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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul 2018

Nordstrom anniversary sale 2018 purchases

Oh you guys. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is WORK. It's so much work! Yes, all bloggers are super annoying promoting this dang thing. And yes, I realize I make a small commission if you make purchases through my links, but I promise, even if I weren't a blogger, I would shop it. When I WASN'T a blogger, I DID shop it. That said, regardless of commission, I want to provide you honest feedback. Do I want you to shop through my links? Well of course! But I'm not going to be shady about it. Which is why I posted all of the product tags in my Instagram stories today vs. waiting until I was able to get affiliate links together. At the end of the day, I want to give you enough info to make informed purchases. That said - between my wish list post to sweating in the dressing room, to taking photos, snapping videos, to finding all the links on their site, formalizing everything into a post - it really is WORK! And I will be happy as soon as this post is done and I can hit "publish!" Enough babbling, let's just get to it!

I will share everything I posted about in my Instagram stories. My appointment was at 9am central time Thursday, so depending on when you read this, you have a short window of time to catch the videos so you can see how these things move as I move. But if you missed the videos, don't fret. I will post everything I touched now.

Nordstrom Row A Floral Surplice Midi dress

I searched long and hard for this dress on their site and I could not find it. I couldn't even find the brand at all! That's when I realized it wasn't even part of the Anniversary Sale. Ironically, this was the first thing I tried on. Ha! For what it's worth, I am wearing a small. I didn't end up purchasing this because I didn't think it was that flattering on me. I felt it made me look really wide with absolutely no waist. If you are tall and slender though, I recommend! Final verdict: I passed.

Nordstrom Hinge Mix Print Peasant Dress

The 90's are coming back with a vengeance and there was SO MUCH 90's style in this sale. At one point, my sales associated walked me into a section and she said, "And this is the 90's." And it was like stepping out of a time machine. I cringed. And yet, I saw this dress and I loved it. I love easy floral dresses like this. The photo above is me wearing the small. I ended up trying the XS on and liked it even more. Final verdict: I purchased.

Nordstrom Vince Camuto "Reeista" Bootie

I feel like if my 2016 anniversary sale booties and my 2017 anniversary sale booties had a baby, it would be these! I totally forgot I put these on my list in cognac. I thought my sales associate brought it in my dressing room merely as a suggestion. (I had a LOT going on, I was confused and overwhelmed!!!!!) I didn't get them just because they didn't have the cognac in store and I was already planning to order a couple of other things that I liked more than the booties. That said - they fit true to size and if you aren't like me and don't already have 328632678 pairs of booties, I definitely recommend these! They're a great heel height, too! Final verdict: I passed.

Nordstrom Caslon Eyelet Yoke Top
Marc Fisher "Valen" sandal

Ok, so a lot of things to talk about here. Let's start with the top. I loved the idea of this top, but it had buttons at the back of the neck, and I'm just so terribly lazy. I ain't got time for that. If it weren't for that, I would have purchased it without thought. It runs true to size.

The jeans look great right??! Except they aren't zipped. I have a couple of pairs of AG Jeans, and these definitely run small! They didn't have the next size up in store or I may have considered them. I didn't feel like bothering to order them.

The sandals definitely look even cuter in person than they did in the catalog, but it fit my foot weird. The "ankle" strap gaped in a couple of places and for the price, they needed to fit better. I feel like these are a shoe you definitely need to try on first before pulling the trigger. Thankfully Nordstrom has a free return policy so don't let that deter you from trying! They ran true to size.

Final verdict on all three: I passed.

Nordstrom Calson Dolman Sleeve Sweater
Calson Dolman Sleeve Sweater (in yellow sulphur)

This sweater is awesome! It's almost like a chenille but with a bit more of a textured feel and less plush. Don't take "textured" as itchy. It's hard to describe. I loved the easy fit of this! This is me wearing a small. 

This pair of AG jeans weren't part of the sale, but I did like them, and for what it's worth, they ran true to size. I wished they hadn't bunched at my knees. That tends to happen with jeans that aren't completely fitted through to the ankle.

Final verdict on both: I passed. But read below!

