Sunday, April 7, 2013

Milly and my closet room

My husband has asked me before why I never take any outfit photos in my closet room. It's where all the magic happens, after all. And my honest answer is that it's been a bit untidy lately! Between my hectic travel schedule and having to pack and unpack, I admit that my closet room has been neglected. Not grossly neglected, but definitely not picture worthy. 

This weekend, however, I was able to get some laundry done and get my closet room back in order, so I figured I'd go ahead and use it as my backdrop before it turns into chaos again.

Milly top (similar)
Express skinnies
Kate Spade bracelet
Forever 21 cocktail ring
Franco Sarto "Impell" suede wedges (similar)

Milly is one of my favorite brands, but oddly, this top is the only Milly piece I own. I'm not sure why that's the case because I'm obsessed with so many things. Here are some of my current Milly cravings:

Isabelle Short dress available here
Photo source

Mesh panel dress available here

Elbow sleeve lace dress available here

Mesh surfer top available here

Sydney clutch available here

The geometry, the color, the print, the fit, a bit retro, and a lot bold - it's everything I love in one brand. Perhaps if I stopped getting myself distracted with shoes and Kate Spade (and Kate Spade shoes), that would leave me with money to invest in adding more Milly to my closet room collection!

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  1. You KNOW I love me some Milly!!! That lace dress is gorgeous.

    1. Isn't it lovely? Pretty sure I could wear all things Milly.

  2. Replies
    1. It's taking all my strength not to buy it!

  3. Love your top!!! Visiting from the link up. I'm also hosting one this Thursday April 11. Show me your favorite Spring Trend. HOpe you can join. I'm also doing a giveaway for a $300 gift card to Gap. Check it out.



  4. I can totally relate! I have a closet room too and it is very often a mess! Love your Milly top!


    1. Thank you! And your closet room is amazing! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Um closet room...I need one of those! That top is gorgeous. I love everything about it!

    1. Thank you! And I am a firm believer that every girl needs herself a closet room :)