Friday, April 12, 2013

Buns and Pigeon Toes

Rubbish dot top
Saks Fashion Fix sale ruffle/lace tank (alternative)
Express leggings
Report Marks booties (similar)

Have you guys seen Pitch Perfect? I actually watched it about 3 times one weekend because it's awesome. Anyway, I bring this up because there is a character who named herself "Fat Amy." She does this so that "skinny bitches don't call her this behind her back." (I'm paraphrasing.) She's calling herself out basically. So I'm calling myself out, too. I know I wear this stupid bun all. The. Time. But it's fabulous. I wish I had the type of hair I could put in a ponytail and it be high and perky. But my hair is heavy and it just always seems sad and saggy in a pony. When I discovered the bun, it changed my life. I love the big ball of hair at the top of my head, and I don't feel like I'm dressed down when I have it up. I love it so much that I don't only wear it when I'm running late or feeling lazy. I wear it because I actually love the look. I was using a bun form for a very long time, and I still do from time to time. But my new favorite method I learned from Amy over at Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins. She calls it the "Carrie Bun." It works well on second day hair verses using the bun form, which I can really only do on first day hair when it's still damp right out of the shower.

As far as my pigeon toes are concerned, I definitely don't stand like that in real life. For whatever reason, that's the pose they like to put themselves in when I'm taking photos. I actually walk with my toes facing out a little. My sister used to make fun of me growing up that I was duck footed. I don't know what it is about my toes pointed in, but whenever I'm going through my photos, these are the ones I tend to like. Call me crazy, but I just like it!

So there you go. I called myself out. I'm well aware of my quirks and there are many, many more. We all have them, so tell me what yours are!

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