Saturday, July 24, 2021

Nordstrom Anni-Sale 2021

Man, I am so out of practice at this thing called blogging. Sometimes I miss it, but then sometimes I forgot how much work it really is! 

Admittedly, this year's anniversary sale snuck up on me. Usually, I'm stalking the catalog, dog-earring pages of things I love, and game planning my shopping trip. This year has been so different for so many reasons. 1) I don't really shop that much anymore to be honest. Case in point, years past, I usually have $350-400 in Nordstrom notes to use towards this sale. This year, I had a whopping $50!!! Thankfully, my brother and sister in law gave me a gift card for Christmas, so I at least had that going for me, but geez! And 2) I teach Pilates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday now (anywhere from 2-3 hours during those days), so I find myself wearing workout clothes most days. Yep, I'm that person now.

But, all that said, I just can't not shop this sale. I was able to make a shopping appointment last minute, and ironically, this was the year I probably spent the most even though I had the least amount of notes to use ever. Let's see what I got, shall we?

Jumpsuit (size small, runs TTS)
I'm constantly on the lookout for a good solid black jumpsuit. If you're a long time blog reader, you may remember this one from Express I had years ago. I liked that one a lot, but ultimately got rid of it because I didn't like the way it parachuted over my ankles. When I saw this one on the model and saw it was cropped, I thought it would end up being a good length on me, and I was correct! There is elastic cinching at the waist that you can't really see in the photo, but it gives it good shape. And, from the back side, I don't see VPL, which is a big selling point for me. This wasn't available in my Nordstrom, so I had to order online.

Sweatshirt (Size XS, runs big) | Leggings (Size S, runs just a touch small)

Last winter, I kept wanting to throw a pullover sweatshirt on over leggings to go teach, and I found out that I really don't have many pullover sweatshirts! I have a lot of zip ups, or hoodies, or even sporty cardigans, but no pullovers, so when I saw this Adidas one, I knew it was going home with me. Not an exciting purchase, but more utilitarian for me!

I didn't get the leggings because I didn't feel they were stretchy enough. I felt like they kept falling in the crotch area. I prefer the other pair of camo Spanx leggings I already own.

Bra (size small, runs TTS)

If you're like me, the pandemic has ruined you for wearing real bras. I try and wear a bralette or sports bras most days, if I even wear one at all. I loved the idea of this bra because it's so lightweight and seamless, but still supportive. I wore it all day at Disney this week without issue. I had to share the back view because of how seamless it makes my back fat! I really love it and may need other colors. I did also get the racerback version, but wished I would have sized down in it because it doesn't feel as supportive as this one above is.

Jacket (Size XS, runs big) | Jeans (Size 4, runs big)

I love me a good moto jacket. I have this one from Express in a few colors but it's definitely lighter weight and more of a layering piece and/or transitional piece. That's why I felt I could justify the jacket above. It has a sweatshirt layer with a hood and it is quite warm. I sized down to an XS for more of a fitted look, but still have plenty of room to wear a lighter sweater under. And you seriously can't beat the price! I will talk more about the jeans in a bit.

Jacket (Size S, runs TTS)

For the 2019 anniversary sale, I bought a blazer-y looking faux leather jacket - seen here. I also have this beautiful coat from BCBG. So while I really loved the above jacket, I ended up choosing the more casual, bomber-like style instead. If you're in the market for a black coat though, I definitely recommend it!

Thermal (left is small, right is medium, 
I preferred the medium for a looser fit)

Speaking of past Anniversary Sales, back in 2017, I got this Free People sweater that I adored, and still adore! I ended up with 3 different colors that I wear incessantly. So when I saw this in store, it immediately reminded me of it EXCEPT - it is this ridiculously soft thermal material. It's even BETTER than my Free People versions! I got both colors above and ended up doing them in a medium because I like them with more of a relaxed fit.

Thermal (Size medium)

We just got back from Orlando this afternoon, no joke. I brought this thermal with me - it worked perfect for the chilly plane, and I also threw it on every night because it was chilly in our hotel room, too. Love love love it.

