Friday, April 25, 2014

Guest Post: The Box Queen

Today I am bringing you Elif from The Box Queen! Our worlds collided because of Manic Monday  and I'm so happy it did! She is always so positive and upbeat - it's hard not to smile when you read her posts or comments. I love reading about her different subscriptions - she would definitely be my "phone-a-friend" in this category because she's such an expert and so thorough in her reviews! Oh, and if you remember, she is responsible for this bag purchase here. :) Hope you enjoy this little snippet of her!

Hi Ladies! I am guest posting today when Carylee is on her vacation (lucky lady). Some of you may know me from the fab Manic Monday link-up; I write at Theboxqueen. When Carylee asked me to guest post, I was so excited because I simply love this girl. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine blogger friends I made, and also super stylish to boot. ( but of course you all know these :) We are also both crazy shop-aholics and definitely bond on that too. One day we’ll shop together; it’ll happen. :) I also have a serious clothing sub habit (I’ll call it that instead of addiction) and wanted to share my latest Stitch Fix pretties with you. Hope you all like it.

Welcome to the April Stitch Fix mystery! I am continuing the fun game I've started two months ago with my new fix. It has been very happy times in NW where I am. A lot of sunshine has suddenly made people even more optimistic, I see more and more dogs being walked outside& kids running around, the birds are chirping with delight, and the flowers have blossomed in all colors.

All of the above has made me super happy too; however, receiving my last Stitch Fix surely has had a huge impact on my cheerfulness, as it was an all over amazing box full of lovelies. If you are new to theboxqueen, I have to tell you what a HUGE fan of Stitch Fix I am! I am talking MEGA proportions here; the can't have the month go fast enough so I can unite with my new "fix" kinda BIG! If you are new, you may also want to start by reading all my previous Stitch Fix reviews. ( SF March, SF February, SF January, SF December) I think they are so much fun, and also by now I have received such a good variety of SF items that I think you would get the full picture of how great this personal styling service is. Stitch Fix has some of the coolest patterns, colors, and textures I have seen, and believe me I do a LOT of shopping. It is also a very convenient service for busy gals. You get the services of a professional stylist, putting together pieces around your personal style, and you don't even need to get out of your house for it. Just an all over fun concept!

In my April "fix" I received five clothing pieces as usual. ( Stitch Fix carries accessories including bags as well) I choose to get just apparel from Stitch Fix . I can't help it; I adore the colors, and the fabrics; I don't want to miss out on any cute skirt, dress, or top. In time I may open myself up to some accessories from them, as lately, I have been seeing a whole lot of stunning SF jewelry & bags on Instagram.

For all the new readers, in summary Stitch Fix is a wonderful concept that brings you the convenience of having your own personal stylist and home delivery service all wrapped up in a beautiful box. They have a brilliantly detailed style profile on the Stitch Fix website which essentially collects all your measurements, and preferences of garments, and accessories. You pay an upfront fee of $20 that is also a full credit towards your final purchase. Stitch Fix gives you generous three days to decide which pieces to keep and mix and match with your own wardrobe. In the event that you love the whole box ( which of course has happened to me) you get to have a %25 discount. Otherwise you can keep whichever piece(s) you like and send back the rest in the included prepaid USPS envelope; so easy!
Everything comes in a white/green box just like my April box above; the garments beautifully packed with tissue paper and a SF logo label. In the box you will also find an envelope housing a note from your stylist, your style cards that show you how you can use your piece for a day& night look, and your receipt listing the names and prices of each item. You can see on this receipt what the final price would be if you choose to keep all your items; which is total price minus 25% off minus any credits you may have including your styling fee of $20. It goes without saying that a prepaid USPS envelope to send anything you don't like back is also in this lovely box.

Let's move on to see my April Stitch Fix lovelies; I know you are getting impatient, and so am I as I can't wait to share everything with you! I will give you a big clue; I kept two of these pieces! Which two pieces do you think I kept? After seeing everything don't forget to let me know! :) There will be little clues throughout the post!
41Hawthorn Madox Tribal Print Fit and Flare Dress ($68) I have pinned this dress to my Pinterest Stitch Fix Board a while ago and was so happy to get it in the April box. I liked how on the style card, the dress lent itself both to a cute daytime look, and got fancy easily with some fun accessories.

I styled this dress with a day time event on mind, maybe a birthday party or a get together with friends. Taking my cue from the Stitch Fix style cards I added some cute accessories to my dress to make it a bit fancier. A shoulder strap silver sequin bag, a blue bracelet and coral/red shoes got it ready for a nice weekend out.

Style Tip: I think for summer and spring there is nothing easier than dresses to quickly come up with different looks, multi-tasking your same piece. My hubby usually complains it takes me a long time to get out the door, but with dresses I take no more than fifteen minutes and love to shock& surprise him. (If you are reading this sweetheart, I just say Ha!) :) All you need to do is to find at least two eye catching jewelry pieces, (I usually go with two to three types of jewelry; here earrings and bracelet) plus a nice bag & shoes with a bit of sass. For instance, I could have paired this dress with my navy Mary Janes, but thought coral/red would be bolder, and would bring out the red tones in the dress. I think they worked! What do you think?

April Stitch Fix
A closer look at the GORGEOUS print and the cute neckline.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
I think the shoulder cut of this dress is extremely flattering; and I also love how fitted it is at the waist.

Stitch Fix April 2014 Review
Collective Concepts McKinley Tribal Printed Short Sleeve Blouse ($68) This blue patterned button up top was the first item I saw in the box. I really liked the casual day styling shown on my card.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014

I wanted to get the same laid-back cool vibe shown for day styling, and matched the top with my destroyed skinnies, yellow thick heel Mary Janes, and a loose side, messy fishtail braid. The cross body bag is, I think, the epitome of casual chic so I had to add one to the mix. 

