Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pinspiration weekend: Taylor Swift Part II

Literally just got back from Lexington. I have only been home long enough to eat a late dinner and get comfy in my favorite recliner so I can recap the weekend. It was uh-mazing. Seriously amazing. She puts on such an awesome show; you can't help but dance and scream sing with her. I'm a bit disappointed that I still have a voice today because I thought for sure I would not.

But anyway, a quick recap. I had an outfit to wear to the concert, but I was still open to alternatives. We went shopping in the afternoon, and I had brought this outfit as my part 2 of my Taylor pinspiration. It ended up being the perfect casual shopping outfit. (In case you missed it, Part 1 is here.)

Gap striped sweater (similar)
Forever 21 skinnies
TOMS "University" red rope sole classics (Taylor Swift's RED Keds here)

So, what about my concert look?? I didn't find anything at the mall that I liked better, so I ended up wearing what I packed. I struggled with this outfit. As the sister in law said, we're not 13, so a floral dress and cowboy boots didn't really feel appropriate. I knew I was going to be on my feet a lot (dancing and jumping around) so comfy shoes was a must. And since spring refuses to make an appearance, I needed to be somewhat warm (i.e. no bare legs, and closed toe shoes.)

Limited Sequin jacket (optionoption)
Marshall's ruffle tank
Vince Camuto "Tipper" booties
Michael Kors perforated leather "Jet Set" clutch
Kate Spade watch
Gifted bracelet
MAC lipglass in Russian Red

I did buy the clutch during the mall visit that afternoon. It was 25% off for Macy's friends and family sale, although I'm not locating on Macy's site right now. The pink was so bright and saturated, I fell in love instantly. I went ahead and used it for the concert since its hardware was gold to go along with the gold accents in my outfit.

As far as the concert itself - holy crazy whoa awesome!! Taylor is a great entertainer, and she does such an awesome job of being playful with the audience, talking to us as if we're truly the only city she is performing the show for, and putting herself out there so that at some point in the concert, everyone in the arena has a good view of her regardless of where you are sitting.

I didn't bring my regular camera, so the pictures and videos I have don't really do our seats justice. But, I will go ahead and leave you with this pic from her finale - this is the end of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

And lyrics from a song that is quickly becoming one of my faves of hers after seeing her perform it, "Stay, Stay, Stay":

You took the time to memorize me:
my fears, my hopes, and dreams.
I just like hangin' out with you, all the time.
All those times that you didn't leave;
It's been occurring to me I'd like to hang out with you, for my whole life.

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  1. Super cute! I love your concert outfit!

    1. Thanks! Note to self - sequins can get really hot and heavy when you're scream-singing and dancing!!