Thursday, June 2, 2016

The mini reunion

Outfit details--- Necklace: Kendra Scott (gifted) | Bag: Longchamp | Top: CS Gems (c/o) | Ring: Kendra Scott | Shorts: Banana Republic | Sandals: American Eagle (option) ---

All week I have been sharing little snippets of our Memorial Weekend away in Michigan. I thought I would share some of the faces behind the stories and let you know what we were all up to during our mini reunion! First, this was my outfit. It was quite warm while we were there, so this lightweight peplum and shorts were necessary and perfect for the weekend!

Left to right: Erin, Mindy, and Heather

This is me with my girls! Bet you didn't know architects could be so adorable, huh? I kid. But yes, that's how we all met. We all worked for the same architecture firm in Ann Arbor and the rest is history. Funny enough, my friend Erin went to high school with Heather's husband and didn't realize it until after the fact. Small world! I think Heather is the only one that has not already had a blog appearance! Erin was one of the girls I did that 39 mile breast cancer walk with back when she lived in Chicago and Mindy and I watched Justin in concert together! I'm glad we have all been able to keep in touch after all these years!

Erin was generous enough to host us at their house in Northville. If you're lucky, you were able to see snaps of her gorgeous house on Snapchat. Mindy now lives in Muskegon, so she drove in for the occasion, and Heather is also in the Detroit metro area with Erin. We all met at Erin's house late afternoon on Friday and basically drank Prosecco all night. Her hubby is an amazing cook (his crepes are to die for), and he grilled us up some fajitas for dinner. Outside of that, we just sat outside by the fire pit and reminisced. And laughed. Lots of laughing.

Mindy had to make it back to Muskegon on Saturday for some family stuff, but Heather brought her crew over for night two with us at Erin's! This time Erin's husband made us homemade pizza dough and the kids helped him craft us up some pizzas. They were freaking delish to say the least. Erin's kids were excited that the husband and I were sleeping over and that they got to stay up past their bedtime. We managed to set the camera timer so everyone could make an official cameo on the blog.

Heather's hubby asked me a funny question about the blog - whether or not I take my outfit photos ahead of time in bulk or if it is always really that sunny in St. Louis. Ha! I gave them the run down on my blog operations - that we try and take 3 outfit photos during the weekend for me to post throughout the week. You know your friends are true friends when you can talk about blogging and not be judged or feel awkward, only fully supported! I love them.

So we may or may not have taken this photo after the husband and I polished off an entire fifth of Captain. Whoopsie! It was worth it though. We got caught up in conversations and lost track of time. This photo makes me smile because they're such good people and I'm thankful that each one of them are in my life!

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  1. It's so good to have such a good group of friends, these snaps were so fun to watch.


  2. Looks like a lot if fun!! Always important to have a great group of friends!

    Enjoy your day love!

    Xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. How fun to get back together with old friends! And that's great that they are so supportive and understanding of blog stuff. They sound like keepers! And that peplum top is so cute and perfect for summer!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. Awww! So happy to make the blog once again! Love your faces!!!!!

  5. Love these fun pictures! Your friends sound like sweet people!


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