My first impression of this top was that it was rather boxy. I usually go for tops that are either form fitting; or if they'll be looser, tunic styles to go with leggings, and long enough to be tucked in, belted. When you think of it, this top was pretty short in length as well. I had doubts; would I wear it frequently enough to justify the price tag?

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
Some of the rings I chose for this look; adds to the boho casualness of the top. 

Style Tip: When you think of boho, Mary Janes may not be the first type of shoe that comes to mind, and that's exactly why I chose them. This version has a unique T strap shape, which aligns with the originality of boho style, but also adds a bit of polish to the outfit making it multi dimensional, instead of too predictable. When you are choosing accessories, go for the unexpected for your particular look to make a bigger style statement.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
Closer look to the cross body bag and the T-strap Mary Janes. Aren't these shoes adorable? I find them so charming!

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
Enjoying the view of this beautiful place.

Pomelo Avah Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top
Pomelo Avah Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top ($58) This Dolman top is a twin of the dolman top I received in my December box, just a different pattern. I thought then and this time that this top was perfect for an elevated casual look; not completely super casual and not too glam.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014

Having just taken my white pants (clearly needing some ironing btw, now I notice) out of the hiding for this beautiful sunshine filled weather, I paired the sweet mint top with them. Accessories of choice were gold toned; a tassel necklace, a sparkly neutral clutch, and nude shoes.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
Closer look to the print and necklace.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
Loving this big envelope clutch. It has very interesting texture, and still is not too busy to use with other patterns.

Lily Kye Ikat Print Swing Skirt
Lily Kye Ikat Print Swing Skirt ($58) The moment I saw the mix of patterns and colors on this beautiful swing skirt I was mesmerized by it's vibrancy. Quite funny that this skirt is also a replica of the box print one I received, and sent back, just last month in my March "fix". I thought both the day and night styling on the style cards were spot on.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014

My lovely, long-time Stitch Fix stylist Ishara confirmed once again with this piece that she now knows my taste inside out! This skirt is so much fun; it could easily be part of any joyful and bubbly outfit. I wanted a bit of a challenge and wanted to put together a look that is appropriate for business meetings, or the office, and one that could easily transfer to an evening out with the change of pumps to heeled sandals ( which I am showing here)

Stitch Fix Review April 2014

Style tip: If you need a more serious outfit for work you can easily swap my bright yellow belt for a more neutral brown belt. I just couldn't resist this particular belt as it plays up the yellow in the skirt so perfectly. The color is also a bit unexpected, again, for inserting that dash of my personal style into the outfit. I feel it is important that your style choices reflect who you are, and what you are trying to convey to the world. For instance, for the most part, I have a an extroverted nature, and I think my outfit choices express that. 

Do you think your fashion choices reflect your personality?

Pomelo Roman Fit and Flare Lace Print Dress
Pomelo Roman Fit & Flare Lace Print Dress ($68) This dress has a very faint mint color, and lace like print. It is well made and and the fit is spot on. The day styling on the card was a bit too tame for me so I decided to take my direction from the evening look.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
Instead of the mint on mint shown on the styling card with the shoes, I went with ankle strap nude suede pointy heels.

Style Tip: For girls more on the petite, or average side in terms of height ( for reference I am 5.5') I recommend finding thin strapped, pointy neutral heels to give the illusion of longer legs. Straps are challenging as they cut the long line of the leg; however when the straps are thin and the color is nude, the challenge is mostly eliminated, and the appearance of your legs are more elongated.

Stitch Fix Review April 2014
A little shoulder bag in tannish brown, a medium brown belt and a long vintagey necklace to compliment the lace pattern , completes my evening look for this dress. Ishara, what do you think? I hope you approve!

Stitch Fix Review April 2014

Now on to the Stitch Fix guessing game fun! Which of these two pieces do you think I kept? Which pieces are your favorites? 

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? How has your experiences been so far? Which items you got from Stitch Fix are your best finds? 

The Stitch Fix community is amazing; and I have loved connecting with many SF fans through these reviews. It has been a complete pleasure chatting with you all, and I hope you stopped by today and we'll talk some more. :) I can't wait to become friends with more SF fans that I haven't met yet; so please make sure to say hi if you stop by. Don't forget to sign up with your e-mail at the top of The Box Queen homepage to receive all new posts, and updates. If you prefer social media, you can find theboxqueen social media links below. I update my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest frequently with Stitch Fix news, and with my new Stitch Fix outfits. 

Have a happy, sun filled rest of the week lovely ladies! XOXO


Thanks so much for playing along ladies! As promised here are my keepers from this month's box. I couldn't let go of this multi-color dress and the fit was great! I was also so drawn to the skirt from the get go that I couldn't bear sending it back. So very happy with both my choices. <3


  1. Everyday it's like a fun little surprise to see who will guest post next! Great reviews as always Elif! So many great pieces in this round of your Stitch Fix order. Glad to see you chose to keep the Azted printed dress. Love the colors and fit on that!
    On the Daily Express

  2. This is all so beautiful and incredible. My favourite is the first dress. The print is so unique and beautiful.

  3. Thx so much for having me Carylee :) You also are one of the most upbeat bloggers I've became friends with - LOVE you girly!
    Gina thx lovely lady <3 It was a great fix this time; and I am so happy to have met you via Manic Monday- al over nicest people! XOXO, Elif

  4. What a great review! Stitch Fix looks so fun. Lovely choices!

    Katie - See What Katie Wears

  5. These looks are great!