Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend purchases

My shopping outfit:
Sweater: Express | Tee: Express (option) | Necklace: Express (option) | Skinnies: Express (option, option) | Boots: Coach

Yesterday was my last day in San Francisco, and we decided to end it with shopping, duh! I felt like I spent a small fortune, but I'm pretty happy with all my purchases and super excited to wear them. 

We ended up going to the mall downtown and we decided to hit up JCrew first. I was really excited to see this top on clearance. I have always loved it! Not only was it already marked down, it was an extra 20% off plus 25% off your entire purchase. This looks perfect on. Such a great alternative to a regular tee. It will be great alone, tucked into a pencil skirt, or layered over a chambray with skinnies and riding boots.

(J Crew website link is not working, so I am giving you the pin link instead)

Our next stop was Zara. It's always fun to go in here since I really don't have one close to me, other than in Chicago. Nothing really peaked my interest except for this jacket. 

The model really doesn't do it justice. It fits like a glove. I did size up just to give myself some wiggle room to wear a sweater or something thicker than my tee underneath, but I loved how it hugged my body. Super comfy and I wished I had bought it prior to freezing my arse off on the bus tour the day before!

I had to hit up Kate Spade. I just can't resist. I really really want a Beau bag. Not sure what color - perhaps one of each? 

It was $75 off $250 and $150 off $500. So I could have gotten a Beau for $350. Hmm. Maybe I shall ask for one for Christmas. In the meantime, I just got a new iPhone case. My new iPhone 5S is waiting for me at home and I can't put an old case on a new phone or else it just doesn't feel like a new phone! Decided to go with a glitter stripe, although I debated on dots and a leopard print. 

Next was my old faithful, Express. I realized when I wore my chambray dress for the first time that I needed a better moto jacket in black because my current one is too boxy, and not flattering when worn open. I tried on about 3 different styles, and decided this was my favorite. 

I was prepared to pay full price for it - $118 isn't all that bad to be honest. But when they rung me up, it only came out to $70 and some change. Score! I didn't realize sweaters AND outerwear were 40% off!

I have to be in the mood to go into H&M because I feel like sometimes it's disheveled and hit and miss in terms of selection, sizes, and quality. And my $10 item isn't necessarily worth the wait in line. But for the sake of shopping comradarie, I took a gander around the store and ended up finding this infinity scarf. I loved the blush on blush color. I wasn't necessarily in love with the lip print, but the colors were too good to pass up.

Banana Republic was next. I was on a hunt for emerald green skinnies but ended up finding an emerald green skirt instead. This shall do for now!

We shopped for a good 3-4 hours and while my wedge boots are generally walking friendly, there comes a breaking point where nothing is comfy anymore and any kind of heel height is bad. I knew even after we left the mall that more walking would be involved - the consequences of living a city life - no surface parking lots, which equals lots of walking. We were headed to dinner after the mall so I decided to take a look at the shoes on our way out of Bloomies to see if there was a comfy option that I could wear outside of tonight's festivities as well. And that's when I found these. 
I had been wanting silver oxfords ever since I saw someone post them from Boden. Realistically, I know I'm not a flat shoes person so it didn't make sense to spend a lot of money on a pair. Plus, I wanted a pair of perforated shoes, oxfords to be exact. My good friend has a navy pair with a wedge heel and I've been craving a similar pair since I saw hers. When I saw this perforated metallic peeptoe, I thought it was a perfect marriage of both kinds of oxfords I was looking for. Two for the price of one! And on sale for $79. My feet were happy! .... Whew! Told you it was a small fortune. But all great pieces and I can't wait to style them over and over again!! Please share what you have bought lately!
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  1. Wow girl you did spend a fortune.... but they are GREAT items!!!
    xo, Lee

    1. Now that I'm home for 10 days straight, I'm so super excited to start wearing some of this!!!

  2. OOo, I outgrew my $18 on clearance burgundy faux leather moto jacket I found years ago. That Express one looks awesome and bonus, comes in oxblood, too! Damnit, I'm not supposed to spend money...

    As for the KS, I like it best in the pretty, feminine cipria.

    1. I seriously REALLY love the moto jacket!! If you're in the market for one, this is worth every penny, promise!
      PS Love the (SN) :)

  3. I'm so jealous of your shopping spree! I love the beau bag too, I'd go with the pink/red one :)

    <3 Vicki

    1. I wasn't even completely in the mood to shop, sadly enough! haha! Thank you for the note, and yes, I do love the pink and red one, too!