Friday, June 3, 2016

Styling destroyed jeans

How to wear destroyed jeans

For today's post, I decided to round up some favorite looks featuring one of my must-have wardrobe staples - destroyed denim. Last weekend, I used the extra day off to purge and organize the closet room. My stack of jeans was getting out of control, and I managed to weed out a few older, ill-fitting pairs so my count is officially down to 27. Twenty freaking seven pairs of jeans. That doesn't even include my white pairs or my colored denim - just the traditional blue! Out of those 27, I counted 12 of them as being destroyed. I'm not quite sure why I need 12 different pairs, but maybe this post will help me understand each style a bit better (though not all 12 pairs are featured in this post, unfortunately!)

blazer and destroyed jeans
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This is one of my newer pairs. It has just a little bit of a cropped length to them, and they're a lighter wash. I loved these because the ankle length looks amazing with heeled sandals. This was a date night look, so I threw on the blazer to dress it up just a little! There are only hints of distressing in this pair, so it's nice when I don't want to be obnoxious with all the rips.

tee shirt, destroyed jeans, and wedges
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This pair is also a bit cropped and a lighter wash, but it has a lot more distressing. This is totally a weekend casual look with wedge sandals and a simple tee.

Plaid shirt worn over a tee with destroyed jeans and white pumps
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This is the lightest wash of destroyed denim I own. They're pretty significantly distressed, especially around the knees. The lighter wash always makes me feel more 80's or 90's as do white pumps, which is why I paired these two together. Plus, the heels make the plaid and tee less grunge feeling and a little more playful and feminine.

destroyed jeans and bold metallic accessories
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It is amazing what strong accessories can do to a pair of destroyed jeans. I wore this for a semi-casual New Year's Eve dinner, but I chose a statement necklace along with a metallic bag and heels to take this tee shirt from casual and relaxed to more of a night out look.

summer plaid and destroyed jeans
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This look is the perfect transition outfit. A springier plaid, a pop of color with the sandals, and more subtle distressing so your legs aren't freezing in the cooler spring air. I tend to cuff my skinnies when I wear them with sandals. I'm not sure why, but the proportions just feel more warm-weathery to me that way.

cold shoulder top with destroyed jeans and floral heels
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I am really surprised how much I love this pair of jeans. It has the most distressing of any of the pairs I own, and they're not super skinny fitting. They have a touch of a relaxed fit to them and because of that, I wanted to make sure I played up the feminine attitude with the rest of the pieces - strong jewelry, colorblock clutch, floral heels, gosh this is such a favorite outfit of mine! As you can see, I favor pointy toe heels the most when wearing them. The heels make the distressing feel more edgy vs. sloppy. At least that's my reasoning! But the whole feel of this look changes if I were to ditch the heels for some Converse, which isn't a bad thing, it just all depends on what look you are going for!

destroyed blush jeans with stripes and olivedestroyed blush jeans with neutrals
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When you've conquered the world of destroyed denim and you feel like you just can't manage to buy another pair, then you can start to dabble with other colors! I now have destroyed skinnies in this blush color above, mint, black, and also red. The possibilities are endless! 

Hope you enjoyed this little roundup! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Destroyed denim looks so gorgeous on you. All looks are so cute.


  2. OMG your collection of jeans is amazing. You have so many distressed pairs and each is lovely. I adore the dusty rose pair. And the outfit with the red plaid shirt is the cutest.

    Hope all is well Carylee. Welcome by and linkup with me. I would love for you to linkup today. Thanks and have a great weekend!


  3. I have the same problem, tons and tons of jeans and even more that are distressed! Oh well!


  4. All are fabulous! And every pair of jeans has their own special place in your closet. I know because at my last count I had 44 pairs of jeans (that did include white and colored denim). But it did not include the bin of jeans that I have stored in the garage are too big but I am afraid to dispose of yet!


  5. I love the look of destroyed denim, but for some reason I can't let myself buy a pair since I cannot wear them to work. I know that is crazy, but I just feel like I will not wear them that often...but I still want a pair! They all look great on you!