Monday, August 10, 2020

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

You guys have no idea how excited I was for today, more so than previous years. I mentioned in my preview post that I was excited for some semblance of normalcy, and that could not be more true. But alas, I am so not being a Debbie Downer in this post, so let's just talk about all the shopping goodness.
This year was definitely different than past years because the things I was craving were way more casual than normal. Even though I've been working from home since last May, this year I'm all about comfort clothes - like comfort food, but in the form of clothes. Clothes that are cozy but cute and make you feel good and safe and normal. That said, I told myself, if I saw wanted something impractical, I was going to get it regardless. Retail therapy at its best!

I'm also thankful that I was still able to shop in store and that my same sales associate, Charity, from last year was able to work with me again this year. Familiar faces are so needed right now! The biggest difference in terms of store layout is that all of the clothing items were all together in one area vs having separate sections all throughout the floor. It made browsing a lot more expeditious, so I was not mad about it! She pulled as many wishlist items as they had into a dressing room for me, showed those items to me, and then let me walk the floor adding more items to try on.

This ended up being the first thing that I pulled. I love me some animal print, and I also love me an easy tee shirt to throw on and layer on top of, especially working from my cold home office! I liked the print and ended up sizing up to a medium. I remembered in past years, I bought some Caslon tees and felt like they shrank in the wash, even when I air dried them, so I went for a medium and yes, this came home with me.

The jeans are under $50 and felt very soft so I decided to try them on. I've never tried Articles of Society before, and I was actually pretty happy with how they fit around the waist and through the leg. The problem is, they were a little too long and I didn't like how the raw hem was loose around the ankle (hence why I cuffed them.) I realize I could have gotten them tailored for free... but #lazy, so I passed. I am 5'-2" so if you're taller than me, they're worth the try! The waist fit true to size for me.

I giggle when I read the one review of this. They really hated it!! But I love it, and let me tell you why. This thing will never wrinkle because it's a knit. I do agree that it's weird they call it a "sweatshirt" - it's more of a knit sweater. It's not thick, but it's definitely thicker than a regular tee shirt. I am always wearing long sleeves in the house, and for video calls, I know this is something I will reach for a lot. The reviewer also complained because it was cropped. It's not cropped on me because I am very short torso'd. It actually hits me where I like tops to hit me, and it's so hard for me to find this length - everything is either too cropped or tunic length. It's definitely boxy, but if I just add a little partial tuck, I think it's perfect and it came home with me. That said, I do think this will only work on certain body types - again, I am short torso'd and 5'-2" so keep that in mind.

This is seriously the softest, coziest sweater ever. I originally wanted the neutral color shown in my preview post, but they only had this color in store and I actually loved it more anyway! I mentioned I already have a similar style in 3 other colors... yeah, ok, I'm a hoarder. But I wear them so much. The others I have are an extra small since as you can see, it's quite voluminous. This one was a small, and there were no extra smalls available at all - even when she tried to order one for me, so I said yes to the small because it's seriously that good. Unfortunately, it looks like it's sold out online now, and I can see why. I'm linking anyway since previous years, things came back in stock over the course of the sale!

This was the first time I've tried the infamous Rails shirt! They were all laid out on a table, and the second my hand felt the softness, I immediately started checking sizes. Express carried a similar top that I had about 3489578 colors of, but feeling the original.... I'm not sure I could go back to a knock off. It's definitely a splurge, but keep in mind I shop with lots of Nordstrom Notes and gift cards, so... If you want to treat yourself, I say go for it. But definitely size up. I'm wearing a medium.

I always love Topshop things, but I have yet to find something that actually fits me right. Maybe one day I will stop trying to force the relationship. I pulled this because I loved the print. I'm wearing a US size 6, but it's too blousy at the bust - you can actually see my bra, but it's a perfect nude color so it's blending with my skin in the pic. If I were to size down, there's no way I would be able to pull this over my head. Also, I'm not sure why it called this a satin.. if I remember correctly, it was more of a crepe material. This was a big no for me.

