Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 Nordstrom Annversary Sale Haul

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access day!!! I can't believe another year has come and gone and the sale is upon us again! But I can't lie, it really is the happiest time of the year. My co-workers are looking at me like I'm crazy as I happily prance around the office! But shopping is FUN and there is a buzz in the air as everyone gets excited over buying this and that. And let's just say trying on 348687673 pieces of clothes is a workout! And everyone knows that exercise creates endorphins and endorphins make you happy!

2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Schedule:
Pre-sale for cardholders starts Thursday, July 13th
(Level 4 card holders get to shop July 12th)
Sale opens to the public July 21st and ends August 6th.

The sale was open to level 4 cardholders yesterday, so I was lucky enough to get my appointment in at 8am, which is so helpful for my crazy life right now. I posted a ton of dressing room try-on videos on my Instagram stories then saved the entire story so I could upload it to YouTube. Except YouTube decided to format it all funky, which is awesome! Not. So, I placed a copy on my Facebook page, and I also wanted to link to everything you saw in that video within this post. I am posting the corresponding screenshot from my IG stories next to each description - not the prettiest graphic, but enough for you to know what pieces I'm talking about! I'll share better photos of each item, along with styling ideas, throughout the next week!

Caslon Twill Peplum Jacket in Olive
Sale: $49.90 After sale: $75

Sale: $149.90 After sale: $225

BOUGHT! I was most excited to try on this jacket, so I didn't waste any time doing so in the dressing room! It definitely runs big. I'm wearing an extra small. It does come in XXS, but they didn't have any in my store. I'm tempted to try and order it online for size comparison, but I could definitely make do with the XS if it didn't work out or I wasn't able to get my hands on it. It's a lighter weight, soft twill - softer and lighter than the other military type jackets I own. I definitely think it looks better with the sleeves rolled up like this. When unrolled, the sleeves are pretty boxy, so just a word of caution.

DID NOT BUY! Admittedly, I grabbed these AG Jeans when I realized I had 387874 tops and no pants to model them in. I was going to buy these jeans because the fit is pretty freaking fabulous as all my AG Jeans are. They even made it through to checkout, but at the last second, I had the sales associate ditch the jeans and I got a second bag instead (more on that later.) But if you're interested in these jeans, I'm wearing a size 26 and they seriously fit like butta.

Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Embroidered Nubuck Crossbody
Sale: $183.90 After sale $275

BOUGHT! This bag was another thing I was super excited to see in real life, and it definitely did not disappoint! I've been using small crossbody bags like they're going out of style, especially since I feel like I've been living at the airport lately. They're perfectly sized to hold all my airport necessities while still being small enough to throw in my carry on bag. And the embroidery on this one is just too amazing. I love everything about this bag and highly recommend the splurge!

Vince Camuto Fileana Split Shaft Bootie
Sale: $99.90 After sale: $149.95

BOUGHT! Another highly anticipated item! I loved these booties the second I laid eyes on them in the catalog! I really loved the cut outs and perforations. The back zip makes them easy to slip on and off and the heel height is perfect! These do run a half size small in my opinion. When I put them on, they felt much like how your feet feel in shoes after wearing them for 12 hours when you're a bit swollen. Except it was 8am and there's no reason why I should be that swollen yet! The half size bigger fit perfectly! 

Sale: $58.90 After sale: $89

DID NOT BUY! I was skeptical about this top to begin with, but I tried it just in case. This is a small and it was ginormous. I tried an extra small and while it was better, it still wasn't the best. It was definitely a flannel material, too, so it didn't hang quite well when I tried to partial tuck it.

Sale: $22.90 After sale: $35

DID NOT BUY! I really loved the fit of this cami, and if they had the jade green color in store, it would have likely gone home with me. But considering the damage I knew I was already doing, I figured I could always order it later if it was meant to be and I was still craving it. I am wearing a small, and it is a generous small but not big enough for me to want to size down. 

