Saturday, September 14, 2013

Guest Post: Kelsey Bang

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! I now want to share with you an amazing husband and wife duo - Kelsey and Jake! I can't read their blog or look at their photos without smiling. I love the way their looks play off of each other. I love their unique style. And I'm a little jealous that Kelsey has a husband who fearlessly puts himself out there with her! How cool is that?! Here they are in all their fabulousness!!


Hello! We are Jake and Kelsey Bang of kelseybang.com 
We love fashion, dressing up and taking photos! 

And now for a little history about how our blog came to be: 

Kelsey had been blogging for quite a few years and it was mostly for keeping her family in touch with the fun things she was doing while living away at school. We both met in college and the blog started to include Jake in the adventures since he was taking up so much of Kelsey's time. After a couple years of blogging, we discovered that our families weren't as connected to the blog as we had originally thought. So we had some options... keep blindly broadcasting our lives on the internet or do something else! We chose to do something else! Kelsey had been a fashionista her entire life (she started sewing her own clothes when she was six). Jake had always loved photography so we put the two together! We still love to include food and travel adventures in our posts but we decided our main focus to be on our personal style. 

We don't always try to be matchy-matchy but sometimes that is fun! Sometimes our outfits go together well and other times, not so much. We also try to hyper-link our clothing items to stores online that have identical or similar options so our readers can purchase things they like too. 

Our mantra is simple: Wear what you love and love what you wear. 

Everyone has their own personal style and the way you dress can be a great way to express one's self. Fashion pundits will always be willing to tell us what is in style or not. Even if some people can pull things off that other's can't, that doesn't matter. 

If you want to be bold... do it! 
Conservative... that works too! 
Unsure if your floral print dress will go with the houndstooth top... give it a try! 

Be yourself and let your clothing be an extension of your own personality. As long as you feel fabulous in what you're wearing that's all that really matters and people will say, "Yes... she owns that look!" 

We've pulled together some photos from some of our all-time favorite photo shoots below and we hope you like them!

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  1. Awe, I love the fact that you guys are a team!

  2. This is so cute and unique! Love that a couple is doing this together and love your style - it's true, it's not matchy-matchy, but does work well together. But, now that Jake is in front of the lens, who is taking the pictures? Very curious :)