Sunday, April 14, 2013

If I was your boyfriend

You guys are getting two posts from me today because I wanted to put together a Polyvore look for this Boyfriend contest. Sometimes Polyvore is therapeutic, what can I say? And who doesn't love free stuff and getting your blog promoted? Here's my look, and no no no, I'm  not a crazy Bieber fan (no offense to crazy Bieber fans.)


1 Pink jewel necklace (Similar on sale, cheaper alternate)
2 Pink satin top (alternate, striped option)
3 Boyfriend fragrance kit (see full collection here
4 Pink bangle set (cheaper option)
5 Gold boyfriend watch
6 Animal print heels
7 (P)leather skater skirt (I own this version)
8 Colorblock clutch (option)

Before I go into my inspiration for my outfit, I need to quote the description of this fragrance from Sephora's website:
She inhales his shirt, taking in the scent of the man she loves. It lingers on her clothes, her sheets, her hair—all over. Imprinted on her body and in her mind, it radiates within her, filling her with feelings of warmth and desire. 
Actress Kate Walsh wanted to capture the scent of a guy on a girl: a man's cologne mixed with perfume, the smell that lingers on the skin. This fragrance evokes memories of that time after he has left for the day—when she gently awakes in a bed that's still warmly redolent of "boyfriend." 
An alluring balance of vanilla, jasmine blossoms, and an accord of amber is set against the sensual scents of a man, including a light musk and a shimmer of fresh woods. Boyfriend. Wear him. 
How awesome is that? And I know everyone can relate to it, even if not in the romanticical sense. Smells are a huge thing with me. I love how it can ignite memories, how it can stick with you forever, even if it's been years since you smelled it. There are days that I walk outside and the morning dew reminds me of the first day of school...elementary school. A few months ago I was sitting someplace and I smelled something very familiar. I finally realized the room I was in smelled exactly like my driver's ed classroom. Crazy! But it's so awesome how your brain can hold onto these scents even when you're not aware of it. One fun fact about me is that I have the most sensitive nose ever. I smell things only dogs can smell and I've actually been known to find things by sniffing them out. It's kind of funny actually.

But anyway, back to this fragrance and this contest. I love the concept of this fragrance. Something very feminine, but with touches of him. And that's why I picked what I did for my outfit. It's obviously very girly, but I added a little toughness and spunk to it with the leather and animal print. I picked chunky, oversized jewelry because that's what it's like when you borrow his sweatshirt. The clutch ties everything together because it's girly but without all the frills. He can hold this while you go to the bathroom at the bar without looking too ridiculous. I kind of want to wear this outfit tomorrow, not gonna lie.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. You can enter the contest yourself here (just don't be better than me haha.) And whether you enter the contest or not, at least check out the entire collection at Sephora here.

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