AG "Prima" crop skinny jeans

Ok, so I only passed on the yellow sweater because I liked this color better. As much as I want more yellow in my wardrobe, I know I would wear this more just for the fact that it isn't so recognizable. I'm wearing this color in an EXTRA small so you can compare the two sizes in the photos if you're curious. Depending on how "boyfriend" you want it to fit, you can either go with your regular size, or size down. I chose to size down. My mid section doesn't need any more fabric!

I already talked about the jeans above, so I will skip to the sandals. You can't see them well in this photo because it's a bit overexposed, but I loved them! They looked more velvet in the stock photo, but they're actually a jacquard. They fit true to size!

Final verdict: I purchased both.

Nordstrom BP Textured Stitch V-Neck Pullover
BP Textured Stitch V-Neck Pullover

This sweater is SOO light weight! And the color is perfectly neutral. I pictured me dressing it down to teach Pilates, but then potentially dressing it up with a scarf and heels for regular life! It runs true to size and is ridiculously soft. Final verdict: I purchased.

Topshop "Big Bloom" tie wrap blouse
Topshop "Big Bloom" tie wrap blouse
AG "Prima" crop skinny jeans
Marc Fisher "Miggi" bootie

So apparently this top is already sold out. That's crazy! What's funny is that when I saw it in the catalog, I didn't really look twice at it. I liked the print, but I didn't think it was especially flattering on the model, and if it's not good on a model, I feel like it's hopeless for it to look good on me! But when I saw it in person, I decided to try it on just for grins, and I LOVED it! It definitely runs big though. Topshop is all over the place with sizes. Above is a 4, but it was super loose. I ended up buying the size 2. I will also say that I am very high waisted. So, if you have a long torso, your belly may hang out in in, so beware. Final verdict: I purchased. (See below for booties)

Marc Fisher "Miggi" bootie

I had these booties on my list in the red suede color, but they didn't have the red in store, only this ivory and the black. Honestly, I wish the red would have been in leather and not suede. For some reason, I feel like pointy toe booties look better in leather vs. suede. The black were great, but I have way too many black booties and I have a pair of super light colored beige booties that are a similar shape to this ivory pair, I didn't think it justified them. So. Final verdict: I passed. However, if you're in the market - I recommend. And I would go up a half size if you're in between sizes.

Sam Edelman "Helen" Ankle Strap Pump

I was MOST excited about these shoes, but in white. I was super bummed to find out they didn't have the white in store because I am impatient and wanted them to come home with me instantly! That said, they are so good, guys, seriously. They are buttery soft and run true to size. I tried a 6.5 because they didn't have my actual size 6 in store and they felt a bit big on the heel. I would have gotten the black, but I have SO MANY BLACK PUMPS. Final verdict: I ordered the white in a size 6.

Halogen Belted Cashmere Kimono

This is out of my comfort zone to be honest. I normally avoid things like this because I feel like they all consume my short self. It's one sized fits all and it's cashmere. I had my sales associate wait until the last second to ring this up because I wanted to see what all the other damage was first. Since I knew I wanted to order a couple of things still, I passed on it. But then I couldn't stop thinking about it. So, as I was putting this post together, I ordered it. Oops! Final verdict: I purchased.

Nordstrom Halogen short sleeve ruffle hem dress
Halogen short sleeve ruffle hem dress

The print and shape of this dress are so fun! I gravitated towards it immediately. Especially since I am working to rebuild my dress collection. I ended up passing on it though because I thought it was too long on me. I'm wearing an extra small. I don't normally like dresses like this when you can't see my kneecaps. Perhaps I'm weird, but I feel it's more flattering if you can see more of my legs! As I was writing this post though, I saw it comes in petite! Final verdict: I purchased, but ordered it in a petite small.

Nordstrom Blondo Nicola Waterproof knee boot

The smallest size they had in these boots was a 7.5 and I'm a size 6. For grins, I tried them on, but they dug into my ankle ball pretty hard. I thought that was weird since they were a whole size and a half above my normal pair, and I figured my actual size would be even worse. So, I ended up not bothering to order them. They are sold out now, so apparently everyone loved them!

There were a lot of other things I tried on that I forgot to document via photo. Let me tell you, I tried on a ton of things!!! But, just so I can document everything - here is a list of other things I tried along with their final verdicts!

