.

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