Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Express One Eleven Slash Neck Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt, Sneak Peek Jeans, Adidas Superstar
Sunnies: Ray Ban | Jacket: Two by Vince Camuto | Bag: Charming Charlie "Fearless studded satchel" (back in stock!) (c/o) | Sweater: Express One Eleven | Bottoms: Paperdolls Boutique | Shoes: Adidas "Superstar"

YOU GUYS!! I cannot stop smiling, even as I'm typing this!!! You see, last weekend, my favorite Cardinal (who subsequently is now a Padre) had a local signing event. As soon as I saw it advertised a couple of weeks ago, I FREAKED out and told the husband that we were going. (I legit sent him a meeting invite and everything so it populated his calendar, ha!) It was at a collector's shop and I had no idea what to wear. We were headed out to take some blog photos beforehand and I had brought some Cardinals gear with me to change into before going to the signing.

Express One Eleven Slash Neck Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt, Sneak Peek Jeans, Adidas Superstar

I was conflicted - should I wear Cardinals red even though he's not a Cardinal anymore? Or should I wear an outfit that I felt was even cuter than my Cardinals stuff? And what was I going to get him to sign?! My Cardinals outfit consisted of his jersey over a striped red/navy long sleeved tee, destroyed jeans, and my red Chucks that are monogrammed with "Go Cards." 

Express One Eleven Slash Neck Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt

Sneak Peek Jeans, Adidas Superstar

Let's be real for a second. It is a pain in the tushy to change in the car! I had already done it once, and since it was in the husband's Camaro nonetheless, it was a struggle and I was not wanting to do it again. So, after we took these photos, I decided I would just go ahead and wear this outfit. I felt cute in it but without trying too hard.

Express One Eleven Slash Neck Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt, Sneak Peek Jeans, Adidas Superstar

But then, we decided to eat at one of our favorite gyro places - Lilly's in Fairview Heights. The food is uh-mazing but the place isn't that big and I left smelling a bit like a gyro. Well, crap! I don't want him to think I smell like a gyro! So what's worse now? Smelling like a gyro or having to change in the car AGAIN potentially messing up my hair and becoming really sweaty? I took my chances and hoped the gyro smell would fade by the time we got there.

Jon Jay San Diego Padres, Jon Jay camo, Jon Jay St. Louis Cardinals, Jon Jay 19, Jon Jay 24, Jon Jay Afro
Me with Jon Jay (San Diego Padre #24, previously St. Louis Cardinal #19)

I'm kinda really happy that I didn't change because it turns out, we were a Christmas-colored camo duo! Haha! I told him we had to take a photo since we were both in camo. He then showed me his camo wallet. YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH CAMO, TOO?! Oh shut up! Just shut up! You had me at, "Hello!" 

*sigh* I miss seeing him play on the daily. He is an amazing center fielder. 

But seriously though. I was shaking the entire time we were standing in line, the husband couldn't stop laughing at me. Luckily, the guy two people in front of us had a whole duffle bag full of things for him to sign, so that gave me some time to try and compose myself and put my big-girl pants on an disguise myself as an easy breezy adult. Inside though, I was freakinggggg out! He had his arm around me! Ok then. I shall go pass out now.


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  1. Hahahaha!!! I was precisely the same when I met Savage Garden and Ricky Martin way back then :) I think I almost peed in my pants too.

  2. You are too funny, so happy you got to me him. I got the shorts version of this sweater, can't wait.


  3. Love your outfit! And awesome that you got to meet him....I can totally relate!

  4. Aw, so glad you were reunited with your favorite! And that the stars aligned you ended up twinning with him. Now, if only you would follow his lead and move to America's Finest City. :P
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. How fun you were able to meet your favorite Cardinal player! Great minds think alike, too! Too funny you were both in camo. It was meant to be!