Top (size medium, runs small)
Leggings (size small, runs TTS)

Last year, I splurged on a Rails button up, and it did not disappoint. It was super soft, and I found myself throwing it on whenever I wanted effortless style. I knew I would get a second one this year. They run smaller than you would think, so I size up to a medium.

Jeans (Size 4, runs big)

Ok, here is a better look at the jeans. I have heard so much good stuff about Good American jeans that I had to try them for myself. I am wary about high waisted jeans. I have a super short torso and carry my weight around my midsection, so adding additional fabric around my belly is always extremely uncomfortable to me. But, I ended up keeping these jeans. I tried on a 6 first, but definitely preferred being locked and loaded in a 4 instead. There was still plenty of room and stretch - I washed AND dried them full in the dryer and like them even more. I have to be careful about what shoes I wear - I don't like how they gather around my ankle straps of my sandals above, but I still wore that outfit out of the house anyway. They look better with pumps IMO. If you're 5'-4" or taller, they will be even better on you.

Top (size small, runs TTS)
Jeans (Size 4, runs big - this is after I fully washed and dried them)

This is how they look now after a full wash and dry. See how the are a lot smoother around my knees? I think they shrunk just enough. Also, see how they look much better with pumps vs a shoe with an ankle strap? 

Tee (size small, runs TTS)

Another random thing I've found myself wishing I had more of are edgy graphic tees. I decided to get this Queen one because of that surprise birthday party I threw for the husband when we watched a Queen cover band play - it was so good! This one is called a boyfriend fit, which I would say is accurate.... sort of. It's boxy, but it's not too long. This also came to Orlando with me.

Dress (size XS, runs big)

I was obsessed with this sweater dress the second I saw it on the rack. It feels like an incredibly soft fleece material and the back has a criss-cross/open-ish back design. For the price, I was fine never leaving the house in it and just wearing it to be cozy at home. It's extremely oversized, so I sized down to an XS. I would wear this with leggings and boots in the winter. 

You will see there is a lot of sun behind me in this photo. All that light made me realize the sweater dress is a bit sheer. I'm a huge fan of wearing slips. I especially like to wear slips under sweater dresses so that my dress doesn't cling to my leggings/tights. But I know I'm in the minority of slip-wearers under the age of 60, soo... take that for what it's worth!

Dress (size small, runs TTS)

A simple black maxi is also something that's been on my list. I liked this in store, but they only had mediums, so I didn't bother trying it on. My friend tried it on, and she's a bit more petite than I am, so she was swimming in it. But I saw potential! I loved the way it flowed effortlessly on her like she was a Greek Goddess! I do think it looked better on her than it does on me, but, I'm still keeping it. I like the interesting tie detail - it's not your typical belt in loops, which I normally hate.

I overexposed the photo a bit so you could see the tie detail a little better, but it made the dress look navy not black. It's definitely black in real life.

Leggings (size small, runs TTS)
Shoes (size 6, runs TTS)

These leggings may be one of my most fave purchases. I was surprised how much I liked them. They are faux leather but extremely lightweight. I actually worked out in them without any issue. I am always amazed seeing bloggers talking about working out in the Spanx faux leather athletic leggings. I can't imagine anything about that being comfortable! But these are extremely lightweight and breathable! Highly recommend.

The friend I shopped with swears by On sneakers, so I decided to try them. They aren't the cloud comfort version that are her favorite, but they're still pretty great and I loved the color of these so much.

Booties (size 6, runs TTS)

My second pair of booties has come yet, but I was most excited about these anyway. They remind me of a pair of Report booties I had yearssss ago. (No idea why these pics are upside down??! UGH. But you get the idea.) I loved the color, I loved the toe detail, I loved the non-stiletto heel. Pulling them out of the box, they smelled like delicious leather, and they slid on my feet effortlessly! They fit true to size and I cannot wait to wear them!

The only other things I got were some staples - this blanket that I already have in two other colors, but I needed this one for the living room. My holy grail shower gel. And of course the only undies I ever wear.

Whew!!! I'm laughing at myself that I went from not knowing if I wanted to shop the sale to buying all the things! I would love to hear what you've gotten or plan to get from the sale!

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