Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring trend: Windowpane & grid patterns

Today I'm linking up with Agi over at Vodka Infused Lemonade to talk about my favorite spring trend. There are quite a few things I'm digging right now - I've already talked about neon and gingham, so I figured for this post I'd focus on grid patterns. It first caught my eye seeing it over at Wendy's Lookbook. 

Shadow Play :: Distressed jeans & grid patterns

What a simply stated outfit with the easy sweater and distressed jeans. She added a little luxe to the look with her Chanel.

Windowpanes :: Silk trousers & Film project

These pants are so fun! I love how she paired some red and purple with this. The color pop complements the windowpane, but doesn't detract from it at all, and at the same time, keeps the jacket from looking like waitstaff attire. 

The grid pattern is very crisp and contemporary. I love the symmetry and the architectural statement. The lines give your outfit structure even if the garments themselves are not super fitted.

Clockwise from top left: 
Kate Spade Saturday Shirttail Skirt
Forever 21 Belted dress,

Clockwise from top left:
Rag & Bone Dress
Forever 21 Chiffon shirt
Kate Spade "Myrna" top

My favorite windowpane purchase so far is this popover top from the Kate Spade Saturday line. Here are a couple pics of me trying it on; I can't wait to create an actual outfit with it!!

Kate Spade Saturday popover top
AG "Stevie" polka dotted cords
Kate Spade Lisa pump

What about you? Are you liking the grid patterns? What's your favorite spring trend you're most excited to wear?

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Agi's linkup today. I really like the windowpane/grid pattern, and this Kate Spade Saturday top is so cute and versatile! I am following you on Bloglovin now, and would really appreciate if you can check out my blog too when you have a chance:



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    1. Already following you, girlie! Thanks for the comment (and follow) and hope to see you styling windowpane soon!

  2. Hey! LOVE the windowpane pattern. I've been looking for the perf piece link that. Found your blog via the link up today!


    Fierce & Fashionable

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    1. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! Hope to see you again!

  3. Thanking you for linking up yesterday. Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.