Friday, January 22, 2016

Buying lately

Buying lately 1/16
Clockwise from top left: Field jacket: J.Crew | Stripe sweater: Trouve | Fitbits: ChargeHR, Zip | Dress: Bailey 44 (shop more Bailey 44 dresses HERE) | Hoodie: Paige (shop more Paige HERE) | Sweatshirt: Private Party (shop more Private Party products HERE) | Leggings: bp.

Happy Friday! I haven't done one of these shopping posts in awhile, so I figured I was due! Sadly, I feel like this isn't "a lot" of shopping considering my normal volume! But it's still probably way more than the average person. Ha! It's the weird part of the season where I'm not really interested in buying anymore winter stuff, but I'm not quite ready for spring either. And let's face it, I don't NEED anything. Regardless, here's what's been recently delivered or on their way to me as we speak!

Field jacket - J.Crew: I already have this jacket in black and an army green. I love it. I've been wearing it a lot this season because the winter (up until this week) has been mild and it blocks wind and cool air perfectly without the bulk. I immediately wanted it in this wine color - I know I have blogged about wanting it in the past. For whatever reason, I kept trying to ignore the fact that I wanted it.

Well, fast forward to recently and Alisa (you may know her better as 'emmeltwins') snapped about these cute fur hooded jackets she scored on crazy sale at JCrew. Then Jenna recently bought the cutest green jacket for her long weekend in Chicago. The need for a fur hooded parka was taunting me! I wanted a wine colored one.

I almost ordered this non-hooded one but then I thought - do I *really* need this? It's January. I've only worn my proper winter coats twice. How many times will I need this until spring, and will I still love it next year? That's when I realized, I just need to buy the dang JCrew field jacket and move on with my life! So I did it. FINALLY!!

Stripe sweater - Trouve: Every now and then the husband and I will venture to the closest mall at lunch to eat in the food court. That happened last week, and we had a co-worker tag along with us also. That's when I saw this sweater and fell in love with it. I felt bad to make the co-worker witness my shopaholicism, so I took a mental photo of it and ordered it online later that evening. It is the SOFTEST most perfectly fitting sweater ever. Perfect length for leggings. I am in love.

Fitbits - ChargeHRZip: The husband and I are on a serious workout and get healthy regime! Early morning workouts, grocery shopping, eating out less, counting calories - it's really happening and I am proud of us! I had an old Fitbit One and I also have a Polar heart rate monitor. I wanted to consolidate equipment, so I ended up buying the Fitbit ChargeHR. I'm loving it! It's definitely not chic and sexy, nor is it the version where you can buy pretty, interchangeable bands, so I went ahead and bought a Zip also so I can still track my steps inconspicuously when I need to look like a lady and not wear my big sporty band.

Dress - Bailey 44 (shop more Bailey 44 dresses HERE): My year is already filling up. Vacations are getting booked. Friends are getting married! All that good stuff! I was just invited to a bachelorette party near the end of March, and we were asked to wear all black so that the bride could stand out for her last hoorah! You guys know my love for Bailey 44 is real. When I saw this dress was over half off, I could not resist. The cut, the ruching, the fit. It will be perfect for a girls night out.

Hoodie - Paige (shop more Paige HERE): There aren't many things I lack in my wardrobe. If I had to pick one thing - it would be pullover sweaters. I stocked up on them during Black Friday and other holiday sales, but I loved the baja vibe of this one, and figured it would be a great add to my slowly growing collection.

Sweatshirt - Private Party (shop more Private Party products HERE): This was a "just because" purchase. I couldn't resist it. And since the husband and I were officially the last people ever to download Netflix, I can officially wear message tees and sweatshirts referencing Netflix and not be a liar. I actually watch Netflix now, y'all!

Leggings - bp.: I saw these on Tatiana. She posted a detailed shot of them here and I had to have them. I've been wanting a pair of wine colored leggings, but nothing really jumped out at me until I saw these! All the other ones seemed a little elementary school girl to me, and the faux leather variety just didn't seem like something that would be super versatile. But these. These are amazing. I love the fit - I got them in a medium and there is zero muffin toppage. I loved them so much that I ordered the grey shortly after! Seriously worth the try if you're in the market for a wine colored legging!

Ok, that's it for me! I am fighting a terrible headache and need a nap, stat! Have a great weekend!

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  1. you did so good, happy you got the wine color. Now I just need to get it in black and my collection will be complete.


  2. Love these posts! And I am trying to get organized enough to do something similar myself sooner or later. Although you are also good at flat-laying stuff soon after you get it so that's very helpful too for seeing your recent, still-in-stock purchases like that striped sweater!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. I have seriously been coveting that field jacket forever!

  4. Thanks for the leggings recommendation! Off to buy them now! :)