Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hair series: My day 2 hair

I'm back for week two of my hair series where I'll be sharing my most worn hairstyles for real life, everyday stuff. If you missed week one, you can get yourself caught up here

Day 2 hair: All down, straightened with a flat iron
Products used--- Hairspray: TRESemme | Thermal shield spray: Not Your Mother's | Teasing Brush (mine came from my salon, this is similar) | Dry Shampoo: Herbal EssencesFlat Iron: BaBylissPRO

I used to always wear my hair straightened with a flat iron for my day 1 hair, but I started feeling like 1) it was too much heat on my hair for one day and 2) flat ironing my already limp day 1 hair didn't leave for much volume. My hair is long and heavy after all. On top of this, my bangs are so super fussy when they are freshly washed that I find that they are more likely to stay sideswept on their own for day 2. 

All that said, since I imagine most people know how to use a flat iron, this video is really all about how I apply dry shampoo, how I lay on my hair to minimize bed head, and how I cover up any bed head spots if they do form. Hope you find something useful here!

Before I go, here is a snapshot of the whole series so you can see what's in store or what you've missed:

Day 1 hair: The simple side pin
Day 2 hair: All down, straightened with a flat iron
Day 3 hair: Half up, half down

Day 4 hair: All down with slept-on-braided waves and curls
Day 5 hair: An easy top knot

Thanks for following along!



  1. Great tips, lady! I am fascinated by people who can stretch washing their hair- the most I've been able to go (without it looking a mess) is 3 days! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Your hair is gorgeous and looks so smooth and silky!

  3. I'm always so envious of your hair sytles. I love that you always change it up and they look so gret on you.