Sunday, March 3, 2019

Packing for 10 days in Europe

packing for 10 days of europe in the spring

Ever since we got back from Mexico, I've been hyper-focused on Europe and making sure I have everything I need to pack! We are going for 10 days and will be visiting Paris, Normandy, Amsterdam, and Rome. Yep! Seriously SO excited. I obviously want to feel cute in my outfits, but I really just wanted to bring basics with which I could easily throw endless outfits together. Since it will be spring, we expect the weather to be in the 60s, so light layers were also a must for me. I am a horrible last minute packer, but felt this trip was too epic to leave up to chance! So, here is everything I am planning to bring!

travel capsule for europe
(2) Outerwear: Packable raincoat, Moto jacket | (2) lightweight jackets: Asymmetric wrap, Denim Jacket | (2) layering sweaters: Grey pullover, cropped sweater | (2) button ups: Chambray, Plaid | (3) trendy tops: Off the shoulder sweater, romantic top, striped ruffle hem top | (2) basic tees: Black, white | (3) layering tanks: Green, Black criss-cross, striped | (1) Dress | (3) pairs jeans: Dark skinny, distressed crop (slightly relaxed fit), white | (2) leggings: Burgundy, black | (1) pair joggers | Shoes: Lace up hiking bootie (also here), suede slip-on sneaker, neutral heeled sandal, sneakers, casual sandal | (3) bags: Camera/Crossbody, Tote, Backpack

My biggest priority was finding a packable raincoat. I have a couple of trenches, but their fit is a bit too tight for layering and neither of them are waterproof. I also wanted to make sure I had a jacket that was long enough to wear over longer cardigans and a dress. The moto jacket is deceivingly warm, and I chose my burgundy one for a pop of color. 

(2) lightweight jackets: Asymmetric wrapDenim Jacket
Sometimes you need a jacket that's still light enough to wear as an indoor jacket, but also suitable for chilly but not necessarily cold weather. I wanted to make sure these were lightweight enough to be able to throw my raincoat over them as well.

2) layering sweaters: Grey pullover, cropped sweater
Since the weather could range from the 50s to upper 60s, I wanted to make sure I had layer options. And the grey pullover is an added bonus since it also converts into a cardigan if needed.

(2) button ups: Chambray, Plaid
Similar to the layering sweaters - button ups serve a great layering piece, or simply on their own. You can't go wrong with chambray or a basic plaid.

(3) trendy tops: Off the shoulder sweater, romantic top, striped ruffle hem top
I'm not sure when I will be in Europe again, so I did want to make sure I had a couple of trendier tops in addition to my basics! I still want to feel like myself while I'm there and reliving it in photos!

(2) basic tees: Blackwhite: Really no explanation needed.

(3) layering tanks: Green, Black criss-cross, striped
Tanks are a necessity. The green is so I had a color option. The black was necessary, but I definitely wanted to bring my criss-cross version for added interest, and the striped is a perfect base layer for anything and everything.

What's great about this dress is it can be worn on its own but is also the perfect base layer. It's super neutral and comfy. I can even throw a pullover or button up (knotted) over it and style it as a skirt. If I'm only going to bring one dress, it better be able to be worn multiple ways.

(3) pairs jeans: Dark skinnydistressed crop (slightly relaxed fit), white
A dark washed jegging is pretty universally necessary. The cropped pair has a little bit more of a relaxed fit if I'm needing a little more room that day or if it's not as chilly that day. And white can always be dressed up or dressed down - a perfect spring basic. 

(2) leggings: Burgundy, black
I definitely couldn't live without my basic black legging. That's a must have. And I'm going to guess I will be lounging in them most days at our hotels. (There is a group of 8 of us, so not wearing pants at our hotels will not be an option, ha!) Again, I reached for burgundy for a pop of color.

I wanted to have an option in case it was warmer. These joggers are cropped and very lightweight. And another option to lounge/sleep in. Saves me from packing PJs. I almost picked my black pair instead, but felt that would be redundant with my black leggings. May as well give myself another color choice instead.

I struggled with shoes the most. We are going to be spending hours upon hours walking, and outside of workout sneakers, I really don't have shoes that would last me all day like that. I wanted more of a bootie, but all the flat booties I owned or tried were too heavy and I knew they wouldn't be comfy for an extended amount of time. (Flat shoes that aren't sneakers in general almost hurt me more than heeled shoes.) So, I decided to try more of a hiking type boot. These are ridiculously lightweight and feel just like a sneaker. Plus they're waterproof, and will be a good option if it's raining. The slip on sneaker is a nicer-than-at-athletic-sneaker option and really just as comfy. The Nikes go without saying. I definitely wanted to bring one pair of heels - these neutral sandals are perfect and the block heel will still do ok on cobblestone or brick streets. The comfy sandals I plan to just keep in my backpack every day in case my feet just kill me and I need a break. They feel like pillows. Plus, they're a good option to wear around the hotel or if we just need to run out quick.

The camera bag is dual purpose because I can use it as a regular purse if I don't have my camera. The tote is the best because it folds up into nothing but can hold so much when I need it. The backpack is new and I'm absolutely loving it. It holds SOMUCHSTUFF but is so lightweight, even when it's full, it is easy on my back.

travel outfits for europe in the spring

Alright, so how do I plan to style everything? Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Every top and jacket pairs well with every bottom. I have so many opportunities to pair layers upon layers between tanks, button ups, lightweight jackets, outerwear - I can wear as little or as much as I want to depending on weather!

10 days of outfits for europe

For the most part, everything is a basic, but I wanted to add pops of color so it wasn't just a monochromatic black/white/grey palette. I love these pieces because they literally all go together so well.
packing for europe
Packing is so hard because I never know what my mood will feel like when I'm actually there. I definitely don't want to overpack, but I also want to make sure I have plenty of options to still feel good - I will be looking at Europe pictures forever, so I don't want to hate my outfits!
packing outfits for europe in the spring

My ultimate goal is to fit everything in my roller bag carry on. As I pack, if I see that I can't quite fit everything into one, I may weed out some pieces. We'll see. I did end up buying some packing cubes as well to help keep things condensed and organized so that I'm not having to unpack my entire suitcase every time we get to a new destination.

Needless to say, I will be referencing this post a lot, so I think I put this together more so for my own benefit than for my readers!!!!


  1. this post is amazing and I think I need that bailey44 dress, it's so pretty. You will look fabulous in Europe.


  2. Love it.

  3. Oh my, this post took some incredible organization! Impressive! I hope it helps you when it comes time to actually pack and get dressed on your trip! And wow, you're going everywhere in Europe! It's going to be amazing!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. Perfect! Lots of options and ready for everything!