Saturday, June 29, 2013

Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

Gucci sunnies (budget option)
LOFT sequin trim top (old)
Kate Spade bangle (option)
Express skinnies (similar)
Jimmy Choo cork wedges (budget option)

OK, I'm feeling a bit Single White Female here because I had written my 7 Deadly Sins post after seeing Katie's. And then today, I read her Confessions post which has again inspired me to write my own. Sorry for not being original in this category, but I know I don't talk too much about anything other than shopping or my outfits, so these are nice ways to get myself out there a little better for you guys. If you haven't checked out Katie's Style Diary blog already, you definitely should. She's a lot of fun and proves that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look put together. 

So, without further adieu, here are my confessions.

1. It bugs me that my shirt is folded up a bit at the hem in that pic up there ^^
OK, I feel better just getting that off my chest. I scour my pictures for imperfections like that and it bugs me (and my OCD) when I see a hair out of place, or wrinkles in my clothes that I didn't notice looking at myself in the mirror, or if one of my bangles is midway up my forearm when the rest of them are at my wrist... I told you guys in my "how I blog" post that I don't photoshop my pictures, other than enhancing them because of bad lighting or whatnot, which is why I don't just alter those imperfections out of the photos. I usually just crop whatever it is out, or simply discard the picture. I feel like if I'm going to take the time to photo log my outfits, they should be perfect, and that someone is looking at them thinking - really? Why did she use this pic?! I have to remind myself that this is real life. I'm not a model, and I don't have a professional photographer. It really is ok if something is out of place. Even if it kills me to no end! I know I'm my own worst critic.

2. I hate my non-smiling face. 
That's why I smile in all my photos. I envy all you guys that look great with serious faces. I, however, look like I have this mischievous crooked smirk when I'm not smiling. It almost looks like I'm snarling my upper lip. I feel bad sometimes because I am sure my smile gets super annoying to look at - especially my same old stare into the camera and pop my arm pose - but I seriously have the urge to punch myself in the face when I see my non-smiling photos. Just trust me on this. 

3. I've totally fallen asleep while blogging before.
I've woken up with my laptop open, my fingers on the keyboard, and my head completely fallen to the side. I really try to blog most days, if not every day. I typically blog at night after work, so if I know I have plans that night, I'll try and write my post in advance. That doesn't always happen though, so I've written posts pretty late into the night or early in the morning before. Falling asleep blogging just shows you my dedication, folks! 

4. Posing is so awkward.
I have the same handful of poses - totally not creative when it comes to this. But it's all about the outfit, right? I do wish I was a natural in front of the camera or that I had some fancy photographer that put me in the artsy poses with picturesque backgrounds, not gonna lie. I do my best, and just do what I know.

5. I keep blogging on the down low.
Everyone close to me knows I have a blog. And once or twice I leaked my blog to my Facebook friends, but otherwise, it's not something I openly talk about with everyone. Why? Honestly, because I'm not sure everyone understands, relates to, or appreciates my obsession with shopping. And I think it's also because I lack confidence and am afraid of judgement. That makes me sad to type, but I know it's true and that's probably the first time I've actually admitted it.

6. I wish I had more followers.
I do blog for myself - it's very fun, and I love documenting my style, what I've worn, and what I've purchased. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish I had more followers. According to Bloglovin, I have 51 followers, which actually makes me quite excited because the last I checked, I was in the 30s. It makes me SO excited when I get notified of a new follower. To know that a stranger finds you interesting enough to read and follow you is very rewarding and quite the honor. But at the same time, I don't want to be the blogger who pushes myself on other people - commenting on other blogs just to plug myself. For now, I will stick with the link ups. I enjoy the link ups because it's a way to be social and put myself out there while pulling inspiration from others who share a common addiction interest with me.

7. I get my most traffic from Tara at Mix & Match Fashion's "What I Wore to Work" linkup.
I participate regularly in 13 linkups a week. At least one every day, with the exception of Saturdays. For whatever reason, I get my most traffic from the What I Wore to Work linkup. I don't know if it's directly related to how many followers she has, or if I just nail it with the thumbnails I pick for my posts, but it's always my most successful linkup (whether I'm the first to link up or not). I know I put a little extra thought into what I will post that day if I know I will be linking up with her. Do you guys do that in real life? Save your favorite outfits for the day that the most people will see you? 

8. Blogging makes me accidentally shop.
You have no idea how many times I've been looking either for the exact item I'm wearing or something similar, and I come across something super cute that I *have* to have. Like for example, I was trying to find a similar top like the one I'm wearing in this post, and it's taking all my strength not to buy this sequin top.

9. Writing the actual body of the post is not the most time consuming part of blogging.
It's not even taking the photos and narrowing it down to the 4-5 that I like the most. The most time consuming part of blogging is linking back to the items I'm wearing - specifically when my exact item is not available or I can't find it online and I have to find something similar. *That* can take forever. But I like doing it, if at all possible, for anyone that wants to recreate a similar look.

10. Shopping has changed my life.
I say this because I have met some of my best friends just because I like to shop. I am a member of 3 style and beauty/ shopping forums. The first one I joined back in 2007. It got overrun by spammers, so since then, the core group broke off into a private Facebook group and when Facebook got rid of the forum function with private Facebook groups, we ended up moving to Proboards. But anyway, our relationships have evolved from asking for style advice to sending a group gift when one of our members found out she had cancer. I cried when I received a sympathy card from one of my forum friends when we had to put our bassett down - the thought that this person, who I've only met in person once but have "known" for about 6 years because of our common love for shopping, cares enough to send me a card made me feel overwhelmingly grateful. We have had several meet ups across the country - I've met almost all of them in real life, and I truly consider them legit friends. Yeah, it's a bit odd to some to start relationships off the interweb, but it certainly serves as my outlet when I need estrogen time, especially since I'm living away from my friends and family and don't have many local girl friends. I hope to continue to make new friendships now through blogging, and enjoy being able to share myself with all 51 of you! :)

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  1. Just found your blog and I loved reading this post! I think you look great in the photo above-I never would've knew that the hem was folded up. I agree that sometimes people can be their own worst critic. It's amazing that you embrace and learn from it. :-)


    The Style Moodboard

    1. I definitely try to learn from it as much as I can! Thank you for reading!

  2. Hello! I just came across your blog, and I love how honest you are in this post- i've been blogging for a little over a year, and it's definitely how you're describing it :) anyway, I’ve decided to follow you! If you get a minute, I’d love to know what you think of my latest outfit post! While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch! :) you seem like a sweetheart!
    xo, elle | Living in Color.
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    1. Aww- thank you! I will check out your blog for sure! Glad you can relate to this post!