Sunday, August 18, 2013

Best birthday ever

BCBG one-shoulder dress (limited sizes, but only $25 here)
Forever 21 faux leather cuff (option)
Kate Spade Saturday ring
Chanel classic flap
Coach sandals
Oakley "Overtime" sunglasses

Seriously. This might have been my best birthday ever. It was so good that I need to split up the goodness into two posts. But just to summarize:

1. I ran the Cardinals Care 6K this morning, which was a charity run. Not only did I help raise money for an awesome cause, but I got to finish the race on the field and meet one of my favorite Cardinals players!
2. Breakfast at one of my favorite places, which I ate guilt-free since I started my morning with the run!
3. The Cardinals took a pic of me (well, my socks and shoes) which ended up being shared on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages!! Such an awkward pose, but OMG I feel famous! Haha
4. My favorite Cardinal scored a 3-run home run today! Which is a big deal because he's not a regular home-run-hitting dude!
5. The husband bought me tickets to see Justin Timberlake on HIS birthday! I honestly wasn't planning on going since it was on his birthday, but yay!!!
6. Mani/pedi!!! I tried a different place by accident today, and it turned out to be pretty fab!
7. I got to take my blog photos somewhere other than my house!
8. Freaking delicious dinner at a hidden gem of a steakhouse.
9. So many birthday wishes on Facebook! I stole an idea from a friend -- everyone that posted a birthday greeting on my wall received a note back from me with one of my memories I had of them! It was quite a fun exercise, and I think the original posters appreciated the trips down memory lane! 
10. Since the husband was sweet enough to be my photographer on my early morning run, and also sacrifice his birthday for the name of Justin Timberlake, I told him he could go to a car show today. Welp, he ended up winning 1st place in the show! 

Aaaand now I get to share all this goodness with you guys! Well, ok, some of it. I wanted to post my birthday outfit today, and I shall share photos and details of the Cardinals Care 6K in another post later this week.

I bought this dress on crazy sale - $26. I'm actually surprised it's still available, and for $1 cheaper! I will say though that I don't think the mannequin does the dress justice. I originally bought it as a fun dress to wear in Mexico when I'm there next month, but as I was trying to pick out my birthday outfit, nothing felt festive enough. I decided to throw this on, and felt like Jenna in 13 going on 30 - Thirty, flirty, and thriving! Ha, perhaps that's not a good analogy. Let's just say I loved it. My only "complaint" about this dress is that I had to use Hollywood tape to keep the dress from exposing my bra on the non-shoulder side. The tape worked fine though, and you wouldn't know any different looking at me.

You've seen these shoes before. It's funny how much I debated on whether or not to get them. They were on clearance at Dillards a couple years ago. I sat with them on my feet, staring at them, wondering if I should get them. My sister and mom were visiting at the time and they both told me I should get them. Now, I have no idea why I even second guessed the purchase because they're amazing. And I'm not even a huge Coach follower by any means, but I can't deny the fabulousness of these sandals. And my Chanel! Or, as I call her, my Nellie! She had to spend my birthday with me, too! She doesn't hang out nearly as much as she should! I need to make a conscious effort to give her some air time!

Anyhoo, I'll wrap this up now! Thank you for reading! I'm still on cloud nine right now like nobody's business. And what's crazy is - I did not buy one single thing today! Hmmmmm...ponder that!

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  1. Awe, happy belated birthday lovely! You looked beautiful, and my my you sure packed a lot in one day! Can't wait to see pics of the race, and the famous pics that were seen by all the adoring cardinals fans! :) Congrats!


    1. Thank you so much!!! I was so giddy and happy all day- it was fab!
      And yes, it didn't feel like a lot but I am draggggging this morning.

  2. Belated happy birthday...sounds like it was a great one. And love the dress! Your blog posts always make me smile. :)

  3. Great outfit!! Happy belated birthday!


  4. Happy birthday, it sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm in love with everything about this outfit, the dress, shoes and bag are all ADORABLE.


    1. Thanks, Christina! It was so much fun! I'm still smiley thinking of the events! Thanks for the sweet note!!

  5. Super cute outfit and sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! yay!

  6. That is a super cute dress, and your heels are sweet!! And you have to love a birthday where you get spoiled more than you thought you would be!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! And yes- spoiling is a good thing. It distracted me from thinking about my age! Ha! Thanks for the note!!