Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dashing Darlin'

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Happy Friday eve! What do I know though? It's basically been Saturday all week for me! If you've missed the guest posts this week while I've been gone, I hope you'll page back and see which other beauties have subbed for me in my absence! Today, I bring you Angelle. I thought she would be fun to have, especially since her style is always playful and feminine! She is a momma of four, and let me tell you - I don't know where she gets her energy from! I enjoy watching her kid adventures on Snapchat. I think she has some future performers on her hands!  She still somehow has time to blog, plus she is a habitual commenter on Instagram and is very supportive! Hope you enjoy her look and her message!


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I have the honor of guest blogging for Carylee. I met this beauty through mutual friends on Instagram. Carylee has the sweetest and killer style. SO, I was unsure what to exactly share, but I wanted all of her lovely readers to get a glimpse into why I blog and what I like to share. I not only love to blog about fashion but LOVE to also blog about my life and the lessons learned along the way.
My vibe lately has definitely been BOHO. I just can't get enough of flowy tops, flares and these cognac wedges that seem to go perfect with everything. My favorite denim jeans (because they actually cater to the short people too) have to be from Express, and trendy tops from forever21 are my jam and totally perfect for my clothing budget. Lol.

As for what I've been pondering and what I think that all women struggle with, well, I think that it is cultivating deep friendships.
“You and I weren’t created to do life on our own.”
We have this pull on our emotions because we don’t want to be lonely, but we also don’t want to let others into the depths of our real world which may be repulsive or unacceptable. We  just are not sure if investing in that vulnerability will be worth it. It may backfire by being exhausting, uncomfortable, demanding. OR, it could just be LIFE-CHANGING.
Well, we can always just show off a plastic model of a “June Cleaver” kind of life which offers to others a fake version of ourselves. We can put on a facade and act like we need no one. Or, we can choose to be real and do life with others. We can share our insecurities and jealousies, our bad days and good days, our wild dreams and latest failures, our fights with the hubby, our favorite Scripture for this week, or our latest embarrassing moment. It is beautiful and life-changing to spill our heart and even our quirks with each other.
The life-changing revelation that helped me years ago break out of loneliness was IT IS MY CHOICE. I took responsibility for those lonely feelings and stopped blaming others for not noticing me or pursuing me. I started treating others how I wanted to be treated. If I wanted intimacy, I had to invest intimacy. If I wanted a girls night, I created a girls night. We CRAVE these connections because God created us for relationship {first with HIM and with others}. SO, our need for connection comes from God.
“If you WANT people to INVEST their time in you, YOU must INVEST your time in them. You cannot reap what you don’t sow. Make others a priority. ”
If nobody knows the thoughts that run through my mind, the depression that hits me at times, the hopelessness that I experience, the feelings of needing to just runaway or to explode, the battle of self doubt and comparison.. I NEED to change that!!! I desperately NEED deep friendships that can see through my plastic facade. Intimate friendships that continue to grow in a healthy manner and to challenge me to mature in my relationship with God. I have to prioritize my God sent friendships and be vulnerable.
“One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that your presence and your absence both mean something to someone.”
Thanks for stopping what you were doing and reading my heart gush.


Dashing Darlin' | Blog | Instagram

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  1. Angelle is gorgeous- and love her style!
    Hope you're having a blast on vacay, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Wow her message to my breathe away. She's not only gorgeous but honest and I love it. Also carylee I enjoy your snaps you hilarious