Thursday, October 31, 2013

Friday randoms

Glasses: Rough Justice | Scarf: Express (option) | Earrings: JCrew (option) | Top: LOFT (option) | Bracelet: Tasha | Skirt: NY&Co (gifted) (option) (option) | Boot socks: Hue (option) | Boots: Frye (in grey)

1. Sorry for the unexpected leave of absence this week. I was traveling for work Monday and Tuesday and the husband (aka my photographer) has been gone since Sunday. 

2. I attempted to take the tripod with me to take selfless at this sculpture park by the office, and the results were not pretty. So, unfortunately, this is all you're getting from me for this work week. However, you can always check my Tumblr for my outfits of the day. Even if they just end up being iPhone photos, I always try and document what I wear. I somehow get a bit anxious if I don't or can't.

3. Why don't I just use Instagram for my OOTD photos, you ask? Well, I have coworkers and other randoms following me on Instagram that don't exactly know I'm a fashion blogger. Sometimes I'll post OOTD photos there, but they're *always* on my Tumblr.

4. Someone asked me about my glasses. I've had two other pairs of plastic framed glasses in my life, and while I love the look, I never felt like I could see out of them because I don't have a proper nose bridge to hold them up. I was on the hunt for a pair of plastic frames that actually had nose pieces as well. This was literally the only pair in my eye doc's office that fit this criteria. I had never heard of the brand before, but luckily they looked and fit exactly the way I wanted them to. I've worn them all week, which never happens.

5. So, this poinsettia was given to me by a co-worker LAST Christmas. I am so awful with plants. They always end up dying on me, but this poinsettia has lasted 10 months - it's got to be some kind of record. I've had it at my desk at work and basically give it my leftover water every other day or so. Well, I was super bummed when the office manager sent us an email saying there was a gnat problem and the exterminator said it was due to some kind of fungus from over-watered household plants. They told us we all had to take our plants home, and any left after last Friday would be thrown away. I brought him home and set him in my kitchen window, but after just one day of being here, he was already saggy and sad looking. I couldn't let my little guy die! This room gets the most light in the house. I brought this little side table in here just so I could give him a place to sunbathe all day. He *has* to make it to a second Christmas! And don't worry - no pets are allowed in this room. The office door stays shut at all times.

6. The light situation in the office is also the reason why any photos I take indoors end up being in this room.

7. And last, but not least, the World Series is over and the Cardinals are not the champions. I was (and am) pretty heartbroken, but I can't complain because they took me through an amazing season and I just love those guys so much. Boston played a better series, and honestly, after everything the City has gone through, I'm happy to see their year end on a positive note. I'll leave you with one last Cardinals plug on this fine Halloween… our costumes! Team Fredbird!

Right: Actual pic of the husband | Left: Source

I was so excited the husband agreed to dress up! We got invited to a Halloween party, which was our first invite ever. It was tough coming up with a couple's outfit, but I had an ah-ha moment and came up with this. The challenge was finding a redbird costume... except that it wasn't a challenge at all! We walked into the store and the head was right there looking straight at me. I squealed with delight and we made arrangements (after he tried it on) to pay the rental fee and get it reserved. Of course, right after we reserved it, we secured the tickets to Game 3, which landed the same day as the party. We intended to hit up the party after the game, but by the time the game was over, it just got too late. We figured since the rental fee was non-refundable - might as well get some photos!

Sorry to cram so much verbiage into one post. Next week should be relatively back to normal. I'm sad that October is over and I barely had enough posts for half the month! Hopefully November will be more blog productive.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. You guys look AWESOME showing your team spirit! And thanks for the tip about your tumblr account-I had no idea! Glad to have your back to blogging and looking forward to more...pieces of you. (Would you like some wine with my cheese? ha ha)

    On the Daily Express

    1. It feels good to be missed! And it's funny I don't realize how much I love blogging until I can't do it. Thanks for all your support!!

  2. I love the stripes on stripes + your topknot, Carylee! Your Halloween outfits are fantastic too - what a great way to show team spirit and I'm impressed that your hubby wore that mascot costume! Awesome! =)


    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you! I'm kind of obsessed with the Cardinals, I really try and tone it down for the blog :)

  3. You and your husband are so freaking cute. I would have totally worn the redbird costume to the game.

    1. Haha! I know right?! I wanted him to sooo bad! Little kids would have been asking him for his autograph! haha

  4. Oooohma-gosh! Haha, that's awesome you guys, ya crazy birds!


    1. I'm really surprised he agreed to dress up. It was seriously my dream come true! :)

  5. I love all of the stripes in your outfit, so cute! And the angry birds costumes are so fun! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday!
    xo Bethany

    1. Thanks, Bethany! I appreciate you co-hosting!