Monday, June 10, 2013

Shoesday: YSL Tribtoo platform pumps

I've already done a Shoesday about my Tribute sandals, so I debated whether or not I should do one on these pumps, but I'd be silly not to, to be quite honest. They're amazing. And yes, I realize I say that about all my shoes, but seriously, they're truly amazing. 

First, the story about how these ended up in my collection. Well, I had a pair of Christian Louboutin "Rolando" pumps. (Did you catch that I used the past tense word "had?") They were beautiful, like jaw-dropping gorgeous, but the fit was just not made for my pudgy toes. I originally sized up knowing they ran small, but they slipped off my heel really bad when I walked, so I returned them for my normal size. They fit perfect on my heel - no slippage, but the toe box was a little snug. I tried to tough it out and hope they stretched over time, but over the year and a half that I owned them, I only wore them 3 times out of the house, and maybe a cumulative of only 3 hours total? The fact of the matter is, they hurt too much the second I put them on to ever endure stretching them over time. So, I finally made the decision to sell them and put the money towards a replacement pair - a pair I would actually be able to wear.

I wasn't sure what I wanted this replacement pair to be. During my birthday shopping extravaganza last year when I ended up with the CL boots, I tried on some Chanel pumps and some captoe YSL Tribtoo pumps. I loved both pairs a lot, so I thought one of them could be my replacement pair. I went to Neiman's and Saks to check them out again after I had sold my Rolandos. The Chanel pair I was eyeing was a simple quilted pair, and don't get me wrong, they were beautiful, but they just didn't have that "OMG I have to have them" affect on me. Then when I went to see the Tribtoos, they were extra tall. I didn't remember them being that tall, and in fact, I remembered them feeling quite comfy.

I went home that day empty handed, and I did a little bit more research on the Tribtoos. First, I wasn't sure what the difference was between Tribute Two and the Tribtoos. I've seen both style names but could never tell any visible difference between the two shoes. I'm not sure the validity of this statement, but I ended up finding this post from one of the gals over at the Purse Forum.

If the above information is correct, that totally makes sense to me now. I also found out that just like the Tribute sandal, the Tribtoos come in two different heel heights. I must have tried on the lower heel height last year, and for whatever reason, only the higher heeled versions were on display at the stores I went to this year. Soooo, I decided to go ahead and order the lower height Tribtoos. I debated on getting the captoe version, but finally decided to go with the solid black nappa.

I definitely do not regret my decision at all. They are the perfect black platform pumps, and I must say, hands down more comfy than my CL Rolandos. I would actually venture to say, they're more comfortable than *any* of my Loubies. The platform really makes them feel like a 3" heel, so the height is perfect. I will say though that they are just a touch big - just big enough to fall of my heel. But rather than size down and go through the whole CL Rolando debaucle all over again, I just added heel grips to them, and they. Fit. Perfect.

MSSP lace trim top (option)
Stella and Dot beaded necklace and brooch (option) attachment
Betsy Johnson earrings (option, option)
Express bracelet (option, option) and ring
7 for all Mankind "Gwenevere" white skinnies
YSL "Tribtoo" pump in black nappa
Chanel "Istanbul" tote

With shoes this beautiful and iconic, I wanted to bring all the fancy frills to the party. Lace, beads, brooch, bling, and of course, my Chanel tote. A pretty "safe" outfit, but it's all my nicest things rolled into one, and every detail gives me a happy. Unless you were shoe savvy, I really don't think you'd look at me and have any idea that this pair is "designer." I love that these Tribtoos just blend in with the rest of my outfit and don't scream its label. I know they're special, and I like it being my little secret.

As a side note, check out my bun. I was running late and didn't have time to dry my hair all the way, so I figured I'd do the old school way and use my bun form with my bun. It's still big, yes, but in comparison, I love it so much more as the round ball in my tutorial. But then again, I'm a sucker for all things obnoxious. :)

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  1. Really cute outfit.

    Stopped by from my Thrifty Chic Blog Hop

  2. Oh those heels are truly lovely! You look very chic. :)

    Style of One's Own