I usually love AG jeans, but these were kind of awful. They ran a little big, I sized down, but they're so bunchy around the knee and the raw/side slit hem was a little awkward. Also a no for me.

This sweater was extremely oversized yet not forgiving at all. If you watched my Instagram stories (saved to my highlights here) you will see it draped really odd around the bust. I could have sized down, but meh, there are so many other off the shoulder sweaters, I didn't bother. I'm wearing a small above.

This top was on my wishlist, but it was not great. The color was nice but it drapes very weird at the hem. I'm not sure why it's longer on the left than the right. It doesn't seem intentional. I'm wearing a small and it's still very roomy. This was a no for me.

The jeans are the same AG pair, but I cuffed them, which look better, but for the price, they should be perfect cuffed or uncuffed!

I'm laughing in this pic because this trench was horrible on me. Maybe if I were super thin and about 6-feet tall? I knew this was going to be a big stretch when I added it to my wishlist, but I'm always down to try something just in case it happens to be a perfect match. This, was definitely not a match for me though.

These shoes deserved two photos because you can't really catch all the great details in one picture. The scallop detailing at the top of the shoe and the leopard print on the heel - so good! I don't normally like all black sneakers because I feel they look too harsh with non-workout outfits, but these were worth the try and worth the exception. I will say that I can tell that if I wore these as is, they would dig into my heel and my ankle ball. But what I've been doing with ALL of my flat, non-workout shoes this past year is use these insoles. Those insoles are pretty life changing - if flat shoes tend to bother you, I highly recommend you try! All of that is to say that these shoes came home with me. I took my true size.

I mentioned I'm always in a sweater when I work from home. 99% of the time, I'm wearing my Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I wear the Barefoot Dreams cardigan out of the house all the time, but on video, when you can only see chest up, it really does look like a robe. So, I usually change into my denim jacket or something similar for video calls. Seeing this camo "blazer" (I use that term super loosely), made me feel like it would be a good cover up for work calls. I could have easily sized down, but with it being knit, I was concerned about it shrinking even if air dried, so I stuck with a small, and it came home with me.

I'm really trying to not ONLY own over the knee boots or booties - I'm trying to find boots in between, but it's difficult. I tried these, but I just don't like how they gape at the top. Plus, they were a little snug around my calves, so I know they'd be tight over leggings or jeans, and if I sized up, the gaping would be even worse. If you have longer legs and the top of the shaft were to hit a wider part of your leg than mine, they could work. They were otherwise very comfy and fit true to size, but because of the gaping, I passed.

I bought some snakeskin booties with last year's sale, so I guess you can call me a repeat offender. I loved that this colorway would pair great with both browns and blacks. I love the ankle cut out. I love the stacked heel. I realize working from home during a quarantine, peep toe booties are not really practical, but we'll call this the one impractical purchase of the bunch. I don't care! They're mine. I got my true size.

If you aren't as bold as me, the booties also come in this nude. If I didn't already have a great neutral peep toe, I wouldn't have minded taking these home with me! They were buttery soft.

After all was said and done, I ended up paying a whopping $10.17 for everything I purchased above. I had gift cards, Nordstrom notes, as well as a pair of sandals to return, so I was one happy camper! Because I "only" spent $10.17, I had her order me this jacket. It's more of a practical utility purchase, but I know I will get a lot of use out of it so it's still exciting.

I finished off my shopping spree with a trip to Nordstrom Bistro. I am obsessed with their crab bisque, so I did a bowl of that and a side of fries because why not?! Also a glass of pinot grigio because it was noon, and I finished off with their white chocolate bread pudding (which I was nice enough to take half of home to the husband.) All in all, I'm pleased. I realize a lot of my contentment is just me being happy to leave the house and do something I love, even if things felt a little different this year. 

What are you shopping for??! Please share!

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  1. I love your #NSale finds... and your commentary, of course! :) The Nordstrom Bistro is SUCH a nice way to end a shopping spree. I found way too much so I'm going to need to make some returns... I need to reassess when it all arrives.