Monday, April 30, 2018

Styling a denim skirt

I honestly cannot remember the last time I owned a denim skirt. Ok, I take that back. The last denim skirt I remember wearing was in 2006. That's 12 years ago. I could have basically started 1st grade and graduated high school in that time period. That's a long time! So what made me crave one now? I have no heck idea.

A denim skirt wasn't even on my radar, but this weekend, the husband and I popped into the mall, and I decided to roam into Evereve because I hadn't been in store in quite some time. I had grabbed this print top to try on and the sales associate said that this denim skirt looked really cute with it. I am always down for trying something new, so I told her I would try the skirt.

Outfit details--- Sunnies: Vince Camuto | Top: Express One Eleven Off the shoulder London tee (in Crystaline) (other colors here) | Skirt: KUT from the KlothHeels: Vince Camuto "Kain" (similar---

If you were to have told me I would buy a denim skirt, I would have imagined a denim mini. This pencil length and cut really took me by surprise. This is the first Kut from the Kloth piece I have owned, and I sized down. I'm wearing this in a size 2, and it fits great. There is some stretch to it, so it's not as stiff as some other denim skirts I've owned in the past. The stretch also allows it to stay put and not ride up on my waist. The raw, step hem provides a nice modern spin to an old school basic. Now I need to find the sales associate and thank her for her great recommendation!

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  1. That is a lovely skirt! I'd love to get a denim skirt myself, they are so popular here, but the length isn't the best for running around with the boys. Maybe in a few years when they are older.

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! We had a fun time at a kite festival on Sunday! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. This looks great on. I want to buy one now!
    Laurie xx

  3. You look great in that skirt! I have one that I wear a lot in the summer.

  4. That's a super cute skirt and it fits you like a glove. Also loving this cute top.


  5. Love the pencil style of your new skirt! I can see you wearing all summer. Thanks for the link up Carylee!


  6. I am so surprised you didn't have a denim skirt until now! Love the wash on this one and I'm sure you will get a TON of use out of it!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  7. I do think that the spandex in the jean skirts make them so much better now!!

  8. such a simple yet stylish look. Love the combination here

  9. So cute! Love your white heels!

    xx Leah / www.leahbehr.com

  10. I haven't had one in years either! I love how you styled it with the white heels! Happy Monday!

  11. I love denim skirts and you styled it so effortlessly. Perfect White and Denim combo <3

  12. I love this look! I especially love the length of that skirt. It is perfect and you look fabulous!

  13. You look fab! I NEED a pair of white pumps, I love them! This whole look screams Spring, and you did a great job with styling a denim skirt :)

  14. I haven't worn a denim skirt in, oh wow, three decades maybe? Since I was a teenager? LOL I've been more on a denim shorts kick lately but perhaps it's time to relook the skirt version. Yours does look very soft and worn-in. And the none-riding-up bit is a plus.

  15. I love denim skirts for spring. They are my go to piece.
    Xx, Nailil