Thursday, June 28, 2018

Harley Davidson Museum and Drybar Milwaukee

So, I've been trying to blog throughout the week, and of course the internet stops working for me and all of a sudden I am behind! But it's all good! Not stressing during vacation, though I did want to keep up with these daily updates so I didn't have to do it all at once! At any rate, day two of our trip in Lake Geneva turned out to be a rainy one, so we decided to find an activity indoors to do. I saw that there was a Drybar in Milwaukee and since I have never been to one before (but always wanted to!), I persuaded the husband to make the drive with me.

Joni's Diner Lake Geneva

But first, breakfast. The husband found Joni's Diner on Yelp, so we headed there for a late breakfast. It was small and cramped, as most traditional diners are. And they were slammed, even for a random Tuesday morning. There were only two servers working, and they were visibly working their butts off, so we were understanding and patient with the wait. The food was great, and once our server caught his breath, he was really great, too. Side story - there was a lady who apparently was having a mild heart attack in one of the booths. The ambulance came and she seemed ok - steady but freaked out, understandably. Her husband was scrambling to gather their belongings while the manager made sure to take his check from him (so they wouldn't have to pay.) The husband left a pair of glasses behind, and the guy sitting next to me at the bar, got up, fetched the glasses, and chased the couple outside to give them to them. That small gesture gives me hope that there are still good people in this world.

My appointment wasn't until 4:15pm, and we decided to drive by and decide what to do to pass time when we got there. It's about an hour from Lake Geneva. A quick search brought up the Harley Davidson Museum which definitely piqued the husband's interest. I figured, he's driving me to a hair appointment and waiting an hour for me to get it done, so I would give him the luxury of picking what activity he wanted to do. It was $20 per person to enter the museum and then you could pay an extra $4 for a self-guided audio tour.

Even though I know nothing about motorcycles, I still very much liked this museum! I always love nostalgia and learning about history (even though in school, history was super boring to me....) I love seeing how things have evolved over time, and sometimes I wish I lived back in the 50's!

We had about an hour and a half to kill, which was just enough time to cover everything. We definitely could have spent more time there. There are also more behind the scenes tours we could have done but those were only held a set times during the day and we had already missed the last tour. We didn't even see the whole campus - we could have easily stayed another hour.

Harley Davidson Museum Milwaukee
Outfit details: Top | Shorts | Sneakers

I was excited for the photo ops and being able to sit on different bikes, which is how we spent our last few minutes at the museum. My outfit was super basic - a tee, shorts, and sneakers. Sneakers because it was raining and I hate having wet feet wearing open toed shoes in the rain! I definitely keep things super simple with my travel outfits.

I follow Drybar on Instagram and their hair pictures always intrigue me! They're beautiful! I've only gotten a blow out one other time, and it was amazing! I was definitely down to try it here, and when I was lying awake unable to sleep one night, Facebook flashed a Drybar ad in my face about a free add-on braid with your blow out. I saw there was a location in Milwaukee, made an appointment and voila!

After I checked in, the receptionist asked if I wanted anything to drink, so I asked for a glass of white wine. She sat me down at my station. Can't Buy Me Love was playing on the TV with captions, which was fun! It's a good movie that I haven't seen in awhile. My stylist's name was Emily. I looked through the lookbook, showed her the type of waves and braids I wanted and we were off to the wash room.

Drybar Milwaukee in the Third Ward

It took a little over an hour and I would say about 30 minutes of that was just the blow drying! It was amazing. Seriously. And the scalp massage while she was conditioning my hair? Best ever. I was in heaven. I loved the way it looked from behind! Admittedly, I would have teased it at the crown before pinning the braids back because I like more volume at the crown, but, since I didn't have an event to go to, I was just getting my hair done just for the sake of experiencing it - I wasn't super specific about the teasing part. Regardless, I was happy!

Drybar Triple Sec texturizer | Drybar Prep Rally Primer and Detangler | Drybar Southern Belle volume boosting root lifter

These are the three products she used on my hair in addition to the hair spray. I ended up ordering the Prep Rally and Southern Belle for myself because they smelled amazing and I liked the results. Hair never looks as good when you do it yourself, but hey, the products can't hurt, right? Anyway - two thumbs up for me and I would definitely go back!

After my hair appointment, we ate at Shake Shack right around the corner. You all know Shake Shack has my heart!! We then went to a local theater to watch the new Jurassic movie. The husband and I go to the movie theaters more than most humans go, I'm sure of it! We always end up watching a movie when we are on vacation. It's become a tradition! And a rainy day was perfect to do just that! 

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  1. You were right in my neighborhood! I live in Milwaukee! And sadly have never been to the Harley Davidson museum. I need to go though! It looks like fun!

    1. I'm not sure I ever realized you lived in Milwaukee! That is awesome! It's a charming city. Would have loved to spend more time there!

  2. That is fun that you went with him and he went with you. Glad the museum was fun, and your hair looks great! I love the soft waves and braid. I too always like volume. ;)

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Oh wow, what a cool and nice place. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you having a wonderful weekend.