Monday, June 25, 2018

Lake Geneva Vacation - Day 1

Vacation is full of a lot of down time, which I completely welcome and am not complaining about! When I have a lot of down time, I get to do things I love to do but don't always have time for like read, sleep, workout, and blog. As we sit here and watch The Ranch on Netflix, I figured I would multitask and start summing up our vacation for you. I always love documenting my trips, and by doing this in pieces vs. all at one time, it is way easier and less heartache for me! So let's get started!

Cap: Abercrombie (c/o) (option) | Sunnies: Oakley "Kickback" | Flannel: American Eagle | Tee: Grace and Lace

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we hopped on a ferry from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI. It was great! A completely new experience for us and, we got to catch up on some sleep in the process.

I really had no idea what to expect with this experience. We were leaving at 9am, but check in started around 8am. We left Whitehall, MI a little after 7am and arrived right on time. We checked in, then got in line to board where they checked our bags and the husband's ID. It was a pretty quick and easy process. It was $50 to rent a state room and I am so thankful that the husband decided to do this. It was a tiny room with two twin beds and a toilet, but it was all we needed for a nice 3-hour nap! When we woke up, we explored the ferry a bit and grabbed a snack.

It was almost like being on a movie set, to be quite honest. You could sit outside on the deck, or there were places inside where you could watch movies, play bingo, eat, play video games, and then of course the state rooms to rest. They had a little museum area, too.

We didn't do anything yesterday except for check into the resort. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Club Vacations part of the Grand Geneva resort. We unpacked, got settled, and then figured out what to do for dinner, which was go to the Next Door Pub. Everything you would expect from a neighborhood pub. You could create your own pasta, which was right up my alley after a night of drinking!

Sunnies: Oakley "Kickback" | Top: American Eagle | Denim shorts: American Eagle | Sandals: American Eagle

Today, we slept in. Literally slept until we could no longer sleep. I am pretty sure sleep is what I love most about vacation! We found a place called the Simple Cafe on Yelp, and it definitely did not disappoint for brunch! It was adorable AND delicious.

I created my own omelette and the husband got corned beef hash, which I was really jealous about. My omelette was good, don't get me wrong, but the corned beef hash was pretty out of this world good. 

Sunnies: Oakley "Kickback" | Cap: Abercrombie (c/o) (option) | Earrings: Nickel and Suede nude earrings in small | Bikini top: Express

After brunch, we decided to drive down the street and head to the beach. It wasn't a large beach by any means, but it also wasn't very crowded which was very nice! You did have to pay, though. It was $8 per adult for the day. We ended up staying for about 2-3 hours, laying out and listening to a book on audible before we realized we were thirsty and had to go to the bathroom. We ventured back to the resort to sit by the pool.

There are a few smaller pools around the resort and one main pool. Since the pool by our building was pretty empty, we decided to park it there for the afternoon. Nothing super fancy - typical hotel pool, but it was quiet and it was sunny and the temperature was amazing. I definitely was not complaining.

This 12 oz. thermos sippy cup is the perfect size for cocktails. I realize it's for kids... but! I always drink out of a straw, and the fact that this comes equipped with a straw makes it so convenient! And like I said, the size is perfect for my bourbon - it's not so oversized like most mugs like these are. It's the little things, guys.

Sunnies: Oakley "Kickback" | Cap: Abercrombie (c/o) (option) | Top: American Eagle | Bikini top: Express | Bikini bottoms: Express

I was feeling like a steak, so we found a restaurant called Pier 290 that had great reviews. Our server was extra awesome and since it was right on the water, the view was amazing.

Oysters from Pier 290

Filet and lobster tail from Pier 290

We started off with cheese curds and oysters and then I ended up getting a filet and lobster tail for my meal. Everything was seriously delicious and exactly what I was craving. We will probably not do a big dinner like this every night we were here, but for tonight, it was just what I needed! 

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day, so we will find some indoor activities to do! More on that later!

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