Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pinspiration of the week: Blazer, stripes, khaki skinnies

I came across this outfit, and loved everything about it - the distressed looking boots, the stripes, the color pop, and everything being pulled together by the blazer. The only thing I owned in my closet offhand was a navy blazer and a similar color scarf. After I saw the photo, I kept a look out for similar items because I really wanted to recreate this. (Original source unknown.)

The most difficult thing to find, honestly, were the boots! The ones I ended up with aren't as casual, but definitely not dressy either. The flat boots I wear all the time are cognac, black, and grey. I couldn't find any flat distressed reddish brown boots I really liked. My shoe SA at Nordstrom brought me these to try.
Definitely not my usual style, but I just really, really loved them. A little heel for just enough lift, but still very easy and comfy to walk in. The color was just what I was looking for. The contrast stitching added interest to an otherwise very simple boot. 

When I wore them for the first time, this was my pinterpretation of the pinspiration:
Scarf: Express from last season
Blazer: Banana Republic from 3 years ago
Striped top: Gap
 Express Khaki skinnies

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