Saturday, February 9, 2019

Mexico 2019 - The Wedding

RIU Dunamar resort wedding

We just got back from one week in Mexico! It was amazing and SO needed! If you remember the Bachelorette party last month, it was the sister-in-law who was getting married. Let's be real. Our destination wedding was so fun that clearly she had to follow suit! (Is what I like to tell myself!) I have several photos from the trip to share, so I figured I would break everything down into three posts: The Wedding, The Resort, and What I Wore. Let's get started!

Long hair braid and curls bridesmaid

We all had our hair/makeup appointments throughout the morning. I was bright and early at 9:30am. I opted to get my hair done and do my own makeup. The bride requested that we all have our hair down and incorporate some sort of braid. I was very pleased with how it turned out! She ended up pinning up the curls after she took this photo so they would be fresh for the ceremony at 4pm.

RIU Dunamar destination wedding cancun

We all wore fuchsia dresses from Azazie. I have never ordered from that site before and I was really impressed actually. She let us choose our own style, she just chose the color and asked that they all be floor length. What's great about the site is that you can order it custom sized for you, they tell you what measurements to send them. It arrived on my doorstep exactly one month to the day that I ordered it, which was super fast. They quoted a 6-8 lead time. I really wasn't expecting it to be a perfect fit, but was pleasantly surprised! Had it needed additional alterations, Azazie will reimburse $35-50 for additional alterations depending on how much the dress costs. Pretty nice! I had the Sam Edelman Gigi sandals in silver to wear for the night, but ended up being barefoot for both the ceremony and the reception.

RIU dunamar beach wedding mexico

The weather was perfect! A bit breezy and we had to fight from squinting because of the sun, but regardless, it was the perfect backdrop. I guess I should tell you - we were at the RIU Dunamar resort about 20 miles north of Cancun.

After the wedding ceremony, we all went to the theater bar, which they had reserved for us. They served us cocktails for a couple hours while the bride and groom finished up their wedding photos.

Azazie "Carissa" dress

The husband wasn't in the wedding, but he and his brother did walk his mom down the aisle, so they wore coordinating outfits. Just a Cubavera shirt and linen pants.

The dinner buffet was also set up on the beach. It was beautiful! The lights! It just makes me all so happy. The food was authentic Mexican, which for me just meant I mixed a bunch of meats with a pile of rice. It was delicious. The only downfall was that the mosquitos were crazy! Luckily, the husband had to go back to the room to get something and I managed to catch him just in time to bring a bottle of bug spray back with him. That was a life saver for the night! I had gotten bit 3 times in just one minute standing there.

RIU Dunamar beach wedding reception Cancun

There was a DJ and a light up dance floor! A bit of a language barrier as we requested songs, so I started to just google the song I wanted and show them the name on my phone - that method was quite effective!! (And the wifi throughout the resort was also effective!!)

The reception was from 7pm to 11pm. We moved the party to the discotheque after and ended up dancing until almost 2am! Thanks to my vocal chord situation, while I did drink, I couldn't go crazy, which was awesome because I woke up at 8am the next morning feeling wonderful! That made the wedding night even more awesome!


  1. This wedding was a dream, love the hot pink and that it was on the beach.


  2. What a fun and gorgeous wedding! Love that she let you choose your dress style, and that vibrant pink looks gorgeous on the coast line! Also your hair is beautiful, but that's always the case so nothing new there! LOL!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. You look gorgeous Caryl! The hair is especially beautiful! I wore a similar gown for my sister in law’s wedding as well and agree that it’s a great company in terms of being able to customize your own dress. Can’t wait to hear more!