Saturday, June 15, 2013

Buying lately

1 - Double V-neck lightweight sweater: I'm addicted to stripes and I loved the lightweight make of this sweater. This was a spur of the moment grab on the way to the register.

2 - Mint portofino shirt: I love the way these portofino shirts feel and fit. I already have this polka dot one from Express that seemingly goes with everything. It's so easy, and a great base layer. I had been wanting one in mint, so I snagged this one since the polka dot one was such a win.

3 - Striped portofino shirt: The shirts were buy one get one half off or something like that, so I couldn't resist getting the striped version, too. I risk being called a referee, but meh, I'm used to those types of comments so I bought it anyway.

4 - Philosophy Amazing Grace shampoo/shower gel: I used this while visiting a friend in San Francisco and fell in love with the scent. I just ran out of my raspberry sorbet version, so I bought this as a replacement.

5 - Philosophy Purity face wash: This is a staple in my makeup regime. Simply a replacement bottle.

6 - Chevron skater skirt: I love skater style fits and I don't actually own anything chevron yet, until now!

7 - Perforated leather top: This top is so fun! The sales associate and I were talking about this as I was checking out. Just throw on some jeans, fun heels, grab a clutch, and it's an easy date night outfit.

8 - Red crinkle maxi skirt: Can I just tell you, it is harder to find a red maxi skirt than you think! This was actually my third try and it worked like a charm. I actually ordered it in black first, and it was everything I was looking for. They didn't have the red version online in my size at the time, but my SA was able to track it down at a local store. So happy because it's perfection!

What are your favorite purchases lately? It's kind of dangerous nice because all the summer stuff is starting to go on clearance...

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