Monday, July 24, 2017

Spanx camo leggings 4 ways

I feel like the entire country is under an excessive heat warning... well, except for San Diego, which is where I was all last week and the weather was quite delightful, if not a little chilly at night! Here in St. Louis though, it is in the 90's with the "feels like" temp being in the triple digits. On top of that, the humidity is unbearable. You walk outside and it feels like Mother Nature punches you in the gut!

Spanx camo leggings outfit for summer

Outfit details--- Sunnies: Ray Ban | Earrings: Nickel and SuedeNecklace: Kendra Scott "Aiden" | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff "Leather camera bag with guitar strap" | Top: Halogen "ruffle hem top" | Bracelet: Kendra Scott "Candice"Bottoms: Spanx seamless camo leggings (also here) | Sandals: BP. "Luminate" ---

I know it sounds crazy, but when it is ridiculously hot and humid outside, I actually don't mind wearing leggings. In fact, I REACH for my leggings. Why? Because in shorts, my legs stick to plastic and vinyl seats when it's super hot. In shorts, my legs won't stay crossed because they slip from all the sweat. I can literally feel the sweat dripping between my legs when I'm sitting in a car wearing a skirt waiting 20 minutes for the car to cool down. (TMI, I know.) In leggings, I don't have to worry about that uncomfy feeling of hot, sticky skin touching each other. Jeans are a different story. It is MISERABLE to sweat in jeans or jeggings, but actual leggings seem to absorb all that disgusting sweat and I feel dry and comfy all day. Perhaps that's why I don't mind wearing leggings to work out!

Downtown St. Charles, MO, St. Louis Fashion blogger

I tell you all of this because I have reached for leggings three times in the last 5 days, and it makes me feel defeated... like I've given up on trying to dress all summertime cute because it's pointless and sweat will always win. Sweat gives way to damp clothes which then breeds wrinkles. I figured if I was going to succumb to the comfort food of clothes (aka leggings), that I would reach for my foolproof camo pair.

Nickel and Suede signature cut-out earrings

Rebecca Minkoff camera bag with guitar strap

Another thing I have been reaching for lately is this bag! The bag in and of itself is pretty basic - just a simple rectangle shape with a top zip, a couple of small interior pockets, and one outer pocket. But that guitar strap just gives me all sorts of happies! I do love that the strap is completely removable, so if I wanted to, I could replace it with a basic strap. I don't quite see that happening any time soon though because the strap is what really makes the bag special to me. I used it all last week when I was in San Diego. It's the perfect size to carry all of my daily necessities while still being small enough to fit in my Lo&Sons OG bag so I'm not exceeding my 2-bag carry-on limit.

Spanx camo leggings and nude sandals

This tunic is something I picked up during my Nordstrom Anniversary sale shopping trip, though it isn't actually part of the sale. I still loved it though - the detailing at the shoulders and the high-low ruffle hem are too cute. Solid tops are something I lack in my wardrobe, so I really couldn't leave the store without it.

Ruffle hem top and spanx camo leggings outfit

I wore this outfit over the weekend to brunch and to run errands with the husband. Easy to throw on, and the barely-there sandals were a nice way to keep the overall look light despite the fact that I'm in leggings... in the summer. I've started accumulating a handful of other ways I've styled these leggings for every season, so I thought it would be a good time to share them side by side!

Spanx camo leggings outfits

how to style spanx camo leggings, camo leggings outfits
Winter: Berry colored moto cardigan and booties
Spring: Blush wrap top and pointy-toed pumps
Fall: Boyfriend button-up and peep toe booties

Ok then! Enough complaining about the heat for me! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Last week was a whirlwind with work travel, which I will fully recap for you later on this week. Trying to catch my breath a bit! Hope you have a great week!


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  1. WHen it's so hot in summer, I say wear whatever works! I would hate leggings as my go-to is to wear as little clothing as possible in the heat, haha! But you look cute in yours, I like the white top with them :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you have had a great weekend and it cools down for you soon!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. These suit you so well Hun, gorgeous photos too. x Jacqui

  3. I haven't worn leggings in months, but this is such a cute look. This tunic is adorable.


  4. I never thought about leggings working in the summer, I'll need to give them a try!

  5. I love this look for dealing with the crazy heat! That top is so pretty and I love the fit of the leggings. Thanks so much for the link up Carylee!


  6. Great look on you! Your tunic is fantastic!

  7. Actually those are some good points!! That's why I never loved leather sofas----they are cold in the winter and hot in the summer!!

  8. I hate sweating so much, too! I will just stay in the air conditioning to prevent it! Those leggings are super adorable. I love all the ways you have styled them.


  9. Ha, that's funny you thought it was chilly at night here. These are "warm summer nights" for us. LOL! That tunic really is so cute. And I agree - I hate when I'm wearing shorts and my legs stick to any kind of seat. Though I haven't tried leggings as a remedy...I guess I might need to!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  10. Love those leggings and all the ways you have styled them. It has been HOT here too lately. Ugh.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. I love the leggings with the feminine top! Great outfit! Peace!

  12. I love those camo leggings, and I love how you dressed them up with the tunic. I wear leggings a lot in the summer too.

  13. Love those leggings and all the ways you've styled them, Carylee! Not sure I could handle them in the heat but you look amazing in them!


  14. I love your white ruffled top, you look amazing for summer!

  15. You have styled the legging nicely gal. I love it. PS : that top looks gorgeous on you.

  16. I love those leggings! I almost bought a pair recently!

  17. I love your leggings and the way you styled them. You look stunning!

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  19. I love these leggings. And no it's not weird to reach for leggings in the summer, I do it all the time in the heat. Here in Colorado the weather changes quickly so it's nice to have something versatile.


  20. These leggings are so flattering on everyone who wears them! They are on my wish list for after pregnancy!

  21. Your legs look killer! I am totally with you on not wanting to wear shorts when it's crazy hot and humid. I sweat a lot (especially now that my hormones are a nightmare) and man, the last thing I want to worry about is sticking to things LOL :)

    1. PS - I hope this week has been better for you!