Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obsession: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 3 Dress

I started watching Project Runway this season because my Nordstrom SA (yes, another reference to her) has a cousin who is one of the designers. We're only 3 episodes into the season, and I'm already questioning why this show has been missing from my life! I was catching up on my DVR recordings and finally watched episode 3, "Surprise Me." The designers were to come up with looks for Heidi to market her new fragrance - one for the commercials and one for the press. I am absolutely head over heels in love with Kate and Layana's dress to the point where I had to blog about my obsession.

If I ever had to walk the red carpet, this would be exactly the kind of dress that I would look for. I typically steer away from black for formal events, but this is special enough to stand out despite its safe color. The waist would hit me at my smallest part, while the corset tailors the dress exactly to my curves. The bow at the chest is a wonderful, playful contrast to the more structured banding in the bodice. The pink background is just enough hint of color and adds interest. I've always thought my legs are my best asset, so that slit does not scare me at all! The flow of the dress as she walks was amazing and provided effortless beauty. I truly cannot decide if I love the front view better than the back! Ahhh, clearly I need more red carpet events in my life.

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