Thursday, January 31, 2013

Obsession: The Striped Dress

If you ever see this dress at Express, I recommend you snag it in every color possible. That is exactly what I did. It's called the "striped drop shoulder dress" although, this season they offered it in a neutral animal print as well. The first one I bought was this red and navy stripe, and I was immediately hooked.

I live in dresses. Many view this as high maintenance, but this particular dress is ridiculously easy. It's basically a long t-shirt. The cut is fitted, but not at all tight or body conscious. It's perfect for travel because it doesn't look wrinkly when you get to your destination. As with all my dresses, I do wear a slip under this year round.


A few celeb sightings sporting this dress:
Olivia Munn (L) Zoe Saldana (R)


Nicky Hilton

Maria Menounos

Right now I'm only seeing this sequin stripe version on their website (which I have in a charcoal color that is waiting to be worn), but seriously, if there's one thing you should have in your closet, it's this dress.


  1. Thanks for the link to the way-back time machine today. This was a fun post- you know I love a good celebrity-in-Express sighting!

    1. Hahahaha! Awesome! I should count how many I have. It's ridiculous. Please tell me you have some?!