Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's up Wednesday

In honor of the What's Up Wednesday linkup with MelShay, and Sheaffer, I decided to play along and answer the questions. It's a convenient way to give you guys a quick snapshot of what's going on in real life, so let's get started!

What we're eating this week:
We have been loving the local food delivery service! If you don't remember - we have been using a local service in which a menu is released every week consisting of three meals along with three alternate meals you can substitute plus add-on side options as well. You leave a cooler on your front door, and the meals are delivered, already cooked. All you have to do is reheat and voila! Dinner is served. It costs $60 for three meals enough for 2-3 people. Not only has it been a huge time saver, but it prevents us from eating out as much so it contributes to our weight loss efforts and leaves more money in the bank account as well.

This week we are having stuffed peppers and roasted sweet potatoes, sliced turkey breast with gravy and a mixed green quinoa salad, and spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, and green beans. I also love that the menu isn't super complex or exotic. She's been providing very cravable and delicious meals!

Photo source here

What I'm reminiscing about:
April 3rd marks my 10-year anniversary at my job. TEN YEARS! Holy crap that's a long time. I could have gone to high school two and a half times over the course of 10-years! That high school analogy always puts time into perspective. I'm super thankful to have found a company I love enough to remain at for so long. Here's to another ten!

What I'm loving:
Pilates. Just regular old Pilates. I had been taking jumpboard cardio Pilates, which was great when I wasn't already doing cardio 5 days a week. (If you have no idea what I mean by "jumpboard," this video sums it up quite nicely.) I was taking jumpboard on Mondays and then regular Pilates classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Well, they reformatted my Wednesday class to incorporate 20 minutes of jumpboard, so I was starting to really really miss regular Pilates without any jumping. The stretching and core strength I get from Pilates is invaluable. So, I'm taking a break from jumping for a bit and only signing up for regular Pilates classes Tuesdays and Saturdays. I did my first two "regular" classes last week and I'm already feeling a huge difference! 

One of my instructors! #goals (from their FB page here)

What we've been up to:
Perhaps this should say, "What are we down to?" Since mid-January, we've been working out a ton along with watching what we eat. The husband is down over 20 pounds and I have almost hit my 10 pound mark! It's incredibly exciting to see results and get back on the fit train. Now before you go judging me, no, I don't think I'm fat, but I do know how I look and feel at my "fit" weight, and that's what I'm working towards right now. I was in my best shape when we got married and that was 20 pounds ago! Or, I guess 10-ish pounds ago now!

What I'm dreading:
Knock on wood, everything seems to be going pretty smoothly. I do have a work trip next week, but I'm looking forward to it. I'll be headed back to the Dallas market and I always feel like I'm home when I go to Texas, even if it's not directly in San Antonio.

What I'm working on:
Eliminating the words "sorry" and "just" from my work vocabulary. I talked about that women's leadership conference I went to in this post here. One of my co-workers that was there with me shared this great article about how using certain words in your emails can undermine your credibility and authority. It was really eye opening, and I know I'm incredibly guilty of succumbing to many of the words mentioned. So, I'm working on that as part of the exercise to be more confident in the way I carry myself and the way I stand behind my decisions. And thanks to the Amy Schumer video they shared, the word "sorry" now sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me!

What I'm excited about:
BASEBALL!!!!!! It's here, it's here! The tickets to our first home game are for the 13th and I cannot wait! I've been strategically planning (or avoiding) work travel for this week to ensure nothing prevents me from enjoying the game up close and personal!

What I'm watching/reading:
I'm so 2000 and late, but I'm totally into Gossip Girl right now. It gets me through 42 minutes on the elliptical in the morning without me having to check the time every 30 seconds, and that in and of itself makes it such a necessity for me! I'm just starting the third season so at least I have three more seasons to keep me in shape before I have to find another show to make my guilty pleasure!

What I'm listening to:
Currently I'm listening to the husband talk about how much he wants tacos...

What I'm wearing:
As I write this I'm wearing a baby pink cardigan and U of M sweat pants. Ha! On Friday I rounded up some of my favorite and recent selfies, but here are some recent blog outfits in case you missed them.

What I'm doing this weekend:
The only thing I have planned is a lash appointment, which makes me so happy to say! It has been such a busy month with travel and commitments that the house is drowning with stuff that needs to get done. Like my bathroom!! Yeah, remember that project? I had every intention of it being completed by the end of January. Well, we got slowed down because I needed to find myself a reclaimed wood backsplash that ended up taking 4 weeks to produce once I placed my order. It finally came in so we can get everything finished! I'm hoping the husband will help me assemble a cabinet and install the finishing touches!!!

Bathroom remodel update here

What I'm looking forward to next month:
I've mentioned that baseball starts! We also have our trip to Orlando at the end of April. One of our good friends gets married on the 16th, so I'm extra excited for that wedding also. It's been a long time coming! That reminds me... I need a dress!

What else is new: 
So, I acquired two new pairs of shoes last week, and they are good ones!!! If you follow me on Snapchat (carylee07) then this is old news to you. I used my bonus money this year to pay off credit cards and treat myself to some navy Rockstuds. The glitter Kate Spades were just a lucky purchase! Bloomies had them for half off last weekend and I could not resist them!!
Left: Valentino | Right: Kate Spade

Bonus question: What is your favorite spring cleaning tip?
Nothing really profound, just that when you're tackling your closet for a good spring purge - do it in sections because it seems less daunting that way. I focus on purging dresses one day. Pants and jeans a second day. Tops and sweaters a third day. Shoes a fourth day. But, keep in mind that I have a LOT of stuff. Normally when I'm purging, I find it easier to get rid of things if I haven't worn it in a full season's worth of time. Usually, out of sight, out of mind, so once it's gone, I will forget about it. But it's the getting rid of it part that always stalls me a bit!

I'll be back tomorrow with a normal outfit post! In the meantime, if you missed it, there is a Charming Charlie giveaway going on right now and you can enter using the Rafflecopter at the end of this post. Good luck!

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  1. Oops, I totally forgot about the bonus question! Oh well! Loved reading your answers and congrats on ten years at your job!! That's incredible! And also congrats on your new lifestyle habits and weight loss. It's great that you have a partner in crime to help you achieve your goals and feel your best!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. What a fun post! We are in the midst of a starting a kitchen remodel project - and it always takes longer than expected. Best of luck with your bathroom project.

    Daily Style Finds

  3. This was fun to read. I'm inspired by your fit journey and healthy eating! I'll have to check out gossip girl to get me through some long cardio sessions. Baseball! Me too!

  4. Funny you mention your stretching abilities with Pilates . . .I used to do Pilates but haven't in years and I am no way near as flexible as I used to be! PS. You look great! Congrats on the 10lbs.

  5. Congrats on achieving your weight loss goal!! I am still working on mine one day at a time.