Sale: $49.90 After sale: $79

DID NOT BUY! I was really trying to be adventurous with the tops, but man, these ties were SO LONG! I'm pretty sure they would have touched the ground if they were ever untied. And the logistics of wiping in the bathroom! The ties would surely end up in the toilet water! Sorry for the gross mental image, but needless to say, I passed on this.

Sale: $58.90 After sale: $89

DID NOT BUY! And here is the same flannel top in the smaller size. So yes, the fit is better, but it still wasn't quite flattering enough on me to want to buy it.

Halogen Scallop Edge Sweater in Red Fiery
Sale: $39.90 After sale: $59

BOUGHT! This sweater was a slam dunk for me! I absolutely loved the fit (it runs true to size) and the material was nice and soft! If you got the same floral sweater I did from the anniversary sale a couple years ago, this sweater is definitely a thicker material - I'm not sure I would wear it in the summer; definitely not in this crazy humidity! But regardless, it's a beautiful sweater and I am in love with the scallop trim! It feels much more expensive than $40!

Sale: $45.90 After sale: $69

DID NOT BUY! I originally wanted to try the burgundy version of this, but my store didn't carry it, so I tried the grey instead. I was surprised to see it was sweatshirt material, but then I laughed when I re-read my wishlist post and saw that it had "sweatshirt" in the actual description. Well no wonder! The ties on the arms were very, very weird. I had to loosen them so the sweater would lay flat across my chest, and it was difficult to tie myself - it'd be easier if you had someone tie it for you, and how realistic is that? So this was a no for me.

Halogen Flare Sleeve sweater
Sale: $49.90 After sale: $79

BOUGHT! Bell sleeves are definitely having a moment right now! And I really loved this sweater. The bodice fits perfectly and the bell sleeves add so much fun and movement to it! The material is crazy soft, too!

Sale: $49.90 After sale: $79

DID NOT BUY! The main reason why I didn't get this is because it is another bell sleeved top, and I didn't think I needed to come home with two bell sleeved pieces. The navy sweater beat out this top, but it still is a very nice blouse! It ran just a little bit big so I sized down. The plum color it comes in is so super tempting!

Sale: $42.90 After sale: $65

DID NOT BUY! I really wanted this top to work. It reminded me of a top I got from Contempo years ago that I loved!! As you can see in this pic, I needed a larger size so that I had more material to wrap around me and conceal the girls a bit more. But when I tried the medium, it just got bigger in the shoulders and was still awkward and overly revealing at my ta-tas. I do have an oddly wider than normal rib cage, so if you have a narrow frame, this may work really well for you!

Sale: $31.90 After sale: $49

DID NOT BUY! The first thing I noticed about this sweater was that the sleeves are SO heavy! It was weird! But then when I slipped my arms in, I realized there was a bell sleeve over a regular sleeve, which explained the weight. The navy sweater was still a superior bell-sleeved option to this one, so I passed.

Sale: $49.90 After sale: $75

DID NOT BUY! I really loved this jacket. I sized down to a 2. I figured I would get more use out of the aforementioned navy sweater than I would with this jacket. I find it harder to layer jackets that don't have collars. It's a weird quirk of mine. Although looking at this photo makes me kind of wish I had gotten it. It was very nicely made.

Sale: $89.90 After sale: $139

DID NOT BUY! I kept looking at this jacket in the catalog, but I knew there was something about it that wouldn't look right on me. Sure enough, it was a tent! I tried on an XS and you would think I had put on a large instead! I didn't bother trying a smaller size, especially since it doesn't have a collar like I complained about with the Topshop jacket.

KUT from the Kloth jacket
Sale: $58.90 After sale: $88

BOUGHT! This jacket is a microsuede material so it was extra soft and laid perfectly. Even though it has its flyaway, open-cardigan look, I love that I am not drowning in it. The color is perfect for fall. I had to get it!

