Thursday, June 27, 2013

Death (almost) by maxi skirt

Gucci sunglasses
Forever 21 earrings
Express and The Limited necklaces (worn layered)
Express striped tee
Topshop bracelet worn w/misc bangles
Max and Mia Maxi skirt
Valentino wedges (budget option here and here)

Well, I didn't wait too long to wear this lovely skirt I'd been hunting for. I'm not sure everyone is aware how life threatening a maxi skirt can really be. As beautiful and flowy and easy and wonderful as they are - they're dangerous! This morning I was walking up the stairs at the office. I had my laptop bag on my shoulder (laptop weighs approximately 483345443.54 pounds), my purse in one arm, and a handful of my skirt in my free hand. I carefully walked up every stair, but I don't know if I should have been using both hands, or if the weight of my stuff threw me off balance, but of course, the very last step at the top, my sandal caught the hem of the front of my skirt and I was THISCLOSE to toppling forward. In front of about 10 people nonetheless. (Of course the stairwell was empty up until that point.) It's hard to look fashionable when you're about to fall on your face. They all showed signs of concern, which just made me feel more mortified. And sadly, I did end up ripping the hem a little which was traumatizing, but I should be able to just take a needle and thread to it, and no one will no any different but me. I actually went the whole day with scotch tape on the hem so that it wouldn't fray any more, and no one noticed that so no one should definitely notice a crafty hand sew fix. Despite my near death experience (both from falling and the embarrassment), I still very much love this outfit and this skirt, and it will not stop me from buying and wearing more in the future. I'm a glutton for punishment apparently.

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  1. Love this skirt! You paired it perfectly with that top! So classy!
    I have a great giveaway on my blog you might like! Check it out!



  2. Love this look! That skirt is super cute. I am glad you survived your mishap.

    Style of One's Own

    1. Ha! You and me both! Thank you so much for the compliment!

  3. You look beautiful, so sorry about the maxi dress situation, so embarrassing. :(

  4. Oh no... sounds like something I would do! I haven't bought one yet, but wonder how people have been walking around with long hems dragging on the floor. I hadn't yet thought of the treacherous stairs!! Yikes. So glad you were able to make a recovery!! And at least it would have just been your pride that would have been hurt by falling UP the stairs :))
    And you look gorgeous.
    xo ~kim & chloe

    1. Haha yes, true, up is better than down!! Maxis are not usually bad until stairs are introduced! Worth the try once you decide to take the plunge! Thank you for the note!


  5. Thanks for linking up with Friday's Five! Hope to see you back again.

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    1. You're welcome! Thank you for co-hosting! Always a fun link up!

  6. I always love seeing how you wore something in the past. :) I love the way you layered those necklaces- those are awesome for summer.

    1. This was the first time wearing this tee, too! And what's funny is it wasn't until about 3pm that I found the "S" sticker on my boob. Hahaha