Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guest Post: Val

So, as you read this I will be sipping on some fruity drinks getting tan. Feel sorry for me, life is hard. Lucky for all of you though, I have a group of wonderful guest posters that I can't wait to share with you! First up is one of my very bestest friends, Val. You've seen her before here. Much to my demise, she doesn't have a blog herself, but I thought it would be fun to get her feet wet and use my blog as her platform. Please turn your attention to Val!


Dressing for work can be incredibly tricky for me. Not only do I live in a beach town where the weather commonly climbs into the upper  90’s, but I also have a half sleeve tattoo that needs covering. 

The first summer I had the tattoo I didn’t prepare enough and ended up sweltering all summer in pants with camis and cardigans, neither of which was conducive to walking across a college campus in the summer. This year I did a little thinking and planned ahead, making my summer wardrobe a collection of a-line skirts with long sleeve tops or (and preferably) dresses with elbow length sleeves. This saves me from the hassle of wearing a cardigan everyday and also provides me with a little bit of a breeze that comes with bare legs. But in all honesty I really missed my pants which is why when my local J Crew outlet started putting out fall items I jumped on these! 

Top: LOFT (option) | Necklace: Anthropologie (sold out) | Ring: Etsy
Pants: JCrew | Nude patent pumps: JCrew (option) 

They are a great, versatile color and when paired with this lace shirt really aren’t any hotter than a long sleeved top with a skirt. The college I work at also has school spirit day on Tuesdays (Teal Tuesday!) so when my bestie sent me this gorgeous, teal, wooden bead necklace I knew it was the perfect Teal Tuesday accessory! I knew from previous wears that this was definitely a hair up kinda accessory because otherwise I spend all day trying to detangle hair from necklace. I attempted to give my otherwise fine hair some boost but the humidity down south kind of kills it. I’m really not a jewelry person so wearing such a large necklace made me pair it with my more delicate, small pieces and since I was out of my comfort zone with a statement necklace I threw on some heels I haven’t had the chance to wear yet and there you have it! Now that I’ve really broken the seal on this necklace I plan on incorporating into my wardrobe a ton more! 

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  1. What a gorgeous top! Also loving the turquoise necklace ;)

    Visiting from the linkup. I'd love for you to come over by blog too and leave your thoughts on my latest post: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

  2. Great outfit and tattoo. I usually have to wear longer sleeves because my office is so cold, but NC can get HOT!

  3. Love the top!


  4. great outfit! I love the color combo and I want those pants for fall!


  5. That top is great - and your tattoo is really pretty!

  6. Oh hai Val!!! YAY for Val's first blog post!!!

  7. oh haaaaiii! Thanks ladies!! I'm sad that my pictures aren't the best. Living alone means I had to bribe a student worker to take my pic! hah