BOUGHT! I adore this tunic! The perforations and ruffle hem are darling! They pulled on my heartstrings for sure! I know I've been saying I want to stay away from tunics, but I really couldn't resist this one because the details are so good. And I'm trying to find this under the Anniversary sale section and I can't!! This may not be part of the sale, so don't quote me, but I've linked to it anyway!

Free People sweater
Sale: $44.90 After sale: $68

Sale: $42.90 After sale: $65

BOUGHT AND BOUGHT! I don't have a pair of slashed leggings yet, so I knew these were coming home with me. They do feel just a little bit tighter than my other Zella leggings, but I still stuck with a size small. And how cute is this Free People sweater?! I was drawn to it because of the color (duh) but I didn't even know what it was when I saw it hanging on the hanger! I legit told the sales associate, "I don't even know what this is but I'm trying it on!" And I'm glad it did because it is perfect! I pictured wearing it with leggings to teach Pilates. Though I would certainly wear it for real life, too! I sized down to an extra small. It's so slouchy and delish!

Sale: $216.90 After sale: $325

DID NOT BUY! I looked at this as a possible backup to my Madewell Transport tote, but I didn't like it as much in person. Just my own personal preference - I would have preferred if it didn't have as much of a pebble finish and if the straps were a little bit thicker. The inside of the bag was roomy though and I did like that it had an outside pocket, which is one thing I wish my Madewell tote had!

Sale: $86.90 After sale: $129.95

DID NOT BUY! Speaking of things having a moment right now - there was crushed velvet EVERYWHERE! I loved these booties but didn't bother trying them on for fear that I would love them and they'd have to come home with me. I knew I was already spending a fortune at this point! I was a little disappointed that I didn't see more shoes I liked that weren't booties! I can't remember even seeing pumps! Everything seemed to be boots or booties or loafers. I really don't have any holes in my bootie collection, outside of the grey pair I just acquired during this shopping trip. But, you will have a hard time making decisions if you DO need booties because there were so many good options out there! I got the best pair though, in my opinion. Hehe. Just saying.

Rebecca Minkoff camera bag
Sale: $196.90 After sale: $295

BOUGHT! Ok, so this is the bag that I ended up buying in place of the AG Jeans. I was infatuated with the thick strap! It's gorgeous and makes the bag so unique! I figured I could get a pair of AG Jeans any time of the year, and since this bag was only $50 more than the jeans, I thought the bag was the better choice!

Sale: $229.90 After sale: $345

DID NOT BUY! I debated between this hobo tote and the crossbody bag, but the crossbody definitely won. The strap on this is beautiful though and if you prefer larger bags, this is a great option!


And I am officially exhausted and the sale has only just begun! Like I said, I will be sharing styling ideas and better photos of everything I bought over the coming days, but I had several requests for product links, so I wanted to make sure I accounted for everything that was highlighted in my IG stories! I guess that's the one "downside" of shopping a day before everyone else can - I have to wait a day to be able to share the links with you! #fashionbloggerproblems

Please report back and tell me what you acquire from this sale!!! Dying to know what I may have missed!

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  1. I cannot wait to shop the sale, I think I need this while halogen tunic, it's so interesting to see how different people get different things you didn't get anything on my wishlist. We'll see what impulse I get in person.


  2. I love seeing what different people gravitate too. I also snagged that free people top but I am going to try to wear it more like a cowl neck. I was playing with it all kinds of ways. I can't do the off the shoulder thing. I got the larger moss green RM bag. And I did get that shirt with the ties that you said will get in the toilet and now I'm thinking about returning. HAHA! Loved your post.

  3. I love that you love (lol) the scallop sweater! I was skeptical about ordering during the summer months, but ordered anyway -- and then read your review... somehow that validates my purchase! ha! I also ordered the same booties in the tan color and the AG jeans, yay! Now if they would only ship like, yesterday!