Friday, January 1, 2016

Dillard's Extra 50% off New Year's Day sale

Happy New Year! I've been awake for less than an hour in 2016 and I've already acquired 4 new pairs of shoes. All for the price of one pair! Dillard's New Year's Day sale is my second favorite sale to shop each year, second to the infamous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I've shopped it the last 4 years, and am always able to find stuff at ridiculously cheap prices. Shipping can be slow but worth it for the prices. Last year I got my Vince Camuto over the knee boots, original $250 for less than $100. This year, I bought 4 pairs of pumps, 3 of which were in styles I already owned and knew worked for me, all ranging in the $29-$41 range. Crazy! I've linked to them below and also threw in some of the other things that had me tempted. 

There are a ton of other things on sale outside of shoes, but obviously, you know where my heart is, and for the sake of time and sizes selling out, I'm focusing only on footwear at the moment! Happy shopping! Let me know what you buy!


  1. Um...I shouldn't have checked this post!! Now I want those cognac booties! And the grey peep toe booties! (Okay I want a few others too but those are the ones that I know I would wear the most!)
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. Dillard's is my go to spot on NYD as well. They always have an amazing sale on shoes! This is the first year I haven't been in ages!


  3. Ok, I am dying over those Sam Edelmen tennies! I wish they had my size! Love your whole look and especially that necklace, btw!

    xx Leah / www.eatpraywearlove.com