Monday, October 7, 2013

Obsession and Recent Purchase: Caged booties

Clockwise from top left:
Christian Louboutin: Retail price $1595
Sergio Rossi: Retail price $1670
MICHAEL by Michael Kors: Retail price $250
Manolo Blahnik: Retail price $1195

I have been really obsessed with cage booties for well over a year or so now. The problem is, all the ones I have been seeing and drooling over were all over 4 digits! So, I've been patiently waiting and keeping an eye out. Then, FINALLY, this weekend I came across the MICHAEL by Michael Kors pair. I am pretty sure the shoe angels were singing, "Hallelujah!" I took a screenshot of them on my phone and texted my SA at Nordstrom immediately. (It was *that* serious.) She found them for me, AND I had $80 worth of Nordies notes to redeem, so needless to say, I was ridiculously giddy! They arrived, and they're even better on my feet than they are in their stock photo. I was worried about the fit - that they'd be too big with lots of gaping. But they're perfect, and the heel height is manageable as well. If you follow me on Instagram, this pic should be familiar to you, but I just had to post it on the blog as well. Cannot wait to style these!!

And yes, this means a new pair will be listed on Poshmark to stay in keeping with my - one in, one out mantra for my shoe collection. Make sure you check my closet for updates!

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  1. Once again, you have great taste in shoes! Those are hot! If only I were the same shoe size so I could get some of your castoffs!

    1. :) Thanks! And yes I wish I knew more people who were a size 6!! I feel better about purging and letting go when I know my things are going to good homes!

  2. Can't wait to see what you pair them with!

    SN ;)

    1. All this traveling I almost forgot I bought them!! I need to wear them before it gets too too cold!!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha I can "hear" this being said out loud and it makes me smile! Thank you!

  4. OMG!! look at those shoes! Awesome!!!
    Visiting from My Style Monday link-up.
    have a lovely day