Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Fabletics + Pilates update

Pilates ballet stretches cadillac

Another month means another Pilates update. Admittedly, I feel like I don't have much to say this month because I inadvertently took two weeks off of working out! I had every intention of doing some Pilates while I was in Nashville, but I had zero free time, so I just had to let it go. The week afterwards was spent trying to catch my breath and I mentally just had to take a break from extracurricular activities. Sometimes your body has its own way of telling you to slow your roll. I love talking about Pilates though, so I couldn't not share the minor updates since last month!

Pilates leg pull mat

First, I guess I should talk about my March Fabletics picks! I ended up choosing the "Malaga" outfit which is a 3 piece outfit that included these stirrup leggings, my favorite strappy bra, and a long-sleeved top. There's no way I could work out in a long sleeved top though, so I'll have to save that for another photo shoot. I will say that these leggings felt a little more snug than some of my other Fabletics leggings. I'm not sure if they are snug enough to size up, but they are snug nonetheless. I do appreciate the extra support though! And I'm in love with the stirrup detail. That's really what sold me on these, considering I have a million other pairs of black leggings!

Pilates shoulder bridge mat

This first group of photos is from my first workout after my 2-week hiatus. I'm not sure why I decided to choose to do a mat workout as my comeback routine because mat kills me more than the equipment workouts! Joseph Pilates created the tower and the reformer to give you extra "muscles" so that you could focus solely on the targeted areas of that particular exercise while being properly supported where you need it the most. When you're doing a mat workout, it's all you, and it's amazing how the simplest things like laying on your back circling one leg in the air can be even more challenging than lifting weights for some people. Or even just squatting. I was squatting on the floor at work a couple of weeks ago looking at some tile samples. My tail was at my heels and my knees were at my chest. A co-worker walked by and said, "If that were me, there's no way I would be able to stand back up after that position!" I feel like that's a big part of what Pilates is all about - being able to just move throughout your everyday actions without pain or discomfort! Obviously, I'm not discounting heavy, strenuous workouts, but just don't ever take your simple, life movements for granted!  

Pilates ballet stretches cadillac

This month, I introduced ballet stretches into my workout regime. I know that my hips, quads, and hammies could always use more length, and I've been loving how the breathing bar on the Cadillac helps me slowly work out thees muscles in all directions. It's also just a nice way to end a workout.

Pilates grasshopper reformer
Leggings: Fabletics "Salar" legging in Chroma print (sold out online) | Grip socks: Toesox (c/o)

Another thing that's new to me this month is Grasshopper on the long box on the reformer. This works my upper body strength, which is definitely a weakness of mine, and helps me work on my spinal extension, which is another big area of growth and opportunity for me. 

Pilates pull stap reformer
Leggings: Fabletics "Lisette" in Mist Ombre print (sold out online) | Grip socks: Toesox (c/o)

Another piece of exciting news is that I used some bonus money to buy myself my very own reformer!!!! It's not here yet, so I can't get too excited for it, but it's purchased and the order is in the works! It's a combination reformer/tower unit, so I can now workout in the comfort of my own home. We'll have to move some stuff around in the basement, but seriously guys. I'm so excited! I do still plan to splurge on a pair of shoes or a bag at some point, too, but getting a reformer was first on my list. Not only will it help from the scheduling standpoint of my own personal workouts and practice teaching, but I know the husband will be more inclined to let me teach him and I know he can benefit from it! 

Pilates swan mat

I'm always looking for hints of progress in my videos because it keeps me motivated. I decided to check out my swan. The top photo is from last October, and the bottom photo is from last weekend. This before and after isn't about my range of movement. The point of swan isn't to just get your arms straight. I can straighten my arms but then it gets all crunchy in my lower back. The differences between the top photo and the bottom photo is that a) I'm keeping my head in line with my spine so there is no neck strain b) I'm relaxing my shoulders a bit so they don't look as shrugged c) there's more length in my spine vs. it being all dumped into my lower back and d) my belly is more lifted giving more support to my lower spine. I know these nuances are super subtle, but they really do go a long way. Swan is definitely one of those exercises that I've always struggled with and I know it will continue to be a work in progress.

Pilates rocking reformer long box

Another subtle before and after. This is "rocking" on the long box on the reformer. If you google image search this exercise, I'm sure you will see people with bodies in a perfect circle and they're able to rock effortlessly forward and backward, massaging the front of their spine. Well, clearly I'm not there yet, but any progress is good news for me. When I look at these two photos, I see that my shoulders and hips have opened up more, which gives me a little more range. This exercise is really challenging, and I remember when I wasn't ever able to move. Your breath is really what gets you rocking, and while my rock is still more of like a nudge, I will take any movement that doesn't involve me having to hurl myself! Baby steps!

Finally, my next big milestone is teaching my first group class! EEEEEK! I'm nervous. The most I've taught at a time are 2 people, and I was out of breath! In honor of March MATness, the studio is hosting pop-up mat classes every Thursday at 5:30pm, and the owner gave us trainees the opportunity to teach these classes! Obviously I have anxiety that no one will show up for my class or that I will completely suck, but please shake some sense into me and send me good vibes! I teach next Thursday on the 30th! If you're a St. Louis local and are interested in attending, let me know!!!

That's it for March, folks! Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I love these updates, you are doing amazing and I so happy for you for getting your reformer.


  2. Oh! Will you be able to practice teach people in your own home with your reformer and have those hours count toward your certification!? That didn't occur to me for some reason, but wow that will be helpful and convenient if that's the case! So impressed with your progress and commitment (not to mention ALL of your cute workout clothes! LOL). I know you will do great teaching your first class! I am teaching my first dance class next month so I can relate to the anxiety!!
    Gina || On the Daily Express