Saturday, October 12, 2013

Travel outfit

Moto Jacket: Express | Portofino top: Express | Necklace: Express (option) | Leggings: Zella | Boots: Coach

I'm in San Francisco for a long weekend and was so super proud of my ability to fit everything into a carry on. Much to my demise, I am worthless when it comes to checking in on time for Southwest, so I ended up with B34. By the time I boarded, they were out of overhead space, so they ended up taking my bag, not to be picked up until I got to baggage claim in San Francisco. Go figure. All that planning, all those liquids I left behind, just for it to get checked anyway. Sigh.

The morning I left for my trip, the husband was traveling so I was sans a photographer. I had to take a selfie in the gym at the office for documentation because I found this to be the perfect travel outfit. I just love these boots - how they're wedged but still amazing to walk in - even at the airport. The layers kept me warm on the plane, and I didn't have to worry about wrinkles in my clothes. You really don't have to wear pajamas or sweats + Uggs to the airport to be comfy. This was such a low maintenance outfit but didn't make me feel at all lazy.

What do you wear when you travel?

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  1. LOVE this outfit!! Two of my favorite pieces from Express. :) I just peeked at the reviews on Nordstrom and some of them say to size UP for the leggings. Did you find that to be the case? I don't have any leggings I could wear for to recreate your outfit, but I have all the other pieces!

    1. Thank you! I'm bummed it didn't get a proper photo shoot, but I did like it enough to post it with the glamorous gym background! And I am the type to normally size up in fitted pieces, but I just went with my regular size here for the leggings - Small. I have two pairs!

  2. This is a great travel outfit! You look so posh and adorable!