Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The best of 2015

Well, this is my last post for 2015! I figure I will take the rest of the week "off" from blogging to enjoy the holiday and recharge for a bigger and better 2016! Last year I did an end-of-the-year recap, which I very much enjoyed, so I decided to put together another one for you! I've picked a favorite outfit for every month. Let me know if your favorite made the cut!

January: Original post here

As I was looking through my January outfits, I suddenly remembered #RemixFix2015 and I started to get the shakes. I learned a lot from that capsule, mainly that I will never do that again. But let's move on from the negative. I love this poncho and really need to wear it if the winter actually gets here and decides to stay awhile!!
February: Original post here

This is another outfit from #RemixFix2015. I love pattern mixing and leopard pretty much goes with everything. I've definitely noticed a trend to more casual outfits this year as well as a strong love for distressed denim.

March: Original post here

Speaking of distressed denim! I still really love the way this outfit came together. It may be one of my favorites for the entire year, AND it includes my little side knot tee that I was obsessed with, so I'm glad at least one look including one of these tees made my favorites list!

April: Original post here

Such a simple outfit formula, but I just love this outfit. Maybe it's the turquoise and red pairing? I'm not sure, but this outfit makes me swoon every time I see it again.

May: Original post here

Here are those blush skinnies again! I tried to pick a different look in May for the sake of variety, but alas, I can't mess with perfection. Olive was a strong obsession this year as was this moto jacket that I managed to collect in three colors! And white pumps! I am pretty sure my year in outfits is best summed up in this outfit alone.

June: Original post here

I didn't wear too many dresses this year, at least not on the blog, but this is hands down a favorite. I really love it with the espadrilles, too!

July: Original post here

A little leggy, but I still love it. Again with the olive and again with the leopard heels. I'm still surprised how much I love this skort and how much I reach for it!

August: Original post here

This is my sporty spice outfit! A little out of my comfort zone in terms of a real-life outfit, but I felt cute in it. The track tee was the perfect little top for weekend running around!

September: Original post here

This is one of those outfits that came out even better in real life than I imagined it could be.  The top is a bit boxy, but the partial tuck really helps gift it a little shape. And the heels. I would be lost without my metallic heels!

October: Original post here

Clearly these leopard heels should win some kind of 2015 award for best performing shoe! It's a workhouse pair for sure, and they're still available (here), so you should totally just get them if you've been debating all year on whether they are worth it!

November: Original post here

Poof! It's winter! I can't help but sway towards an outfit involving a blanket scarf! But this one in particular was such a good find and the pairing with the pink sweater is just perfection.

December: Original post here

I almost ended with sequins again like I did last year, but a glitter clutch still counts! This dress is just the perfect fit, and I had to include it in my favorites!


And that's a wrap! I will have to say that my blog has definitely taken a different turn in 2015 than it has in the past. I'm not sure if you all have noticed or not. When I started the blog, the purpose was to document my daily outfits with proper photos, not selfies. I was taking photos every morning before work, but that was turning into a very huge burden on the husband, my photographer. 

So, we compromised and started taking the photos in advance of me wearing them --- we would take photos of all 5 outfits the weekend before the work week. While it was great for outfit planning and already knowing what I was going to wear every morning, that too became pretty burdensome. Between outfit planning, getting dressed and made up, changing my hair between outfits, then actually writing the posts, I didn't have much weekend left. Cutting the outfit photos from 5 to 4, leaving Friday for my Random Roundup posts certainly helped, but it was still quite time consuming.

I am now down to 3 outfit posts a week + Random Roundup Friday and one "off topic" day for "buying lately" or editorial type posts. However, these outfits just end up being outfits I'm wearing on the weekend, not necessarily outfits I plan to wear throughout the following week. I've certainly been relying on Instagram more heavily this year to share my daily outfits. Those selfies do end up making the blog thanks to my Random Roundup posts, but you're not getting them real time like you used to on the blog, for better or for worse.

All that said, I'm glad you've stuck around for 2015 and I hope you'll continue to follow along for 2016. I'm excited to recharge and get back into it, so hopefully some new and exciting content will make its way to your computer screens soon!

Have a safe and happy New Year!!

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  1. You look Chic, as always. Loving all your outfits from 2015. Wishing you a Happy New Year in Advance!

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

  2. Happy New Year! Loved taking a look back with you. Always good inspiration and style!

  3. March, April, and July looks are my favorite, although you look beautiful in all of them! Happy New Year!

  4. Ah, I LOVE end of year recaps like this! They're kind of the Random Roundup of the YEAR. So many great outfits in one place. And I totally hear you on the changes you needed to make in order to have a life outside of blogging! Looking forward to what you have in store for 2016!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. So manygreat outfits! I love January and October!!

  6. So many great outfits here -- January, April, May, July...so, so good!


  7. Stunning outfits, I love your style!

  8. GReat way to wrap up the year! :)

    I definitely had to chance my posting every second day what I wore that day and the day before format I had on my blog too. While I'm still sharing what I wear each day (I have a tripod right next to the door to grab a picture before I go out), I've got a backlog of outfits to post and I'm scheduling posts in advance. Makes it much easier! :)

    Hope you have a happy new year!

    Away From The Blue Blog