Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's your number?

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My number is 41. 

This is the exact number of beauty products and tools that I touch every morning when I get ready. Which is kind of amazing (or excessive) if you think about it, because looking at my head shots, it's not even that I wear tons of makeup. (You can get details of my makeup regime here.) I thought it would be interesting (for me, I don't know about you!) to go through this exercise. So, shall we? This is in sequential order.

1. Toothbrush. Does this count? Since I brush my teeth in the shower (yeah, I know that's weird), I will list it.
2. ToothpasteCan't have 1 without 2! I always always use Aqua Fresh. I just feel like it gets the foamiest.
3. Shampoo. I've tried so many fancy brands, I always end up coming back to Pantene
4. ConditionerThe big pump bottles are the best.
5. Body Wash. Philosophy Amazing Grace. Love the way it smells. Reminds me of a good friend. :)
6. Body sponge. I usually just use my hands for the body wash, but when I decide to exfoliate, I use the sponge. Natural ones like these are the best.
7. Razor. I love that this thing comes with the trimmer. Best. Invention. Ever. 
8. Facewash. Such a basic cleanser, which goes perfect with…
9. Clarisonic Mia. I can't live without this thing.
10. Hair towel. Regular towels never stay put.
11. Terry cover up - similar to this, but not really a wrap. I love that this has straps. Some of the true wraps still don't stay up for me even with a velcro or button closure. The straps help me move around carefree.
12. Contact solution. I've worn glasses since 4th grade and didn't switch to contacts until I was a senior in high school!
13. Lotion. I get ridiculously scaly in the winter. It's gross. I've tried medicated lotions. St. Ives is cheap, non medicated, non greasy, but super effective.
14. Leave in conditioner. I've just started using this. I never used to put product in my hair before styling. But my stylist does. And my hair always looks great. So I figured, perhaps I should start doing this regularly.
15. Oil. Helps with split ends. I also find that it helps with frizz.
16. Beauty blender. I literally just converted to this over the weekend. I was using sponges before, but some girls on my style and beauty forum were making me self conscious that I was wasting product.
17. Moisturizer with SPF. I've been using this for a few years now. It's perfect.
18. Eye cream. I only use this in the winter. My eyelids get strangely dry if I do not.
19. Liquid foundation. Goes on smooth like butta, and the color is a great match to my skin.
20. Eye primer. If I forget to put this on, I can pretty much just count on my makeup instantly disappearing.
21. Eye Makeup brushes. I will count this as one since it came as a set.
22. Eye shadow. Right now I'm alternating between a MAC palette and Urban Decay Naked Basics.
23. Eyebrow brush. Love these short, hard, bristles.
24. Brow powder. This is really just black eye shadow, but it does the job.
25. Liquid liner. This liner in combo with my primer makes my eyes look freshly lined all day. Seriously. ALL day.
26. Eyelash curler. Doesn't pull any hair. I bought a backup one in case this one dies.
27. Mascara. I prefer the smaller brushes to define every single lash better. 
28. Blush (in peachtwist). If I had zero time to get ready, I could live with just liner, mascara, and blush only.
29. Pressed powder. Just a little on my nose and forehead for shine.
30. Blowdryer. Nothing fancy.
31. Comb. Just a basic one to detangle after blowdrying.
32. Teasing brush. This has changed my life. I got it at my salon. I don't use it everyday, but I do use it for all updos, or even when my hair is just pinned to the side. Oh, and if you want to learn how I do my bun, you can find that here.
33a. Curling iron. My hair is naturally straight. You can see a quick way I curl my hair here.
33b. Flat iron. I love the slim profile of this one.
34. Hairspray #1. Even the strongest Tresemme hold is soft. I really just use this as more of a styling spray and to help with flyaways. Plus I love the way it smells.
35. Hairspray #2. This is my finishing spray.
36a. Smoothing cream. I use this on flat ironed hair.
36b. Sea salt spray. I use this for updos.
37. Deodorant. Keeps me dry!
38. Body splash. Actual perfumes give me migraines. This is the only scent that I can't actually "smell" when it's on me.
39. Lip"glass" in Russian Red. A little goes a long way! I dab a couple of dots on my lips and blend.
40. Lip gloss. I use this as a top layer. I only use the red first thing in the morning. When I have to reapply throughout the day, I only end up reapplying this.
41. Carmex cherry lip balm! I can't go anywhere without this. I have lip balm in my purse, on my desk at work. On my side table as I right this. I start panicking if I don't have close access to this somewhere!

That seems like a ridiculous amount of products, and I didn't even count Q-tips, hair ties, or bobby pins. To be honest, I'm probably on the lower end compared to most people. It takes me a solid hour to get ready. If I have my outfit pre-planned, I could possibly do it in 45. 30 minutes if I am not showering and only throwing my hair up into a bun. Have you ever taken inventory of everything you touch to get ready in the morning? Start counting next time and come back to tell me what your number is!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this would be fun to try! However, I usually shower at night so I guess that would cut some numbers off. It's so interesting to read because I feel like we use a lot of the same stuff, so I probably use right around the same number! I may have to go count tomorrow morning haha

    1. I would love to hear your number! I swear I didn't think it would be that high! But perhaps I am above average after all?

  2. Oh wow!! I didn't even expect you to count things like a toothbrush, etc, so I bet that increases the number quite a bit. I don't think my number would be quite as high as yours because I only use a wide tooth comb and one product when it's dry, because with naturally curly hair that I like to wear curly, it looks better when I don't fuss with it.

    1. I wouldn't have counted my toothbrush if I didn't brush my teeth in the shower! And you'd think my hair would be low maintenance with it being (for the most part straight) but it's oddly not! Thanks for reading through my list!

  3. Wow, 41?! You are soooooooooooooo.....just like me. :) Except I don't want to count my number. But I am ESPECIALLY glad to hear that you use two kinds of hairspray, because SO DO I. There's something about it that makes me feel really high maintenance and very 1987, but I need two! They do different things for my hair. This was a really fun list to go through with lots of things I'd never heard of before. I really want one of those towel dress thingies and I for sure need a teasing brush. I use a comb (I have fine hair and need some volume, okay?) but the brush looks really cool. I can't wait for Monday to see how you fit all this stuff in a suitcase!!

    1. Wow...I write the longest comments. Yikes....

    2. Awww! I love your long comments! Don't stop! I feel like the two different hair sprays create a "paste" that helps stick better! haha weird logic, I know. And yes, definitely try the teasing brush. My hair never stayed teased before this brush! Keep me posted!!