Thursday, January 22, 2015


This outfit was 10000% inspired by Noelle in her post here. We're wearing the exact same sweater leggings that I wish were still available for you guys because they're so soft and comfortable! I loved the predominantly dark outfit paired with the cognac booties! I picked up this cardigan with some Christmas money over the holidays and am just  now getting to wear it. But, hey, it's in my capsule now so you will be seeing it again over the next few weeks! 

Sunnies: Tom Ford | Earrings: Stella and DotNecklace: Stella and Dot | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim | Cardigan: ExpressTop: BP | Bracelets: Nadri 1, 2 | Sweater Leggings: Express (option) | Booties: Hinge (option, option)

So, one random blogging resolution of mine this year was to take more blog photos "zoomed out" so that they can easily be cropped to a square without cutting off my outfit/body. I like my Instagram feed to look consistent, and I was hating all the photos that had extra white space because I was force-fitting them to be squares.

Left: Before | Right: After

I know, such a random little thing to bother me, but I like consistency! Anyway, I tell you this because I told my husband about this goal so he can adjust his photographing as required. The problem is, I ended up with a batch of photos where I look so far away in all of them! I've cropped them for this post, but feel like I lose a lot of the crispness and detail that way vs me just filling the frame like normal. Since there is no ability to zoom with a 50mm lens, this means I will have to physically move closer to and farther from the camera for each outfit to get the shots I need for the blog and Instagram.  Oh the struggles of a fashion blogger.


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  1. Perfect casual chic look, Carylee! …and those booties are amazing!
    Red Reticule

  2. lol I started doing that last year,I hate the extra space on IG. Also love this cozy look and I think this is the first time I'm seeing your pashli, love it!


  3. I don't even have to click on Noelle's outfit because I know exactly which one it is. I wanted copy that one too!! So cute and classic. I love that cardigan on you! I also got it over Christmas but didn't like it on me so I had to return it. I think it's the collar vs. my hair issue! I guess I'll be getting jealous of it a lot since it's in your capsule!
    Gina -On the Daily Express

  4. I really need to get better with posting on Instagram. I rarely post my outfit photos and I have no idea why. lol! I think part of it is that I can never get it cropped right for that little box. lol! I'm super OCD and it bothers me.

  5. P.S. How the heck did I not know that our BP tee came in solids!?!? Sign me up!!

  6. Sigh...I soo love cognac too!!!! I literally have to tell myself "no, you can't wear those again today"...haha!! Great outfit - of course I adore it!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  7. I both the versions that you and Noelle are wearing! So pretty!

  8. we bloggers love complicating our lives no question

  9. Ohhhh sweater leggings sound like my dream come true! And I don't think people realize what we fashion bloggers go through! So many struggles!


  10. Such a soft casual look I can just imagine how soft those leggings are.