Treasure and Bond Printed Crochet Trim Scarf - I roamed into the accessory section and although I'm kind of over blanket scarves at the moment, I loved the print of this one. Plus it is super lightweight and won't be so all consuming in the winter. Final verdict: I purchased.

Eliza J Faux Wrap Midi Dress - I didn't have the strength to try this one on. I love the print so much, but it was a faux wrap, and I didn't see a zipper on it, which would have meant I needed to fight to get it over my head and my sweaty body. There were ties with little belt loops and well, it seemed like a lot of work. I didn't bother trying it on. Final verdict: I passed.

Hinge Mix Print Top - This is definitely one of those 90's style tops, but I loved the print regardless. What I didn't love were the buttons on the back side of the neck! I turned down the other top above with the buttons, I didn't bother trying this one on. Final verdict: I passed.

BlankNYC A-line suede skirt - I am bummed this one didn't work, to be honest. The sizes were limited, and even though I sized up to a 27, I had a feeling I would need at least a 28 or 29 to fit me. I normally like mini skirts to be "big" so they lay lower on my hips. I couldn't slip this one up over my hips, it was so tight. I would recommend this if you have narrow hips, but still size up if you're in between sizes. Final verdict: I passed.

Free People Just the Two of Us Floral Tunic - I loved the print of this so much, I was so bummed it didn't work out. It's not really made for someone as short as me! It was too short to be a dress, but I felt it was way too long to be a tunic. If you are tall - please try this and fall in love with it! Final verdict: I passed, but not because it was my choice! Short girl problems.

Zella Madison Tank - I had high hopes for this top. I loved the cute back, but honestly, it felt cheap. Even for the $25 price point, it didn't feel worth that price for me. And it had a slight cropped length, even for my short torso. I would not recommend. Final verdict: I passed.

Zella Street Style High Waist Leggings - I loved these, but again, they just didn't work for my short self. Normally I fold my Zella leggings under at the hem about 1-2". When I tried this pair on, I folded them under at least 3" and they still bunched horribly at my ankle. Looking at the stock photo of the model - they bunched at the model's ankles too! I'm not sure why they thought that was a good idea. If you are tall, I recommend. Otherwise, if you're not, I would pass. Final verdict: I passed.

Zella Sun Salutation High Waist Leggings - My sales associated picked these up and I didn't initially like them on the hanger. I mean I liked them, but not necessarily enough to buy. However, when I tried them on, I liked them a lot! They ran true to size. Maybe a little short on length since I didn't have to fold them under at all! Final verdict: I purchased.

Halogen Leather Moto Jacket - My sales associate pulled a couple of leather jackets for me and I am always down for trying things! This one ran a little big on me, though it was buttery soft. Final verdict: I passed.

Halogen Collarless leather jacket - Of the two jackets she brought me, I liked this one SO much more! I loved it actually. If I didn't already have a black moto jacket that I love to pieces, I would have bought this. It is really soft and delicious, and I love moto jackets that still look flattering even if you're wearing it open. I highly recommend if you're in the market for a new leather jacket. Final verdict: I passed, but not because I didn't love it!

Hanky Panky low rise thongs - I always use the Anniversary Sale as my opportunity to stock up on more Hanky Pankys. They are seriously all I wear. I bought 4 pairs in different prints.
Rag & Bone Circle Crossbody Bag

Ok, so the only other thing is this crossbody bag which I am not seeing on their website at all for some reason. They didn't have it in store and I was sad about that! But I knew I wanted it, so my sales associate ordered it for me. I obviously can't speak to the quality or how much it fits until it arrives in person, but for what it's worth, I bought it! Final verdict: I ordered.

WHEW!!!!! I am so exhausted! Thanks for following along on this crazy shopping spree! Please report back and let me know what you ended up buying!!!!!


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  1. So many goodies that it's hard to whittle down, especially when they're all on sale!

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  2. I ALWAYS love when you do your try ons and include it on your blog!! So many cute things!! Looooove those black pumps!! AND the red floral dress! Beautiful things on you here!! ��

  3. Yes, that red floral dress gets 2 Thumbs up! I'm so glad you got it, it looks amazing on you!! Hope to see where you wear it on your blog one day!