Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rainy days and happy feet

Macy's Faux Leather Jacket
Gap Striped Fleece Scarf
Nordstrom "Rubbish" Boyfriend Chambray in Med Dark Wash
Hue Socks
Kate Spade "Randi Too" rain boot
Oakley "Cover Story" Sunglasses available here

How wonderful is it that something in your wardrobe can make a windy, cold, dreary day into a happy one? That is exactly what these boots do for me. I literally get excited when it rains now. I've been wanting the Randi in ivory and black forever. It's been on my wish list, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on rain boots for $150. I didn't even know the polka dotted version existing until I saw them come up on my Shop it to Me email one morning thru Saks for only $50. I literally gasped then immediately bought them. Right after I finished my transaction, I went back to the product page to pin it, and it appeared as no longer available. Which means I snagged the last pair, and it was in my size! That's what we call shopping fate. These were definitely worth the wait. Why I dig them - they're a twist on a traditional rain boot. Same cut, but with a pancake heel that gives me lift but completely manageable to walk in while in the rain...and the bow!! How can you not be happy when you see these on your feet?


  1. ALSO your leggings: give me info on them. Are they thick enough to be completely opaque, even when you bend your knee? I need full-length leggings that are tight, not thin and not workout leggings to wear with stuff.

    You look so cozy and cute!

    1. Yes, 100% opaque. I think technically these could be classified as workout leggings. Well, I should say, normally if I see seams in the legs, they look sporty to me. But the seams on these are only on the inner part of your legs, and the stitching is pretty flat so you really don't notice them. I think they would definitely be worth the try for you. I ended up buying a second pair bc I liked them so much. My only worry is that they will fade, but I haven't been putting them in the dryer. So far so good.

  2. Yes, very Kate Spade, which is more than likely why I was drawn to it! And it's extremely soft of cozy.