Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wishing for snow

Jacket: JCrew | Earrings: Stella and DotScarf: The Fashion Lane (c/o) (other colors here) | Sweatshirt: Culture Flock (similar, tee shirt version here) | Bottoms: American Eagle | Boots: Sorel (other colors here)

I grew up in San Antonio where there was really only one season. Ok, two seasons - hot and hotter. Shortly after college, I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan and that was quite the culture shock to say the least. Culture and weather. Summers in Michigan were my favorite - they are absolutely gorgeous and the temperature is perfect with little to no humidity. Winter, on the other hand, was pretty intense. It was great having all four seasons, though winter definitely dominated the other three.

St. Louis is the perfect happy medium between those two cities in terms of climates. I get all four seasons. I get days where it is excruciatingly hot, but I also get those perfect summer days. While I can't really handle 5-6 months of snow on the ground, I definitely still yearn for at least one good snow in the winter. We usually have one by the time the holidays roll around, but this season, we're now in the middle of January and I'm missing my first snow. There's just something so beautiful and serene about that fresh, untouched snow. Waking up and seeing a winter wonderland outside. I love it. I thought we were going to get a ton this weekend, it was actually snowing when I was wearing this outfit, but alas, none of it stuck. If you have snow, send some my way, mmkay?


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  1. cute layered look, I don't have any snow to send your way unfortunately lol.


  2. Love this winter look and all the colors featured.



  3. This weather is definitely funky! It's been pretty chilly here for SoCal standards, but I know our version of cold is warm for most! I do hope you get your snow! Wasn't it snowing in one of your snaps? I might be confusing it with someone else though! We really want to go to the mountains soon. Plenty up there!