Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guest Post: Haircut & General Attitude

You guys. It's my last day of vacation, and I have one more super awesome guest poster for you! I just love, LOVE Jessi. Her looks are always so vintage-y and romantic. She has this fairy tale kind of style that I would love to have; not to mention the personality and confidence to go along with it! She's so unique and I always have so much fun seeing what she wears-- I know you will, too! So thankful to have her and all my other guest posters fill in for me while I'm gone! Such a pleasure! Ok - now to the good stuff - here she is!


Hey! I'm Jessi and I blog over at Haircut & General Attitude. I'm excited to guest post for Carylee today while she's getting some beach time in (TOTALLY jealous). I always love her fun, bright style! A love for color is definitely something we share. And what better time to wear lots of color than Spring?! I thought I'd share some of my favorite Spring looks. I'm all about florals, full skirts and pops of color so far this season.
Probably my fave look so far this Spring? My Easter outfit. What says Easter more than bunnies on your sweater, amiright? The flower crown helps out too ;) And I just love this gorgeous full skirt! I definitely need more like it in my life.
Speaking of floral crowns, I just can't get enough of this one! This time I paired it with a simple vintage shirt dress to really let it's beauty shine. Peach, blush, nude, any soft shade of pink... all winners in my Spring wardrobe.
sheinside, anniversary, floral 034
Besides my obvious love for florals (are you getting it yet?), nude & neon is another favorite trend of mine right now. Probably because it's the only way this super fair-skinned girl can manage to wear neon (or yellow for that matter). I definitely can't pull off the brights the way Carylee does with my pale complexion.
Nude, nude, nude. And a romper. I love rompers and the fact that this one is more dressy than your average just adds to that love. Add in a fun pattern on the sandals (click here for a better look) and a pop of color at the neckline and I'm set!
And... another example of neutrals with a pop of color. This time I paired my favorite sweater with my Grandma's vintage midi skirt and my faux-Valentino's (super jealous of Carylee's real pair! You go girl!) They are definitely some of my favorite heels as of late. I don't care that they're overdone or that mine are fake - I still love em!

Well, thanks for having me Carylee! Hope you're soaking up plenty of sunshine!
 & I'm always happy to meet new blog friends, so you all feel free to stop by and visit anytime!!

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  1. So fun to see you here, Jessi. :) I am honestly surprised if some kind of flower crown company hasn't contacted you to be their spokesperson yet. Those things were made for you, and just like Carylee said you look like you just walked out of a fairy tale or Game of Thrones episode or something. Soooo gorgeous. :)
    On the Daily Express

  2. Love your style Jessi! Glad to see you guest posting here!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  3. Love the pink full skirt. Beautiful pictures!


  4. I love brights! Gorgeous headpiece too, have a fab weekend, and Carylee hope you had a fab hol! #AllAboutYou